Chinese Tesla Model 3 lost the most valuable…

Chinese Tesla Model 3 lost the most valuable…


Both versions of the Tesla Model 3, factory assembled in Shanghai include the Chinese high voltage battery third-party

At its Chinese plant in Shanghai, Tesla began production of three-pointers at the end of last year – at the same time, the first customers received their cars. As reported by Chinese sources, all these cars were equipped not the “native” battery, which is collected from the cells 2170 on the joint production of Tesla-Panasonic in Nevada, and lithium-ion cells manufactured by LG Chem with the cathodes of the same chemical composition – Nickel, manganese and cobalt (NMC). Moreover, back in may, Tesla filed an application for certification “treshki” with lithium-ferrum-phosphate battery (LiFePO4) on the basis of units of production the largest Chinese company in this field CATL.


Interestingly, LFP-battery not spread anywhere except China, although these CRA tried to apply the us “trains”. The fact that the specific energy of these batteries is almost twice lower than the battery type NMC, moreover, the faster they “age”. However, from the standpoint of the automotive industry of China, they have one important advantage. The climate in the country, at least South of Beijing along the East coast (which sold the bulk of “trains”) allows to equip this battery liquid thermal control system. Due to this and due to the absence of cobalt, the share of which in the NMC-cells reaches 20%, this Model 3 it is logical to offer in China at a discounted price, especially because AKB is the most expensive element in an electric vehicle.

15 may on the website of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the PRC has information about “ferrum phosphate” Model 3, however, Tesla is not in a hurry to confirm it. Still, in a technical sense, the installation of such a battery is downshifting. Meanwhile, technology – technology, but a curb weight of three-pointers with LFP-battery was higher than with battery NMC for a hundred pounds, and this means that the interior of such a machine going one “invisible” and very corpulent passengers!

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