Chris Harris drag races his glorious old Citroën 2CV | Chris Harris Drives

Chris Harris drag races his glorious old Citroën 2CV | Chris Harris Drives


‘First one to get to the gates.’ The brief was simple, actually getting there was a bit more difficult. After years of arguments, Chris Harris and his mate Andrew Frankel decide to settle the score once and for all. Whose Citroën 2CV was quicker? Series 29: Chris Harris Drives: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

you join us mid-race preparation one of the vehicles has yet to start uh that being mine because it lives uh in a field so i’ve spoken to the family of rabbits that live underneath it and they’ve said it’s fine you can move it for the day um but it’s uh it’s got a flat battery six volt so did you know that the wheel brace in a two cv of this age doubles as the starter handle andrew jonah yeah starter being a somewhat disputed word at the moment because can you imagine sebastian doing this for lewis yeah they’re on the grid his car won’t start and seb nips out of his and go it’s all right mate let me see what i can do this is never going to work just do it maya did this once and it’s a really healthy car just do it you can also really break your thumbs very easily if you do this come on put your back in check back put your back into it and again how about if i say why am i doing this because why am i outside the car busting my chops because you’re better and you’re sitting in there in luxurious comfort because you’re better looking right okay okay i think give it one more go it doesn’t show any signs of wanting to go a bit of solidarity a bit of tcv solidarnos please okay so we’re going to be left we’re going to bump up in reverse yeah heck of this part should go wrong come on lads you’re shortly going to be off push it push it push it go go that’s not going to work why doesn’t it roll because i put the clutch out to see if i can let’s get it on the flat and then try and jump off andrews that didn’t work but that vehicle is still potentially the faster of the two i know it doesn’t look much it doesn’t look much but you would be surprised by the performance contained within that slightly ragged shell so yeah what we have here is christopher’s cars won’t start so we’re going to try and bump it from my car now you might wonder why we’re not just using a normal car to do this well of course because these are two cvs in the 1950s cars they have six volt electrical systems instead of the usual 12. so if we tried to bump this from a normal car the electrical system would just explode whether you notice the difference or not in that who knows stop it for a minute i’m priming her let’s see what happens i can’t what i can’t hear what mine’s doing hold on she’s just about to go she’s just about to go no she’s not okay okay i can’t hear what i’m doing that’s part of the problem the other problem is this i think i’m uphill therefore my fuel pump’s trying to fire it the other way yeah we’re gonna get this done and and i’ll prove once and for all which is the faster car i think i think if we’re calling this round one i think i think we can say probably that’s round one to me but um early days i’m getting very suspicious now this is not the car that was here four days ago he’s uh he’s cleared it out almost completely he’s taken the backseat out now i did that but i kind of thought that given that i’d done that he wouldn’t sink to such a low level himself but he clearly has all the bare bottles appear to have gone as well um i just wonder what else he’s done to the car while it’s been away okay fast forward three days four four days sorry not that he’s keeping count let’s just see whether she starts four days an awful lot of external expensive assistance yes yes el mash there’s something very free revving about this engine it’s just it’s zip there’s something quite sort of smokey about this engine she’s a bit blue but you know you can’t have it all the main thing is this vehicle is now ready to do battle and i’m confident because i reckon in corrosion alone lack of paint and interior i’m probably five kilograms lighter than you well i think you are at least 30 kilograms lighter than me um but i think that there you know whoever actually wins sort of out there i think i think the four days it’s taken him just to get it going and all the external i think if there was a moral victory i’d say i’ve already got it in the bag i’m not even sure why i’m taking part in this i mean i think i think the race is mine neil can you stop melchize monologue and let’s get down here come on i think if we start just as far down the end as we can without getting bogged down and just find the line and i thought i was thinking andrew that it’s the first one to get through the gate yes you reckon yeah i will through the gate side by side when you want me to find out this is going to be one of the most disappointing videos ever posted on youtube it is going to be 20 minutes of a name chat and maybe a minute of action at the end of what acts but what action it’s going to be it’s going to be extraordinary the two beasts unleashed he’s going to so neil is going to shoot the whole thing on a drone i think initially you won’t be able to tell when it started do you want to drive it slowly beforehand we should i just want to do it okay because i’m not if i drive it slowly behind i’m not going to turn around and go we’re not going to do this christopher because i’m worried about my number plate falling off come on plate falls off i’ll put it back on again so we’re going to do it so you know might as well just get in our cars and do it if i’m looking slightly vexed it’s because i’m you know i’m concerned i’ve got to make sure this works nilo right here we go here we go yeah i was just wondering what chances you gave on your car actually making it to the start confidence isn’t that high at the moment but i think you’re not you’re not in the spirit of the game at the moment are you again you’re being too negative i’m very confident about mine whether mine will make it to the finish or not is an entirely different question mine doesn’t have much fuel in it and my cans empty as well so if i run out of fuel we’re not doing it this isn’t a good start okay here we go off down that rather steep slope well andrew i’d say the going is firm firm to good is that even a phrase not being from the horse racing community i couldn’t tell you honestly i have been on roads in road cars that are less comfortable than driving this thing around the field by the way fia rags stipulate no practice starts in this area of the circuit so don’t even try and do practice start is your car riding like an s-class limousine at the moment unbelievable you’re just not aware of the bumps at all the most normal cars certainly with two-wheel drive we’ve never even got here because they just got stuck interesting frankel’s going for the high road because he might get a bit more gradient for a slightly better start can we go forward a bit because i’m literally on the pitch down here nice and level that’s what i’m calling it do you think when they run top fuelers in the us at the big competitions they have to wait for a dog and a runner and this all came about because we once drove back from a pub up a hill after you’d had your four-star head fitted we were surprised that you didn’t have an advantage yeah and i still am well we’ll find out won’t we a little bit mud on your sill down there do you want to get your rag out and clean it would you mind i meant you clean it not me let’s get ready to rumble rumble very smoky all of a sudden that additive has not gone down that well doesn’t it we better get this done before she blows up okay right hand brakes are off i’ve got to somehow get my first gear right whilst doing the call in three two one go i got so much wheel spin traction’s there come on monkey he’s getting away no this can’t be happening this is all i’ve got he’s got him he’s catching me oh i might be gaining him i might be getting on it i might be able to get into third gear as well is quite cheap no i’m gaming i’m definitely so it’s gonna be who bottles it through the gate and you know what it’s gonna be me oh off the ground carl was bloody took off him it’s a victory okay fair play he wins did you have to lift for the kate we were never gonna make it through together where was my full stand head when i needed it i got ahead then you started catching me yes then it pegged were you catching me the whole way no i wasn’t catching you for about the first i would say third of the race you were definitely ahead you definitely had a traction advantage and then i started to get you over a mile you would have been toast but what gave you in by the end third what are you doing i stayed in second too long see you’re making excuses now you won the race fair play you did it but you can over a mile i’d be toast over a mark we need to go to millbrook [Laughter] that one hurt okay don’t use that again so did that settle it or not i think for now we have an early indication that over a decent distance my car would have just kicked yours into the weeds so did you have to back off to get through the gate absolutely did you yes i was gaining on you the interesting thing was you were so much quicker than me off the line and i’ve been thinking about this and i think i found out why my car has too much power okay it’s just earth if you’ve reached that such a beast four-star head you see it is such a beast that with 17 horsepower point of this is fairly controllable actually i think i did bloody well just keeping the thing pointing in the right direction such an animal just and it hasn’t solved anything has it so we need to go back i think what we proved undoubtedly is that my car is quicker than yours how does that work well you have more traction yes fine but once traction which has got nothing to do with speed or power was um put to one side i was gaining a new handover first and frankly you know if i’d not backed off you know we’d have been side by side through the gate and needed the bill for two new tcvs well there you have it we’ve solved nothing andrew’s still delusional and i won the race i came second because i’ve got the quicker car yes okay so we’ve got a result but i’m interested in working this out now i stayed in second yeah and decided to go for valve bounce yes you went for third with my long gearing jesus christ i thought that i might have made the wrong decision so go back running again for a laugh i’m gonna go third you stay in second okay okay this doesn’t mean we’re having a second then a decider if you win this one well of course it does mean that it means exactly that this is the second attempt and i’ve been working on my strategy and i think what i need to do is give it slightly fewer beans off the line now the problem with that is the carb on this car needs rebuilding and so it’s very good if it’s wide open or completely sharp but not really got much in between but nevertheless i’m going to be a little bit more circumspect off the line and then i’m going to leave it in second gear for a lot longer and we will see what happens all right come on let’s do it in three two one go see it’s getting away again okay i’m starting to come back and then now i’m staying in second and yeah i’m going to do him i’m going to do him third now and i’ve done him there he goes game set and match cream always rises to the top i think that warrants the decider don’t you so what’s going to happen this time is we’re going to be side by side of the gate if christopher you are calling me chicken you are in that regard entirely correct for the avoidance of doubt this is absolutely and categorically the last time i’m doing this i think i’ve got in all seriousness i think i’ve got a brake issue i think my brakes are dragging and that might be slowing me down badly i’ll just check the brake software it appears to be okay would you like an old corona maybe later why is that in there so this is it this is it this is the decider there is no coming back from this whoever gets through that gate first is i’m afraid the winner one go oh he’s had a hell of a star for me huh i’ve absolutely ruined the start i’m nowhere near him it doesn’t matter if i stay in a second now this game is over i have lost i’m gaming i’m in now but there’s just not enough space where’s the bump oh this time it’s emphatic how she’s flying she’s just warmed up fair player christopher these cars are amazing it’s the traction i mean i’m out of the game before we’ve done 10 yards you just disappear does that mean that we have to go back through all of the cars that you figured for autocar back in the early 90s and take off half a second just to adjust the technique precisely that yes i mean and to everybody who’s read autocar’s road test um figures between about 1989 and about 1994. i can let me say how sorry i ever particularly the manufacturers much much faster than we ever said they were because i’m just rubbish at getting cars off the line how freaking great are two cvs i genuinely think i know we would say this because we’ve got them but i think if people came here saw these girls saw what they did and just see how happy they make people i think people would get it i think they are the great unsung story and i just love them certainly all the cars that i’ve owned and own this is the only one i will never ever sell good man um thank you andrew this is obviously in no way concluded you might have noticed the difference between the two cars has been described on social media as one having four stud heads let’s explain why that’s the case if you look here there’s my manifold i’ve got one two three studs and the plug is behind the middle stud see that there now come look at andrew’s car this is a bit like moving from an f12 to an 812 super fast that’s the sort of development we’re looking at here plug in the middle still but he’s got one two three four studs it’s a totally different set of pipes designed to release more power which it turns out doesn’t it well we don’t know do we it might do yeah but how much is is another question i’m guessing not as much as advertised certainly so you see your garbage here underneath your magneto yeah you’re alternating whatever you call it yes okay load of glass can i look at this one here yeah right just behind there you’ll see a little blue module see a sticker yeah what is that electronic ignition i’m sorry electrical efficiency electronic ignition yes christopher i’ve known you for 20 years i have never known you sleep so ladies and gentlemen the reason he won clearly is because he’s got an extremely modern state-of-the-art engine in there do you know what andrew i am i’m ashamed but i also didn’t know i’m not ashamed i’m appalled i’m more ashamed of the fact that i didn’t you didn’t know that had electronic ignition on it until just now after we did the races until sunday until sunday so before we did the race i might have known did you disclose this before the race i didn’t think it would help our situation if you want to win that way that’s absolutely fine i completely understand i do want to win that way and i did win that way and he did win that way yeah so so to to just summarize yeah if you want to go fast or into up the positions of a 425 cctv do you go and find very expensive original four-step heads yes or buy an 80 quid thing that big from the netherlands and fit into your car you buy an eighth grade thing that big from the netherlands and put it to your car if however you want to have a nice beautiful lovely original 2cv rather than some modern hot rod then you’re going to do the proper thing are you calling that a modern hot rod absolutely arrow was all over the place yeah you took your air filter no i bloody didn’t had i thought of it i would have done but no i did not take my photo talk to me about this thing what does that do that’s a primer so it’s a mechanical pump you’ve got a different pump on yours

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