Chris Harris drives… Best of Ferrari: LaFerrari, 488 Pista, 812 Superfast, F12 TDF

Chris Harris drives… Best of Ferrari: LaFerrari, 488 Pista, 812 Superfast, F12 TDF


Another Chris Harris Drives compilation for you and this time it’s the best V12s and V8s from Ferrari. Included in the mix from Maranello is the tyre-despising 812 Superfast and the fastest road car ever around the track – the 488 Pista. Series 28: The Online Geneva Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

now as you all know I’m a very very lucky boy indeed and one of the reasons why I’m so lucky is I’ve spent more time in Ferraris amazing f12 than most of my colleagues doing things like this insert the shot Emil as you’ll see from those images that car is capable of eviscerating its back tires in a way I didn’t think that’s possible in fact given the grip available it’s one of the most over bough cars I’ve ever driven so Ferrari has logically given its power welcome to the f12 TDF the change from Berlin desert EDF is big power goes up to 780 horsepower and talked to 524 pounds in now rest 8900 RPM up shift speeds are cut by 30% down shifts by 60 percent overall gearing is down to 6% 0 to 124 miles an hour takes just 7.9 seconds and Ferrari stopped bothering to identify the top speed at 211 miles an hour it’ll go faster but this is a track car so who cares at fourteen hundred and fifteen kilograms dry it’s 110 kilograms lighter too most of the bodywork is carbon and the rear treatment is so different the break of the screen has changed the chassis is very different to receive 275 section funds bring much more front grip and the front area balance is then managed by rear steering system and aerodynamics we’ll just look at it everything has been tweaked and kicks and peeled to add downforce without resorting to a massive rear wing you could peer into its semi-porous skin for hours and that’s before you spot the flaps in the diffuser that deploy to store it and reduce drag in a straight line DRS for the road anyone only 799 will be built yep you’ve guessed it they will result I wonder what it’s like to drive no word of a lie this thing’s catfish got to be first by round I’ve just done a couple of laps let it move it around a bit and guess what it’s still scared out of me let me tell you what it’s about and why it represents a series of little incremental steps over an F 12 that come together to create comfortably the most ridiculous Ferrari I’ve driven not the fastest but the most aggressive potentially the most spiteful potentially the most rewarding this is an angry car all about the front axle so we come up to this call it before the bridge I turned the wheel and I’ve already evil on a slightly Colt I got 20% ball front-end grip that means at the rear struggles to follow that’s why we’ve got the full wheel steering because it just can’t generate the same amount of perfect purchase on their own but it does mean that when you leave the systems on you are in the traction control the whole time so coming up this little help in here again I’m just flatten out but mostly I just let it do it for me but it rips out to nine I am just it’s ridiculous this fast left-hander here much quicker than an f12 again I’m using the traction the whole time because I haven’t this man capacity to do it otherwise I can’t do it without it really really carefully there’s a speed limit at the moment down the main straight which is a shame but actually for the first time ever I’m quite glad the speed limit down the strake of this saves me having to drive like a complete [ __ ] we’ll get back on the gas in a second and away we go so everything about this car just feels angrier than the f12 and even though the differences on paper aren’t huge that front axle that extra angry engine they come together of course when you turn the car to get all that front axle grit you do end up with the rear wanted to rotate with it I’m not really aware of the rear steering I’m just aware of the fact that it feels shorter of wheelbase but at the normal f12 gear change thank you it feels on the edge of a nervous breakdown with the systems on when you turn them off I’ll do it for you but I have to say I beat myself every time I mean I’m spun at this corner twice on cold tires what will happen now Oh al and then through here I mean just energy with the TC off one story was there everywhere in everywhere everywhere everywhere even 120 hundred 30 miles an hour you know that you’re millimeters away from a big slide can I tell you also interestingly I’ve never been further away from the argument about Manuel or pebbles if this co had a manual gearbox I wouldn’t be able to keep up I just wouldn’t have a clue what I was doing it’s all happening to people so it has to be paddles no argument I mean between seven r49 the engine is devastating this is third gear already I can continue that slide to the next core if I so wished but my Karan is it not big enough what a machine but you know what it’s not all about just how fast it is they talk about lap time it’s a couple of seconds offer laferrari it’s the final it just I had a heart rate monitor or I’m hopefully on it at the moment in a way I haven’t been in history car in a long long time this is not so much a car as a class a substance it’s a magnificent piece of work I’d like to meet the poor bugger that can drive it on the road fast with all the systems switched off because it isn’t me would it be like in there where I mean it’s armed again amazing machine I think I have a beer I think Deary God so from the outside it sort of looks like an FF for someone’s try to lightly restyle and inside inside it’s quite a bit different the two side TFT screens and the center of counter remained the rest of it is entirely new including this enormous flat screen center console bit here now for many years Ferrari was a long way behind the curve it always seemed to release the sort of generation of infotainment behind any of its rivals but this thing looks bang up to date and it does a split-screen thing either side I don’t quite know how it works I’ve spent a bit of time playing with it and there is a sort of instruction that comes with it I’m getting there after a year you actually learn how the controls work and the quality inside here miles better than the ffs I have to say it’s not squeaky it’s not rattling and you don’t have to put all the bits that fall off in your glovebox like they put in my FF dynamics this is really clever from Ferrari because as someone who did I don’t know what 7,000 miles on my FF I loved it but there were some very obvious problems first of all it was too loud when you started up it would wake people in the village from about a mile around that’s too much we want sound we don’t want to be anti-social that’s the new way of doing things the ride comfort even with the dampers selected the song was too busy and the biggest problem of the FF for a car that was at GT was the kind of tire suspension noise at the back of the car have you sat in the back you just got deafened there was plenty of room but you got rattled around by the suspension and the noise of the exhaust and the kind of resonance that came from the suspension the tyres so what have they gone and done well when you start it it’s quieter but it still sounds wonderful the ride comfort with the bumpy road button on is superb I’m coming out of an everyday s63 AMG Mercedes which I think rides as well as any fast car but this isn’t a long way off it’s really impressive I’m at perhaps the most impressive thing about the loo so the way it filters noise that you don’t want out of the cabin and lets you have all that v12 goodness that you most Ferraris are designed around the driver the driver matters no one else for all the controls and everything it configured towards the driver environment the passenger is forgotten about but the loo so is obviously a four-seater so Ferrari has kind of had to pay attention to the person that sits there in the front path machine and the back seat as well so it isn’t radical I’m now going to test this vehicle from the other suits now in the spirit of good consumer journalism I’m going to attempt to show you the new infotainment screen but before I do that I’m going to start the engine because wouldn’t do that something we need cool happens push this a flap opens and air comes out now notwithstanding the fact that Jaguar managed that 10 years ago Ferrari got a flap that opens amazing so here’s your infotainment screen look how big it is and it sort of flush to the edges and it’s got that sort of matte luxury feel to it that it displays some basic information like the temperature and the time so you’ve got your usual things you’ve got the media you’re playing your Navi your phone the way that you can change your seats and air conditioning and all that sort of stuff and then the car settings that’s like a normal car but this has a split-screen function now look at that you see media and navigation at the same time you can also have apple carplay where’s my cable what’s this so I plug in the phone they get offered apple carplay now that in a Golf R I think is free in this car it’s about two and a half grand which seems a bit steep but it works quite well we’ve got a redesigned set of climate control buttons we’ve got another rotary button here which sort of helps you navigate Randy if you don’t undo the touchscreen I don’t know why you do that a volume knob here which has got a crack in the middle of it and if you look at it it sort of moves the way a three hundred thousand pound cars buttons shouldn’t move it’s a bit of an ergonomic hash up but it looks beautiful and the materials are very special indeed that’s what you would need to understand when you see the price of this car you’ll say what an rs6 is a third of the money an rs6 feels a third of the money inside this is beautiful the hides are waxy and soft and they’re a beautiful colour and everything does like does fit together rather well in a way that Ferraris don’t always do and these vents and titanium edges they’re things of beauty there’s not too much carbon in this car which I rather like usual controls then you’ve got two paddles here up and down they’re fixed they’re not behind the wheel and moving with the wheel all this has been redesigned slightly that’s the most important button in the Karma you press that to get your soft dampers the Manatee gnome straightforward one thing you do need to know is that when you go to ESC off and slide it around which I’m not going to do in this video the rear-wheel steering cuts off it doesn’t work because that would not help in a skid situation the fuel tank still not quite big enough at under 90 liters and everything else well it’s the same as it was before up there what I find slightly confusing is there are 1 2 3 4 5 6 rotary dials that sort of twirl around and I’m not quite sure where each of them does some here I think that’s my Pitt lemon not my cruise control there one other thing worth noting the JBL hi-fi in my FF was pants really really rubbish the JBL – this is really really good well that’s it from the driver’s perspective I’m now hand over to my short dark very good-looking colleague to discuss what goes on in the front passenger compartment so here we are riding shotgun now in the loo so and straight ahead of me it’s the optional passenger readout or passenger display 3360 pounds I can say that with a straight face just look at this it used to be basic now how could it’s not so basic you get exactly the same graphics as you had on the main screen so you can have a duplicate of all of the information the drivers seeing about the car and what you’re doing on that left-hand screen there here but you can also have all the media as well and you can change the song which you will find drives you can put your mad because bless in my 12 year old was in the front with me this morning and was changing the radio station every five minutes which drove me completely nuts but look how cool this is so you can then have all of your performance data as well so that’s your speed and your rpms I mean I know it’s a total gimmick but these cars are about theater and making people feel special and making you smile at all the sort of delights and that’s what I love about this thing so if you’re sitting here as a passenger you’ve actually got more fun to be had here than the passenger has in any other car on sale having played with my directional air vents with their new open and shut mechanism at the top they’re just quite nice and pressed my solenoid activated glovebox opening device I shall move to the back where another well not unattractive small brown man is ready to show you what it’s like that’s it in the back I can’t talk about the back back tomorrow free eleven thousand five hundred and twenty pounds eleven and a half grand for a glass roof okay right once you got that out of the way the back of this car is a revelation legroom more than the s-class coupe a what a great position the rake of the seat back is just right and because they’re individual seat they’ve got these little side cushions that just pinch the lumber of your back which make it really supportive and comfortable feels like a bucket seat in the back of a car armrest of my left look at that couple USB for charging dual cupholders and an air vent two-point cold air at your face genuine four seater with a boot oh look a split fold rear seat it never falls flat already flat because of that there that’s the fuel tank under there but to genuinely practical car I’ve arrived here Fiorano Homer Ferrari Anna I’m in a cynical mood people because I just don’t see what you do with the 720 horsepower 480 because the normal cars already got so much power it bends your face and this is a track version but who wants to go to a track in the car that’s worth two hundred fifty thousand pounds I mean if you ding a wheel or go through a gravel trap it costs a fortune so I’m wondering whether the Ferrari special edition special series mid-engine car is just getting ahead of itself does the world need the 720 horsepower for a tape for track use I don’t know and then you come to fear unknown of course you then drive the thing oh and it is on the road and you think okay I’ll part of the cynicism for a minute let’s just enjoy the car because this thing it’s alive it’s up on its toes it’s responsive and it’s so fast it’s brutally fast all the while is managing the torque delivery of a mistress turbocharged v8 and the speed around here I’ve just spent the weekend racing a gt3 car this feels it says fast it’s really revving out as well the tall peak is at 6 750 like a standard car but there’s so much less the nursery’s you’ll now realize from the tech part of the video that it really does feel like it spools up quickly it feels more normally aspirated the tyre grip levels are good front to rear interestingly they’ve got gone for a super sticky Mitchell in this kated Pilot Sport cup 2 is it’s quite streets it is feel so those expecting to set stupid lap times with sticky rubber might be disappointed but you know what the balance of road track I’m sure is the correct decision but for me this is the turbocharged engine I’ll always wish before a day to happen I don’t really feel that it’s turbocharged except the fact that now and again it releases crazy amounts of torque at the moment of its et off so traction managing myself but if you put it in race you just come out of a corner full beans if you’re a really experienced driver there’s never been a Ferrari this is helpful as this and so within the space of two minutes I’ve gone from cynical grumpy pants to this is rather wonderful it does that to you though this place and these cars what’s really interesting is that the more power these manufacturers extract from these supercharged engines the more the limit of the vehicle becomes the mechanical grip the tire and what they end up with is a driving experience that’s curiously old-fashioned because you’re managing the amount of grip that you’ve got at the back of the car really as is traditional what must turn everything off a few happens see what happens here so we get on the gas and immediately it I’m always predictable and balanced yeah steering’s just the right to be pretty here is they are these days but just let it move out to be here I mean it’s so much talk but even on a half throttle the car is moving around everywhere mid slide nonchalantly think of the electronics going on to manage that this brake pedal feel they’ve really gone to town on the brakes and it does feel like a race car Pat let’s go back lovely solidity to it ultimately it doesn’t feel super grippy because you’re always overcome the grip with the power it’s really lovely I love the way the engine revs out that inconel exhaust gives us a bit of sound it’s a big step off on a for a take a big step particularly in terms of the feel I don’t care about the raw numbers the fact that it’s fast at all other gas it’s a much nicer car to drive primarily because of the step on and the engine for me it’s just got better response less inertia it feels more normally aspirated another trick is that on the overrun on a downshift the engine is producing what the engineers call greater negative torque from the best double negatives ever effectively it’s adding inertia it’s trying to add drag so that when you’re going through a heavy break with a damn shift everything is contributing to that braking performance and getting the weight towards the front of the car it’s a clever thing but would you really go and Fang it around a track day this is the frustration with these cars so many of these are going to be sitting in garages being boasted about by the owners yeah I got one of those I get the special service cars because I’m I’m a big dog I don’t care go on drive it me or do this whoever you may be you can’t make stuff this good to drive and then treat it as an inanimate object I think they should make that a crime in it the pista doesn’t use a tweaked GTB motor instead it runs the unit from the four I take challenge race car this means a new cooling system new intakes and exhaust and many internal changes too it also means 720 horsepower and 568 foot-pounds of torque there’s a 90 kilogram weight reduction and claimed increases in downforce at both axles carbon fiber wheels an option and the latest electronic chassis aids allow the variable locking differential to communicate with the brakes to create even better direction changes the interior is mostly four five eight which means it’s nearly ten years old now and frankly looks it the wheel doesn’t adjust quite enough and the sheer quantity of different materials and textures makes you wonder what Italian for hotpot cheese but no matter this is a car for driving Ferrari says this is a track car but despite being optimized for circuit use we know that most pieces will spend their time be the sing about slowly on the public highway so let’s tell you what it’s like to drive on the road I want to dislike it but a car because it’s very very good first of all the engine I think anyone has driven a 488 GTB will know that that I think is so close to greatness but there’s something missing at the top and an urgency because it’s turbocharged and everything seems to sort of get very quickly the six and a half thousand rpm and then Plateau this one keeps going that’s for two reasons one larger internals for his detainee in con rods and all the other lighter bits inside from the challenge engine really do make it sprawl up faster it feels just feels lighter all the internals you get the sense of lighter bits of metal moving around and the other bit is the way they’ve calibrated the last few rpm before the rev limiter cuts in at about 8,000 rpm whereas the full rotate had a soft limiter to just protect the engine from blowing it’s up to fish this one’s more aggressive you could pretty much get all the way and it doesn’t it doesn’t sort of taper a cut it just gets there and stopped that really helps so there’s now more of a reason to go higher in the rev range suspension but you know what Ferraris remarkably unkind to talk about things by springs and dampers and roll bars these days so much of what it achieves appears to be through electronics the spring is a bit stiffer than the four eight eight the vamp ian is the same but recalibrates to wear with everything else the diff is the same it’s electronic but again different calibration and the roll bars they’re the same apparently according to the engineer in charge roll bars don’t really matter these days yes you need them but they don’t really matter amazing what really makes the car stand out for me is the fact that bumpy road button absorbs really quite bumpy roads the front of the car is superb this k2 branded michelin pilot sport is amazing on the road it must be the best street tire I’ve driven that has track credentials so the front of the car is amazing you just wing the wheel as hard and fast as you want the car turns that is a big advantage over a deep two RS because the GTRs just can’t quite match that on the road that sort of flick it between your wrists enjoy the Italian countryside feel and then when you open it up this thing is a sniff a sniff slower than a Ferrari in a straight line naught 225 miles an hour in seven half seconds say that again seven and a half seconds whoa gearbox identical to the GT be fast with even faster the program gear shift that down shifts are hilariously quick it almost feels like a pneumatic race gear change up shifts superb can’t fault any of that so what’s wrong with it the interior just looks old and rubbish to my eyes now I may be wrong and it might be subjective but there are so many different materials that looks like you’ve been to the haberdashery department at John Lewis and just grabbed a little random materials and just thrown them at the car there’s just colors and textures and fabrics and all this is all a bit old and too familiar and yeah I don’t get it the ergonomics are a bit crazy as well driving position it’s good you sit low but I can never quite get the wheel right and this seat is meanly padded the Manatee nice which that looks old as well I’m ready for the next generation of Ferrari cabins and frankly it’s also quite a nun device you know the steering doesn’t really give you much the brake pedal with this more firmer response it’s good but again quite dead it’s a collar you feeling your way into but you have to take some leaps at times just to get there because you don’t get much reassurance from the controls and on the road if you turn the traction control off this drives and this is the really weird thing in 2018 this drives like a late 50s sports racer what we now have our performance cars where the gap between the engines potential and the tire technology is ever-widening meter they’re doing a fantastic job to try and keep up but they just can’t they just can’t with these huge power and torque increases and that means if you turn it off half of throttle will break traction 1/3 sometimes maybe less and it is literally like driving a Jaguar e-type in the way I love it that cart dances around and you can play with it the speeds are quite high and I’m not sure that in 2018 people want to see supercars coming out roundabouts are based on the public highway so maybe it’s a pista maybe it does just belong on the circuit because it’s so fast that’s the only place you can use it it’s entirely usable on the road the rides good it’s a bit noisy with that Bhoomi inconel exhaust but it’s got a good high fry it was not that much less comfortable than a GT b maybe I don’t know 5 10 % who cares you could use it every day if you wanted to but to not use its performance would be such a shame and there’s one other thing this and the new gt2 RS are making me wonder whether the phrase last the normally aspirated which is so often now applied to the values of cars that are going up stratospherically because they’re the last atmospheric engines I wonder whether these are killing that feeling because this is so good this engine is so fine but I’m not sure especially it’s something it worth loads of money because I think this is a step beyond just about everything it does and it sounds good – it revs out so maybe the last the not the aspirated thing might soon be over because these turbo engines aren’t just not only so effective but so much fun to use food for thought so this is a smash-and-grab trip to Fiorano in Italy Ferraris home we’ve got the circuit ourselves not much time about 45 minutes to go and flashing around and the thing we’re driving is it’s the new Ferrari 812 superfast the replacement for the f12 which already had 740 horsepower this car has 800 horsepower from an enlarged six point five liter v12 and 529 foot-pounds of torque the red line is set to eight thousand nine hundred rpm the gearbox is the same dual clutch unit as before but gears one to six a much shorter shift times 30% faster on the way up the huge 40 percent faster on the way down the chassis is best described as 9/10 f12 TDF with rear-wheel steering and increased spring rate the a12 also inherits that cars crazy wide 275 section front tire dry weight is 1525 kilograms the aerodynamics are very different to the f12 there the front diffuser system that can stall or accelerate the airflow with a smattering of options it’s a three hundred thousand pound machine oh and as you’re about to see either forget to do up my chin strap all I did it deliberately to give you guys something to chatter about in the comment section crash helmets on new rules at Fiorano an 800 horsepower front-engined berlinetta well what a thing that is what have we got then well we’ve got four-wheel steering now the rear axle sorry there’s some quite clever stuff that goes on here so for example if you get yourself into a terminal understeer situation the rear wheel has returned to help you get that lube with change into a corner which I thought was I think it’s very very clever power does it feel faster than that and afterwards you know what it does and it does because of the gearing as much as a power I think it’s on a normal p0 tire which is just fighting so much temperature and pain on this circuit thinking there’s an understeer on the way in traction for a car of this time you know front-engine rear-wheel-drive I still think it’s snake all the way they make these things feel well they have so much traction well they do they just fire on the corners I’m ready no from the Gary this is so fast asleep rakes immense you can hear the engine noise how does that sound the balance of the car really good the electric power steering interesting to me feels exactly the same as the it’s the old hydraulic rock in the f12 which for me still but it was the weakest part of the f12 and I think it’s the weakest part of this car still the steering just a little too quick and I don’t have a great sense of connection either and the fact that it’s a road car and is spitting out these sorts of numbers turn everything off see what happens when we do that so when you slide the rear wheels still is there in this car which they don’t in the GCC for loose Oh very very subtle we think how much is going on here comedy’s the full wheel steering or Fiorano watch at it’s very fast fun and slightly on the track but it also has a number plates so we really should tumble onto the road with it for a bit because even though it’s fantastically fast and capable on circuit yay 12 it’s after a streak what’s it like on the road well first of all like all modern Ferraris you have to press a little button here and it brings up a logo says bumpy road on the dashboard slack in the dampers off and then you have what a car that’s so civilized giving it the full potential that it is quite difficult to fathom how they’ve done it and the best thing about this sort of f12 family car because let’s face it it is kind of an improved f12 is it smaller than the old 599 so it’s not that wide a car because there’s nothing worse than driving a supercar big GT car whirring you’re gonna get sideswiped by lorry on that side and the nearside both wheels are in the ditch you don’t have that problem in the a12 as you did in the five nine nine honestly how different does it feel to an f12 well obviously all this has been redesigned and it’s a bit a bit swankier and a bit nicer and there’s more carbon and there’s more architecture and the drive environment is still pretty complicated with the control split either side and you’ve got the new indicators that you can flick from behind the wheel that we’re on the GTC fall or so and you’ve got your manettino redesigned then you’ve got your your wintry wipers which you can now just use on a rotary control you see you find it all practical advice on how to use the new a12 supervisor look if you had to drive to nice and Mac in this thing it would be no hassle whatsoever be comfortable and it would be that’s what the stars all about covering distance a great speed and with a surprising level of refinement so what are they done with this car they’ve made the f12 faster and more capable and whether you like the look of it or not it’s a better car than an f12 I don’t know where they go for me can you get more power and torque through a pair of driven rear wheels is this the last normally aspirated v12 front-engine Ferraris most people seem to think it is either way I have a funny feeling they’re close superfast will represent a high-water line or maybe the end of an era for a particular type of Ferrari so I’m going to drive around till they ask me to come back in and when they do that I’m going to ignore them Oh where’s your pattern my only real criticism with the on-road performance is the ride comfort the car feels stiffer than an f12 and even with the soft damper mode engaged white is pretty busy at low speed I need to drive it in the UK to see what it’s really like we filmed the fxxk at daytona the majority of the day was dedicated to the television show but we snuck in and grabbed some stuff for the Internet just having a little secret as do pitch myself which I’m awake hey cozy find out what happens when a thousand and fifty horsepower right now what have we got very much sensational very quick I’m pretty cool I’m just blending here to say what happens best prettier just look it is immense now these girls create a vacuum release while other electricity and told it just goes you don’t even need to worry about just take advantage of all that talk the erasers were little shorter in this car than the laferrari the short strength is doing 1630 clicks in that time it does definitely feel like a very fast word card look at the Racing car whatever we did it with power up with the shame f1 cars here very purely in a straight line this is one of those cars around it’s theater because cause water at the produce in Ferrara but I cotta makes it even more of a challenge allow scraper to take the goods way before I just need the church to control my signature one and now this is a very very very good reason to get rich this car hire a mother alias my ladylove this topic give him that bag sex tank I’m gonna say sit down with marine friends [ __ ] how far we’ve come with this party every time you think that’s all they could get me gives you more power and when you get it half on the back it just dances because you’re there and with a million metric control you can feel the back axle and it’s just this lovely lesson in restraint it’s saying get me to that point where I’m just dancing where I’m up on my toes did you go too far I’m going to cause the most expensive accident you could ever imagine you can see how much more arrow management is going on all over the body work that rear diffuser is especially huge the front splitter sits 30 millimeters lower and the overall effect is 30% more downforce than the standard car the curse system from the laferrari has been changed for one that’s almost identical to the one on Vettel’s f1 car it’s more efficient and more powerful the v12 now has 848 horsepower thanks the new cams intakes and the removal of the catalytic converters with the new kerr system that means 1,050 horsepower and it weighs well under 1,500 kilograms to 90 kilograms less than the base car the gearing is shorter the gear shifts are faster the slicks are stickier it’s five seconds faster out Fiorano than the standard car – if you’ve been round fira know in a la ferrari that sound bonkers in short it’s a monster

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