Chip shortage peaks: expect improvements

Chip shortage peaks: expect improvements


The worst times of the global chip shortage may soon be left behind. According to Andrew Tilton, chief economist for Asia at Goldman Sachs, the worst events in the semiconductor market are happening right now and the situation will begin to improve further.

“Our analysts believe that we are in the worst period right now and are witnessing the largest supply disruptions in industries like the automotive industry, and the situation will gradually improve over the next six months,” says one of the world’s largest investment groups. p>

According to him, recently there has been a noticeable deterioration in supply chains and delays in deliveries in Asia – in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, all countries in the region, one way or another, are tightly involved in the production of chips. This has affected many sectors of the industry, including the production of automobiles. While the world continues to suffer from a shortage of chips, affecting all industries – from the production of toasters and washing machines to computers and other electronics and technology.

According to forecasts of analysts at AlixPartners, the auto industry alone is expected to lose $ 110 billion in revenues in 2021. The company’s experts also believe that car production suffered the most in the second quarter, and the situation will begin to improve in the next half of the year.

Still, Tilton said the situation is still worth tracking in the coming weeks and months, especially if additional supply chain disruptions occur. For example, Taiwan, where most of the world’s semiconductor production is concentrated, is experiencing the worst drought in 56 years, and only on Sunday after heavy rain did the authorities lift some of the restrictions on water use. The island was also affected by the pandemic. Although the incidence remained low throughout the year, the situation deteriorated markedly in May, although major production and supply disruptions have so far been avoided.

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