Chris Harris Compares McLaren 600LT vs Ferrari 488 Pista

Chris Harris Compares McLaren 600LT vs Ferrari 488 Pista


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Kris how surprised were you by the 408 pistas lap time their fastest car ever around the track a lot faster than the McLaren six under dale t let’s turn a bit of a back story first okay the gt2 RS was driven from Redding to here by one of our crew and drew back yen after the lap Ferrari turned up with five technicians and other bits and bobs I’m not saying they cheated but they took advantage of the fact that they could come here and prepare the cars really people do that Porsche chose not to and I quite like that relaxed attitude but there’s no taking away from just how impressive that time was our track really lends itself to this type of car it’s got some really really fast sections but it is massively massively competent it’s hugely fast and it’s got way more traction you think was possible in a car of that type so fair play to them at the end you say you’d have the 600 LT it talks to you more and you just being willfully obtuse are you gonna stand by no I think that there’s a level of performance when offering the pista that I don’t necessarily need in my life I think it’s a great car but I wonder how many times I’d have the opportunity to use that performance so once you discount that you start to then scrutinize the way the car makes you feel and I think the steering is quite numbing the pista I think it’s a bit of a blunt instrument it’s so fast it’s hugely exciting but can you use that I put the road now this car speaks to me more when I’m driving on a stereo that breaks all the stuff that that those sort of control points the contact patch is there just a bit more intimate for me and therefore I prefer driving it and I think this is the best McLaren they’ve made in terms of the way that it the way that it interacts with your 720 is more capable but this one’s just jiggling around and moving a bit more if a disappointment though if you look at the 675 LT and believe from the 650s – that was a big jump that car kind of blew us away yeah 570s – this it’s kind of a bit of an increment to improvement it is but don’t boil a but I think that says more about where macam was as a company at that point and the leap it could make from 12 CC for season 5 but as this you know they’re already at such a high level you can’t expect them to take a massive leap I mean they’re just best spectacularly capable cars dynamically fair enough now I’ve driven this fair bit lucky enough to drive that what I like about is is utterly it wants to spin up the Stars and wants to go sideways everywhere but the electronics on this is so clever it’s like having him you never get ten pin bowling it’s a it’s a pair stabilizers really it’s reassuring on the road I on the road I Drive a little stands on with this because they’re so good they don’t feel they’re getting in the way on the track you know some of the shots that you see in the film I had them all just does it help the tire wear on the day and you should get quite big angles but if you want to let it go yeah it’s very capable but it’s that Ferraris advantage over the competition the electronics it seems to be a generation ahead with the soft look good but you know electronics I bought those packages from either Bosch or when I see Morelli and that’s got a boss the boss brain in there is probably very similar to the one on the gt2 RS it’s just the way they calibrate them in the amount of time they put into that exercise and they’re both pretty amazing all right speaking of electronics yeah something’s happened since you made this film which is the Ferraris launch a new car oh yeah SF 90 stood are a hybrid hype car four-wheel drive thousand horsepower basically if we’re going to break it down this engine a bit more power another 250 300 horsepower it’s more weight of course is a different type of cars a plug-in hybrid but more usable power so your net usable power goes up because of the 700 you’ve got there on a on a slightly sketchy day in the UK you might use 350 of it but with this thousand horsepower of sf’ 90 you’re gonna use the whole lot whenever you want or you can if you want to keep your license I’m gonna suspect you can get from rest of the legal limit in about two and a half three seconds gone you I mean the world’s gone a bit bonkers I just think we’ve gone down a rabbit hole of nonsense now it’s great fun it’s great it’s great to be a part of the industry now but I don’t know what you do with it I don’t know what you do with these cars when is someone gonna stand there and go do you know what this means nothing you know what we need we need another Lotus Elise moment mid-90s when someone just goes bit of power get back to what driving is all about coz I just think it’s gone bonkers it does prove one thing though and Ferrari won’t like this but when they all built their hyper cars which previewed their next tech years ago McLaren Ferrari Porsche it was Porsche that got it right wasn’t it because that one that we all thought bit boring it can run an electric only that was the template for what’s coming so I look forward to driving it but I think it’s disappointingly heavy it’s quite expensive they’re gonna build a lot of them this space is gonna be quite interesting over the next few years 400 grand yeah now for a thousand horsepower hybrid supercar thing that’s half price of the nine one eight years ago it’s interesting to see detector cooled down to that also Aston Martin want to sell something with similar power for a million quid don’t know so are there enough people out there to buy these cars I don’t know there has to be right but this isn’t limited knowledge of dollars and sounds a bit speculative to justify making them all by that company I don’t have to know I get to sit back and just enjoy it but it’s gonna be very interesting I’m not sure there are all these people but the tech is amazing and I think what we should do is enjoy the fact that we’ve still got an internal combustion engine in there somewhere because this is probably the last generation before we go full electric so for that reason I’ll get the flag out okay speaking of celebrating petrol ants so special mid-engine v8 Ferrari yeah better ones to do it for me yeah yeah I was going to ask you if you get up any of them in the family tree which one would you have and fortunately we got the piece two there but look over here we have got the great a very large pat on the back managed to get three strike B Ferraris yeah into the studio so the question is you can drive one home today and keep it in the garage let’s go through them I tell you what I’m a bit torn the one I wouldn’t take is this one it’s fun on paper it’s got a good specification but really it doesn’t feel that quick it’s got a bit more power I think it’s 20 horsepower more than it than a normal 360 quite hardcore makes loads of noise people get very very excited about them but the gearbox is pants and I’m not really sure about it I think there but everybody move on to Discovery on paper this is a great class cut I think that’d be the one I take I love them they were fantastic the gearbox still a bit dodgy Oh still actuated manual and therefore it’s a bit lumpy but I love the look of the car I like the packaging I particularly love the rear end treatment with the two exhaust pipes still looks fresh tonight that was the first one people still go crazy for these and I’m the old special I do like the special but you don’t like the fact that everyone likes the special venue I just think there’s a bit of that it’s the last normally aspirated because actually it’s quite a nun device compared to this a steering you’ve gone to that very fast Ferrari steering rack and the engine to me it’s a bit sort of single tone it just makes a blaring noise it’s nothing the pista sounds like well again but I don’t think there’s a massive difference people when that came out they said I’ll turbocharged is really sport look out to the engine so I think actually this was already becoming a bit of a blunt instrument yeah and James Mays got one as well which must mean that must evaluate if Jimmy’s got there we go so I think I’d go home in a scooter ear not the answer I thought you were gonna say not the pista of course you’ve already chosen the McLaren over there this is your car I’ll go for a scud I think they’re gorgeous you just bought yourself a car boss thank you

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