“Chips” VW Nivus: so can not boast even a new Touareg

“Chips” VW Nivus: so can not boast even a new Touareg


The Volkswagen group has shared details about one of options new Nivus cross – infotainment complex VW Play. In addition, the Corporation has announced the release of a unique market application for it.

The multimedia system screen has a diagonal of 10.1 inches. It should be mentioned that the VW Nivus will get a complete set with virtual “tidy”, for this reason, the access area of the driver and will at the same time 2 display.

From the infotainment system, no physical buttons, all the functions are accessed by touching the desired icon. The group noted that glass is very durable, has a coating that protects from scratches. The device has 2 GB of RAM standard DDR4, and 10 GB internal memory.


The system does not have integrated SIM card to provide Internet access, I have to share the access from a smartphone or connect to Wi-Fi. In the Brazilian office of the German mark, which was developed Nivus, reported that this cross is the debut machine created in the country, with wireless technology pairing a multimedia system phone.

“Chip” VW Play was the app store.

“We are ready to show the results of 3 years of work: that what was offered on smartphones, is now becoming available in cars. – note in Volkswagen Brasil. – Now you can install applications in the memory of the head unit, saving electric charge of its own external gadget and the storage space”.

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