Chris Harris drives… Best of Mercedes: E63 S, SEC, S63 Coupé, G63 AMG, G500 4×4²

Chris Harris drives… Best of Mercedes: E63 S, SEC, S63 Coupé, G63 AMG, G500 4×4²


Well… hope you’re a fan of V8s… because there’s a fair few here as Harris gets behind the wheel of the best from Mercedes. There’s a bunch of AMG goodies, some old timers, and the mind-curdling behemoth G500 4×4². Series 28: The Online Geneva Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

this car doesn’t feel like AMG to me this feels much more like an M car mass a real positive attribute far as I can see I love AMG s but they’ve always missed out on that sort of motorsport accuracy that M cars have had but this thing is razor sharp that gearbox gear shifts very very quick up and down and the engine some people are gonna complain about this engine it so it doesn’t sound AMG enough there’s a sort of false ‘no stu it a bit like the last m5 it sounds a little synthesized almost more like a sort of v10 at times than a v8 but there’s no denying how effective it is for throttle response and for just pouring power to all four wheels yeah not driven anything like it it makes an rs6 feel a bit sluggish after that again an rs6 sluggish nothing feels like yeah and feels gonna take off after time so what have we got here one at the moment I’m in a four-wheel-drive saloon car with ob6 on my balls power of the new Michelin Pilot Sport for tile which is pretty exceptional it has to be said so I’ve got a load of front-end grip I would adjustable dampers yeah I’m in full stiff because we’re on a circuit which is irrelevant I know for most people but there’s any place you can really drive this thing SuperDuper fast I’ve got my gearbox in manual and I’ve got my exhaust loud the exhaust as you’re here in a second it’s very powerful on batteries lots of Stuttgart flatulence there it sounds very nice and sporty steering heavy positive the whole car feels very together very grippy very fast and I’ll now turn the gubbins off or turn the ESP off it’s quite interesting what happens here what you end up with is a car that will oversteer you saw then just a hint of lager had to put in but the four-wheel drive system is unlike anything else I’ve driven in a really good way to fundamentally this car feels real Drive and then just at the moment that it thinks it wants to go faster and get out of the corner it throws a load of torque at the front wheels now that might sound familiar that’s exactly what the mists and eg has been doing for well 20 years but this feels more natural because I don’t actually have to fight the car then he’s steering off at all and if I’ve got swapped it lock on it seems to delay the moment that it throws more talk to the front wheels it’s so intuitive I suppose in practice it works like a Ferrari FF soil drive system but again it’s just better calibrated and it happens more intuitively and smoother I think it’s so so clever if I just get on the gas now look what happens car oversteers and then goes to the front wheels dragged itself out it’s brilliantly brilliantly simple and the way that it deploys the power will visually have a look at this now on the camera you’ll see the difference between a drift and before your drive mode but this is where these guys have really changed the game we’ve now got a car with all-wheel drive from all-weather four-wheel drive rs6 passion you’re a saloon and an estate version both events but the rs6 can’t slide around and that’s where yeah this cars got an extra trick up its heed what’s this one of my doors are closed I’m in manual mode I’ve got the ESP off and they’ve got the exhaust on everything like that if I pull these two paddles now it offers me something called drift mode I now confirm with an up – on the paddle there and I now have drift mode active I now have a completely rear-wheel drive over 600 horsepower saloon car ie AMG who’s that and this is no kind of will let the proper is coming when they fancy it this is genuinely locked off nothing’s going to the front tires now at all AMG says this is for track use only well I’m on a track so see what it’ll do so this is now third gear in a hairpin and I’ve just laid two black lines for about half the length of the straight this thing it’s superb I just love the breadth of it so when you want a grippy four-wheel drive car you’ve got one and when you want to yeah behave like an idiot pull two spaniels is and away you go this is a fourth gear left-hander now can’t do that in an rs6 Serge understand just how it can be the perfect yabo and it can be the perfect civilized all-weather performance car never driven anything like it brakes this is on steels they’ve not faded too much today but it’s a big two-ton saloon car so of course they’re gonna run out at some point the cabin will talk about that a bit more on the road in fact we probably should go to the public highway to test this thing in its correct environment but on a circuit the ability to do skids most important for me now on the public road they have this thing it’s very complete indeed other than the fact that it tells you what the speed limit is every four minutes I’m sure I could turn that off there is one other problem it’s the right comfort it’s busy this thing’s been developed for very flat virginal German asphalt and sadly we didn’t have much of that in the UK so this thing’s busy I reckon it’s a bit too bit less supple than an rs6 and for me that does slightly detract from the overall experience but otherwise seating positions great I can get the seat good and low it’s a very very comfortable seat with so many different positions it’s great I love the fact that you can operate the passenger seat from the driver’s seat through these controls it’s brilliant Neel sitting there now I can move him backwards and forwards if you’ve got kids that is so much fun to fire your daughter’s head into the wind speed as you’re going along it’s great as for the instrument and the general cabin layout some people reckon it’s not a hundred grands worth it probably isn’t but these screens they’re huge and so clear and there’s so many different ways of shooting them – the way you waters deliver you information so I can’t really fault that they’re fantastic actually the the blue red or whatever Lighting’s a little bit chintzy the IWC clock would quite like that some people don’t but I’d rather have that other maserati clock it has to be said this is a whole new template for Mercedes AMG gone is the old 5.5 liter twin-turbo v8 replaced by an updated version of the smaller four litre M 1 7 8 v8 from the c-class still twin turbocharged in the S it produces 612 horsepower and 627 foot-pounds of torque those are massive numbers it drives through a new version of the MCT gearbox with nine ratios the rear axle is completely different to standard e-class as is the semi air suspension just about every other mechanical aspect of the car but they’re really clever bit is the four-wheel drive system for years people have wanted a car that was all-wheel-drive for slippery conditions and rear driven when you want to be a Wally well that times finally come but it’s worth remembering that in two-wheel drive mode none of the shafts electronics are there to help you there’s a clutch on the back of the gearbox on a prop shaft connecting that to the back wheels in between which on this s model is an electronically controlled zippy diff leave the clutch engaged and you have 4-wheel Drive disconnected and you have a large tire bills the bodywork is 11 mil wider and body shell is stiffer basically AMG has thrown the full monty at this car the powertrain is suppurative I suspected it would work brilliantly on the road and it does when it’s wet this thing has I think the best for drive system for people that want to enjoy driving that I’ve driven because it feels kind of rear-wheel drive until you need some help and we need the magic hand to come in and just ping you up the road and sham for out some understeer and control some overs do it’s there for you he just feels superhuman the noise of the engine is invincible to for me because it doesn’t quite sound verbally an AMG enough AMG II is that even a word I don’t know they’ve always sounded quite Mopar AMG’s a–sort of a genuine American muscle car noise of them this doesn’t this is more flat-plane more synthesized more european it’s a European car that shouldn’t be a problem toys not too bad right Comfort like I said busy steering accurate car doesn’t feel that big on the road either which is a surprise and and the way that the open and closed works on the air vents the movement if you find one of these in a show of gun play with it it’s lovely titillating no this is a very very complete very fast machine it the gun should be isn’t large enough and I suspect the fuel consumption it’s pretty tragic when you’re on it at a cruise it’s just about acceptable but pushing hard I think it’s gonna be quite strong but mercedes-amg well done this is a biggest step forward than I thought you were going to make this is a very complete car the new m5 will have to be very very good to beat this but luckily we get to drive it yes it’s been around a while but we had to do something on the new G wagon because somehow Mercedes has updated a car locked in 1979 and created the most desirable SUV of them all this is the g63 a 585 horsepower lump that costs well over a hundred and twenty grand it offers less space than a c-class estate but just try not letting this thing get under your skin it really is impossible the reason it now handles is some big changes to the chassis there are now double wishbones up front the rear axle is also more sophisticated and the steering rack is no longer taken from a tractor inside you really do get all the trillions of an S Class a massive set of screens and enough configurability if that’s even a word to keep you and the kids amused for hours what I love about this car is that underneath all the noise and ostentation looks a really talented machine anyone can make something loud and ridiculous but the new G 63 is actually usable too if you could afford the fuel bills okay before we talk about what this thing’s like to drive on the track could we acknowledge that we’re even on a track because this thing shouldn’t be here I know it’s a bit in Congress I’m being deliberately naughty because it will look so funny on the track but the last g-wagen would not be able to do this I wouldn’t be able to talk and drive like this because I’d be off in the scenery with Neill sitting next to me trying to find my teeth or be trying to find his teeth his teeth are a bit odd actually maybe if you looked at them anyhow what’s this thing like on a track it’s honestly a complete joke but it stops and it turns in and he goes round corners the old one couldn’t do that it really couldn’t this is surprisingly good on a drying track I wouldn’t want to get the stopwatch out but it’s pretty damn good you know the ESP is very very gorgeous so it cuts the thing and media and get all your told you I’m going to get it up and running and there’s a cut then it goes and then what you do is you just fling it at the apex but there’s much steering lock as you dare and then just manage the understeered outside of the circuit there is no ogres to it quite clearly to never oversteer so the outside front tire is the one that gives up the ghost at first by quite some margin but you know what you really can get it round this lap quite quickly at Landau it must look ridiculous from the outside it hops over the curbs the engine is magnificent the gearbox is pretty good I’m just strolling on a well over a hundred up the main straightaway they’ve done a number on this so there we go that was mainly the excuse for me to come to land out and throw a g-wagen around what you really need to know is how good this car is Road on the road this car is a little short of a revelation compared to the previous car I must stop talking about the previous car but I suppose it’s the only context I have the g-wagen sort of stands alone you don’t buy a G wagon or a Range Rover or of q7 s q7 whatever you call them you just want a G wagon all you don’t really do you could you’ve been taught a bit like a defender that owning it g wagon means you put up with its foibles with all these things that are obviously wrong about it for the upside which is the joy of the way it looks and what it stands for and the fact that you pretend you’re a Russian gangster that’s why people buy them isn’t it so they can move around pretending they’ve got a gun on them when most people in northern Europe I’ve just got a copy of the newspaper on them so that’s why you want one of these but now you don’t have any of the shortcomings the only shortcoming you have now is that it costs a lot of money to buy hundred fifty grand with some toys on it but and I really do feel totally ashamed to admit this it’s worth it there is nothing else like this car there really isn’t it’s so good on a road now the fairly rudimentary suspension systems been updated so we now have a you know pretty much a unitary body but it rides in such a lovely manner it still feels a bit live actually which some people really quite like because you get that sense of connection and you really feel the axles working but every single sharp edge now has a lovely roundness to it so it sort of hits things gives you a bit of a wobble and then it just smooths them all out it’s it’s really really pleasant to be and you sit high the throttle response is really good you just wobble along and when you want to go quick it’s good you know it rolls a bit but it grips the steering’s not too slow if you went and drove a last generation bill WX 5 this isn’t that far off that in handling terms it really isn’t and that is remarkable you’ve got a vertical windscreen which should mean that you get loads of wind noise but the wind noise is quite well contained the driving position is superb the seat is superb the quality of the cabin is out of the top drawer and the whole thing is charming it just reeks of charm I like being in this thing it makes me smile the fact that I’m sitting inside a very very expensive box on wheels makes me feel good some people respond well to it other people think you’re the aforementioned Russian gangster which doesn’t always help with local relations let’s say but I like the way that it flows down the road like the way that it rides I like the way that you could drive it moderately quickly in other words the g63 is usable everyday as a normal fast car now you might have seen a couple of weeks ago on the internet that RM Auctions was dealing with a sale of around 130 cars from the 70s 80s and 90s and I saw the pictures of those cars in that warehouse and thought I got to see them guess where we are we’re with them this is and I don’t say this lightly the most extraordinary room full of cars I’ve ever seen look at these we’ve got s l’s and SE C’s it’s an e 500 look how sexy it is with the slightly flared arches this comes from a time when people understood quietly demonstrating your potential you know C won 2-6 AMG s so that’s basically the big kupe from the mid 80s with the wide arch body kit I mean it’s just the signature thug car isn’t it it couldn’t look better come and have a look inside this because the 80s was the decade of excess and the 80s wasn’t smug with hindsight the 80s was proud to be the 80s and the 80s love buttons this seat has 13 buttons alone this one seat that means there’s 26 across the two and the dashboards and the clock faces and the you know when it all goes electric soon I think I might want one of these I’ve never done this before but I’m taking photos myself see just go from something else now I did your deal we’re gonna go to the estate car I never thought I’d say this I’m about to walk straight past a 300 SEL 6.31 look at that because that is one of my dream cars but we need to ignore that to get to that that is a w123 Turing estate car and it’s been to AMG and it has a 5 liter engine in it which would have been from an s-class you might know of a cooler car on the planet than that but I don’t look at it yes so that’s an SL 70 that bored out version by AMG and that engine became the basis of the come on answers on a postcard you’re right that became the engine that went in the Zonda and these are now worth a few quid because there aren’t any Moore’s on their engine so the only way to get is on their engine is to buy one of these and do something unspeakable to it I wonder if you can just sort of live here have a tent or motorhome in the middle and just just hang out with them now everyone knows what an s63 is its Mercedes Bigfoot or saloon car that will go a zillion miles an hour but very few people know about this car it’s the s63 coupe a and it’s kind of forgotten amongst the hoards of Porsches and Lamborghinis and Bentley’s that operate in that price range but I’m telling you this might be one of the best cars on sale now of course it’s not cheap it’s well over a hundred thousand pounds and with options I don’t admit how much this one is but it’s the most beautiful product everything in here is of the very best quality it’s not a shortened s-class chassis we’re there suspension and they’re familiar five and a half litre twin-turbocharged v8 which has now been replaced by the four litre twin-turbocharged v8 from the e63 it’s confusing I know but I’m telling you I don’t know of a car that better combines speed and comfort and I’ve driven every car that’s supposed to do it so how has Mercedes made such a brilliant car and failed to tell everyone about it now this is quite an old car in fact it feels like a used car of you now but the engine is the old-school twin turbocharged v8 5.5 liters 585 horsepower and 664 foot-pounds of torque it’s a taut monster the gearbox is a bit slower than it now is but I tell you this is the power train of choice for this type of car and with the shorter wheelbase in an s-class it’s a much much more agile machine I can’t tell you how well-balanced it is between comfort and speed on UK roads this is the most impressive GT car I’ve ever driven I’ll tell you what made it so good it’s just a level of comfort quietness and general feeling of not actually being in a car but that demonstrates quite a big problem when you’re making car videos because there’s no way of me saying listen to how quiet it is well I’ll do it now that’s my isn’t it quiet face I’ll now do my ride comfort face I mean the right comfort is freakish I’ve never driven a car like it you see stuff your eyes say oh that’s a pump and when you go over it nothing happens you got a little noise like that and nothing happens the cumulative effect of that silence and that ride comfort is that you normally get out after a 3-hour journey fresher than when you started that doesn’t happen in an Audi a8 that doesn’t happen in a BMW 7-series it only happens in this car I mean you think about it when you’re stressed and you’ve got lots to do that’s an incredible trick but alongside the freakish levels of comfort and lack of fatigue this car it’s riddled with toys in fact there’s so much fun to be had poking around the details of this car but I have to stop and show you the s63 coupe a it’s all about the details it’s often accused of looking just like a slightly bigger c-class or E Class coupe a but it doesn’t look at these lights here those are individual LEDs and above them are Swarovski crystals this thing reads the road ahead that’s why it says LED intelligent light system don’t get that on a c-class no you don’t come around the side here now the next time you see one of these on the road if you do because they’re quite rare look at that line down the side this sort of suede on it starts in front of the front wheel and it comes all the way back one line uninterrupted all the way back to behind the rear wheel and it gives this lovely tension down the side of the car I think it’s fantastic doesn’t have spoilin arches but it still looks wee wide and punchy the boot lid has this box out here that’s built into the metalwork and that does act as a spoiler and produces well reduces lift okay what I love is this extra crease here so the line follows off the boot lid and the rear panel here this rear quarter-panel just has this little hint of a crease here just a tape for that line in it’s that level of detail that I find fascinating about this car because people think it’s just a big Mercedes coupe a DS and it’s totally separate to all the rest of the range that’s why the little elements in the rear heated screen are so small though invisi they’re not on a normal Mercedes this is a reminder of the fact that mercedes-benz has always been a maker of the finest cars in the world and they can be quite expensive now any great luxury car cabin should be full of toys and things to play with and this is one of the best I think of all the features I’ve enjoyed during 17,000 miles of living with this car this is my favorite the driver can control the passenger seat effectively it’s like being in the db5 and pretending you’re James Bond so you press left and you can just move your passenger backwards forwards up down look I’ll just say to the ceiling now if you’ve got little people children there’s nothing better than winding them up by just sending them up and down and around you can also control their heated seat and you control their scarf this thing has the fan heater that comes into your neck like it does in an SL so effectively you can warm and cool the other person in the car in the front with you as much as you like I love that it’s totally unnecessary but it’s just great great theater just seats themselves well they couldn’t be better let’s move that out the way for the camera throw by that Christmas me enough we’re on there we go just demonstrating again the brilliance of the s-class coupe on the seat itself is so adjustable I’ll leave it to Neil to show you what happens on the screen but you can have everything from active bolsters passive bolsters move everything’s in and out up down around about it is truly remarkable if you can’t get comfortable in this car you can take comfort in any car the only problem is if you’re a short ass like me by the time you find the right driving position some of the dials become obscured in fact they’re pretty much cut off by the top of the steering wheel but that doesn’t matter because there’s a head-up display that I can read on the screen so that’s fine I’ll just use the HUD there are two main screens here like there is in an s-class I can’t really fault the level of information it is clear precise not too fancy but just enough theater to make me feel I mean something very expensive the leather look at the leather this baseball glove thick desi neo brown leather it’s fantastic other details I love the Swarovski crystals almost said Swarovski right I’m not going to try it again there’s one here okay there’s a crystal that sits on your cubby there when you open it which I find it’s a bit naff really I’m not that into crystals the the center armrest thing here is brilliant this is classic mercedes-benz brilliant because it opens both sides it does so the same way how’s that even possible when there’s no visible hinge I still I mean what a snake-oil isn’t it it’s incredible these open here to give you a cop holder the other thing I love is that you fold that down and that’s where you get your CD out but it doesn’t mean that you can’t drink a drink and take a CD out at the same time which is an enormous failure from mercedes-benz and I they look at that for the facelift what else have we got all your buttons down here for your chassis controls for your gearbox to be sport manual or comfort but most important of all is a little sign here on the tweeter all the speaker covers are metal there’s one up there for the surround sound there’s a few around here the firmest I find this thing is the best hi-fi I’ve ever heard in the car there are sub stand in the foot wells and then the top end comes sort of seamlessly out above the scuttle there it sounds incredible it’s such a compromised environment and I know that there are companies like name that I love for home high-five making car highs for other car manufacturers and making lots of noise about it Mercedes doesn’t make any noise any PR noise about the high finest cars all but it is unquestionably the best I’ve ever heard in a car so the combination of silence ride comfort and sitting like you’re in a live music auditorium makes for the most compelling long distance vehicle I’ve ever ever been in there’s enough room for two little people in the back I wouldn’t say it’s a genuine full four seater which is remarkable given it casts a shadow about of a 5 Series a bit more but if you have to see it’s a bit further forward you can get to grown-ups in the back but not really long ones you wouldn’t undo long journeys with them the Brutes a decent size and the rear seats are heated as well bum warmers are critical I think as you can tell them a bit enthusiastic about it I love it I’ve lived with this thing for a long time and I think it’s amazing anyhow enough of the static review let’s head back out onto the road the next s63 cooper trick is size shrinking this thing is a big big heavy old boat but once you start threading it down a road you wouldn’t believe how small it can fill it never feels as small as a 3-series but you can really pound it down a road and of course that air suspension its compliance helps you when the surface gets choppy mid-corner bumps not a problem whatsoever you just keep pushing it keeps building speed and you can actually enjoy driving it fast I mean that you really can in fact it’s so good to drive fast you can even do this with it there’s something so naughty about bead fast cars being driven in a city fashion so let me just be quiet for a minute and let you watch a well over two-ton mercedes-benz sliding around a wet circuit somewhere in well to me it just looks magnificent it’s just the best car ever hurdle or just believe the red there’s been a while since I did an interesting film scrambling up a one in three inch line with Bouldin everywhere but I’m in a new Mercedes G 500 squared not our usual tipple however take a look at this now and Yun’s done well but we had to do a film early because well just look at it because despite being the ultimate pose wagon I mean let’s face it you wouldn’t even look the Aventador if you saw one of these behind it this is a very very serious piece of offer okay so we got twin coilovers in each corner and we’ve got portal axles which allow crazy axle articulation and this ridiculous white pipe so this thing is got a ground clearance of 450 millimeters little weight to a meter it feels a lot more sophisticated in terms of its ride comfort I mean almost only means flying around now for the normal G Class quite a people getting it on the road don’t suspect it might actually be a better more sophisticated car than standard G there is however a price to pay for this excellence and it’s somewhere between the quarter million pounds nice Beckett yes this is a fearsome expensive car but then what else could you have that can match this this is a factory fresh Mercedes g wagon that looks like it’s been done up by some lunatics in finland what a thing I’m gonna follow myself a bit steep slope to go down watch this here we go there are member your basic or floating keep your thumbs outside the wheel tip it over the edge remember it’s only 300 grand and then just let it roll down the hill you can’t do this in Google cars and the engine will Matt’s effectively detuned c63 motor 420 horsepower 450-foot BAM talk little bit of waiting in the stern awaiting him a quilted leather pet device it’s got three different so you can lock front center and rear the ESP that’s interesting you can turn it off governor wanted to come do some massive slides but it really doesn’t give you any kind of leeway if you have one intervention it switches back on completely so that’s sort of the fun police really aren’t work here but the combination of those did portal axles ground clearance and if you want students in the authorized me I think you can go anywhere so genuinely my first exploratory few miles on the road in this thing my bottom the sensitive testing device underneath my torso tells me this thing rides 50 percent better than a normal G Wagon it’s really nice and supple you think looking at it from the outside this would be an absolute shambles to drive on the road but it’s not because the g63 Indy 65 they just feel a bit absurd really that every time you clog it and light comes on and it just slows you down I’ll be up you know trying to control warning lights there’s no no no no no a name got domkop and in this car you couldn’t just clunky like I did there there’s no worries it just goes so about 420 horsepower 450 foot pounds of torque pushing three tons it’s not a massive power-to-weight ratio but this thing is quite sprightly 6.5 seconds to 60 around there and 130 flat out I’m not sure I believe that and also if you do under the 30 miles an hour and g-wagen for my experience in the summer you can do it about two minutes before the screen it’s just a insect and a fit graveyard let’s do a bit of engine noise where’s there a sign that says do and add as one of those signs that says do engine noise bear with me I think you only start more shocking than the G 500 squared be it coming past you when you did this right here we go so kick down wicked for the way it looks that’s a rude fast car shouldn’t be that quick the ride in here is kind of Range Rover Sport but no more man and miles better than any G Wagon I’ve ever driven there you go fit portal axles and a great big off-road equipment and twin coil overs at each corner so you can go off-road and you make it nice around car pretty whole world when the only difficulty is getting in and out of it if you’re like me and not of average height but look around cabins lovely always surprised how small the intimate G wagons are they don’t worry big things lavished with quilted leather and alcantara ‘s and carbon I mean you need carbon in your three toilets you know this is a impressive Roca I thought it would be hopeless but it’s better understand of gee so the G 500 squared is perfectly engineered quite outrageous and Boyd is amazed you smile

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