Chris Harris’ Dream Bond Car Garage: BMW Z8, Aston DB5, Lotus Esprit: Series 30

Chris Harris’ Dream Bond Car Garage: BMW Z8, Aston DB5, Lotus Esprit: Series 30


With access to a hangar full of James Bond’s most magnificent cars, Chris Harris wasn’t going to miss the chance for a good nose around 007’s Lotus Esprit, BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB5, Jaguar XKR and so many more.What’s your favourite Bond car?Missed the the Bond special? Catch it again in the UK on BBC iPlayer: Series 30: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

that’s where goldfinger sat and then odd job gets out of that door there how cool is that this is the actual car now if you’re a person of a certain age and you love james bond you’ll be astonished at the collection of cars behind me kind of look at these because they are amazing now first of all bmw z8 so this was piers brosnan the world is not enough remember it eventually gets cut in half by that crazy circular saw that comes down takes out the middle of the car behind me well this is the one isn’t it we don’t need to talk too much about this it’s the db5 it’s the car that probably made aston martin the company is today we still go on about it it’s stunning it’s got revolving number plates and it can spit oil at you i shouldn’t talk over that just look at it it’s beautiful now over here two things about the living daylights that we both love just stunning great tools at the time as well it had rocket launchers it had the skids that came out the side when it blew a tyre on the eyes remember that bit also our hearts theme tune how good was that the living daylight that was a great song um less successful you could argue buy another maybe the low point in the franchise but this car was cool as hell it had the best looking guns and rockets of any bond car you see that that gear lever there that’s a manual lockout for an american automatic gearbox to shows that it’s probably not a jager underneath you’ll see that in a few of these cars in fact if we look inside this banquet here same gearbox these are the actual stunt cars they use these are the ones that did all the hard work i think how much aston martin must have been paying to have their cars in these films because looking around the room they’re the companies benefited the most from them aren’t they they’re just stunning move on jaguar cx75 it was going to be jaguar’s supercar for the last decade and having made a few they decided not to continue with the project but they did a deal to have it in the bond film and of course it caught fire dbs i’m going to say something heretical now i think that might be the best looking bomb car of all time i love a db5 for me bit of a cliche this is just gorgeous straight six engine just gorgeous now the one that paddy just loves amc hornet and this one has a plaque inside to say this was the car in the film which i still think is incredibly cool dbs there’s a lovely story behind this so at this point aston martin was really getting into this idea of being the cast supplier for the bond films now you remember in casino royale this car’s involved well not this one because it wouldn’t be here in a massive stunt where they rolled the car i think it was the most roles ever recorded in a feature film at the time um and it it’s supposed to be in montenegro where he um he’s come out of the the um the casino hasn’t he and this car does the roll and the roll was recorded at millbrook proving ground which is in bedford so made to look like montenegro and an absolutely stunning scene inside this car as well you’ll see this is a stunt car as well full bucket seats harnesses just stunning a manual gearbox as well which i quite like this i think this is one of the coolest bomb cars ever it had great missiles great stunts great gadgets it was bulletproof and at the end when he parks it in the higher car place by firing it off the roof and it lands in the building opposite i think if you’re my age that’s the iconic bond car or submarine the white lotus esprit that was driven in the spy who loved me just the idea of a car that became a submarine captivated me as a kid it was everything that james bond was about total fantasy but somehow executed in a way that every kid thought it was totally believable it’s like my childhood in one room it’s quite difficult to talk around it because i want to just stand here and smile and look at them but they are absolutely stunning and also fully patinated there’s a couple that are show queens you can see they’ve been touched up but mostly they’ve got all the scars of being on location all the life and the bodywork and the scratched upholstery and the roll cage is just beautiful you

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