Chinese Wey is preparing its “Victory”

Chinese Wey is preparing its “Victory”


The Wey brand, under which the premium cars of the Great Wall concern are sold in China, in August unveiled the V72 concept crossover with a design reminiscent of the cars of the 40s of the last century. Now the company is asking netizens to choose a name for the model that will replace the factory index: as reported by “Chinese Cars”, out of 20 names, the ambiguous Yuan Meng is still in the lead, which translates as “interpret dreams” or “make dreams come true.” Voting will end on October 21.

The second place is taken by Shi Guang, which stands for “Time Machine”. It correlates with the retro design of the car, which resembles cars from 1940-1950s – including the Soviet GAZ-M20 Pobeda.

Finally, the third most popular name today is the name Jue Shi, which can also be understood in two ways: “sir” or “knight”. Judging by the vote, Wey still plans to make a production model out of the V72, although it is not yet known in what form it will appear on the assembly line.

The concept model has a long hood, a massive grille, round optics and a large amount of chrome, which is present in all external elements. Retro references can be traced inside: the interior with a minimum of sharp corners has round air vents and embroidery on the doors, and three modern displays contrast with them.

According to the publication, the serial version of the Wey V72 will get a two-liter gasoline “turbo four” 2.0 4N20 from the Mocha crossover, producing 214 horsepower and paired with a 48-volt starter-generator. The transmission is a nine-band “robot”.

The Wey V72 is not the first Great Wall car inspired by the mid-century auto industry. Earlier, the Ora brand, which is responsible for electric cars of the concern, showed the Ora Ballet Cat electric hatchback. The concept that preceded it turned out to be so similar to the classic Volkswagen Beetle (Kafer) that it attracted the attention of the German brand’s lawyers.

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