Chinese “twins” Volvo has a problem with the fuel pipeline

Chinese “twins” Volvo has a problem with the fuel pipeline


The detected defect is dangerous because it can lead to fire. Previously, a similar problem with fuel pipes was found on another crossover of the brand – Geely Atlas.

In the case of Atlas, a massive recall of problem SUVs was initiated. Geely Coolray, on the other hand, does not fall under a full review, but under a service campaign, which, by the way, has already started. Dealers of the brand will have to replace defective auto parts.

The problem area on the SX-11 Coolray machines was the fuel tank vent line. The tires can crack and the car owner and passengers can smell gasoline.

The forum of the Belarusian “Geely-club” writes about this, referring to the corresponding document. The list of VIN numbers includes 7,865 cars, not only in Belarus, but also in then Federation.

During the repair, the foremen will replace the above pipe.

At the same time, Geely will replace a potentially problematic part on all Coolray crossovers during a service event. So the new pipe will be installed when the car owner arrives for scheduled maintenance or repairs.

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