Chris Harris drives… Best of Porsche: GT2 RS, 992, 911 R, 919, Type 64

Chris Harris drives… Best of Porsche: GT2 RS, 992, 911 R, 919, Type 64


Achtung! We’re back with another Chris Harris compilation and this time he’s smoking some Porsches. From Stuttgart, there’s the latest 992 version of the 911 Carrera S, the very special ‘Manthey-Racing’ version of the GT2 RS, and a rather rare machine called the “Type 64”. Series 28: The Online Geneva Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

pathetically and I mean this hypothetically you’ve gone our energy tt-rs right and I’ve said to you as a friend you need to make that car a bit fast around the lab and of course your brain would say shut up mate that’s ridiculous I’m still clearing up the mess from my under crackers after what that car just did to me but Manti be now most of the Porsche Road race team that deals with this stuff well it’s gone done just that it’s created the gt2 RS mr anti racing which is an arrow and suspension wheel and tire package for the h2 RS about nine thousand euros which sounds ridiculous until you experience it this is the best car that’s based on a normal street car that you could take on a race track another base I’ve driven I know that’s quite a narrow niche but it is sensational because it’s like a wild ride you know it’s a little some accurate little racing car this is this is a yob this thing you know it wants to slide everywhere I got 700 horsepower for God’s sake I can smoke this PowerPoint wherever I want to but I could also set lap times as well what a flipping machine now I do it no justice by just doing great big skids though so we’ll just go a little bit sensible on straight and we’ll talk you through some of it so suspect is basically kW system stolen from the gt3-r racing car is expensive still has the help of spring it does that very clever thing that expensive suspension does it takes all of those light imperfections and stuff that you’re I says well that’s going to cause a bit of a bump and it just irons it out within the moment you put loaded to the guy’s supports assault it’s a magic trick miles better than the standard suspension which in itself it’s very very good there’s a new great pad material to give a bit more bite that does make a big difference this thing really does slop look at the right height as well the thing is buried into the ground especially the back there taking some break out and I give the car much better stability on the entry to a turn you can add lock trailer in always a problem in the 911 but that’s just the way this thing goes Wow they’ve got nothing to the engine around the world this one feels pretty angry this is an engineering car son 49 Wow and it feels fit as a fiddle and this is the actual car that holds the record for a modified street car around the Nurburgring with Lars at the wheel at 6 minutes 40 seconds which is quite difficult to comprehend really isn’t it this also has a lot more arrow they fitted a massive gurney to the rear wing different end rates got different front split so they manage the underbody it’s got a different diffuser big difference have a look at the onboard fast map now and you can see that I can stay flat in faces in this car well that you just can’t in normal cars even in hyper cars so the big question is this amazing tweaked up gt2 RS should have the performance to take care of hyper cars for stay with them let’s see what happens this week possible government sometimes yeah so 49 5 therefore we have to look it up over there I’ll take I’ll take like Amelia you just have to recalibrate your head because it’s happening so fast and you have also because it has more dynamic than I thought my arrow in the quick stuff yeah different because you’re like I’m wide open through the through the hole which you shouldn’t be in the car and the whole thing is as you go too much smashed into the ground two and a half seconds quicker than I’ve ever gone around here in a 918 or a p1 or anything that’s amazing you know Jeana gt2 RS is just all at 911 forty nine thousand kilometers probably fifty now there’s a couple of things going on here first of all the performance of the car around Portimao is staggering forty-nine five or just under forty nine forty five is the fastest likely near by a long way and it’s a new lap record for the circuit but Lars the guy that developed it anyway even quicker so he can have the record a forty eight something will confirm it in a minute so fair play to him and he’s young and he’s good at this so I happily defer to the better man the other thing that needs to be noted is this car is gorgeous the pattern of this car this is the car that did the Nurburgring lap record I love the fact that it’s got a cup car seats in it love the fact that it’s got a 911 our passenger seat with the houndstooth trim it’s all a bit ratty inside this should never be changed if anyone at Porsche and they stood there if anyone changes this car tries to make it look optically clever then it’s gonna chug and I hunt you down leave it as it is because it’s a piece of history then it’s just utterly gorgeous the only thing is these Alcantara steering wheels get a bit mugged up you know they’ve got too much DNA from other people on them so that so that’s progress you come here three years after you drove a McLaren p1 and set a certain lap time when you go two or three seconds quicker in a slightly modified series production Porsche with know hability and nothing clever well done Michelin well done kW well done Porsche well done man tired all right girls and boys you’ve got the keys to the new 911 and r92 and you’re a bit of a car geek like me what you do you go and poke around in it don’t you come and poke around and the first thing that you have to test on a sports car that the door handles of course I put the button the door handle comes out put my hand under open it this is sacrilege is that really a 911 it should have a normal handle lock it goes away now I think it is actually quite a neat solution but see I’m opening it now come on well what’s a bit of nightmare isn’t it I think it’s just oh right there we go that is quite heavily sprung I think this is quite controversial now for fear of you all switching off let’s go and drive the thing now as we said this is an unexpected first only go in the new 992 I’m in a Carrera 2s it’s bright yellows got some bits and bobs PDK gearbox the manuals not available until next year apparently and because it’s Germany we can’t go out on the road with the tires of winter tires are fairly hopeless or at Hockenheim which is frankly meaningless for an everyday car looking for RS but it give us a chance to try the steering I suppose the the ride and the handling on a flat surface and the engine of the gearbox obviously so first things first it feels very 911 which is great I’m sitting low in the seat I’ve got a right amount support around my kidneys steering wheel is just the right size and well to me it feels like it’s just inherited the last 83 steering this this complaint over electricity powering is doing it’s gone for me it doesn’t sort of wriggle about and rise the way that the old air-cooled cars did with their hydraulic steering but you know times have moved on it’s changed get over it what you end up with is a very agile car it doesn’t feel any bigger than the last nine one and I think one overarching point I’ll make this feels like a heavily facelifted nine one not all new cars it feels right to me and I think underneath it probably is there’s more aluminium in the construction but ultimately this is a nine nine one plus which means at nine nine two I suppose I’ve computed myself now I love the way the steering loads up during the corner I really do I think there’s a great explanation there was but the previous column this engine for a turbocharged motor listen to it you know to me it sounds like a normally aspirated flat six from a nine ninety six and the response when you really are just not aware of the fact that it’s turbocharged getting someone with this turbo charging and it’s fast – this doesn’t feel an awful lot slower than my gt3 touring sorry what was my deep frittering okay time for some more cabin geeking I think before we get into the details of it they’ve done a pretty good job here this feels very 911 you’ve got classic rev counter ahead of you it’s surrounded by ancillary instruments the two on the outside are completely obscured by the student which is a bit odd but you end up with five o’clock faces and a screen in the middle here that feels classically 911 to me this little gear lever that looks a bit inadequate on the films and the photos I’ve seen already is far better in real life but quality is high and it it is it’s pretty common sense in here this there’s a bit of stuff I don’t quite understand this and separation of the damper button out on the dashboard here which I don’t quite understand and this cup holder I don’t again what’s going on here why have we lost the lovely double cup holder here which is so practical if you live in a 911 I’ve now got this what do you do with that that’s just very odd the other cup holder is right over here which I can’t really reach and I use both of them in my 911 certainly seat comfortable good driving position nice and low steering wheel bang on since the 918 Porsches steering wheel game has been strong this three-dimensional rev counter is absolutely superb okay because its typefaces and the Lidl design and that central little point there is 1970s so a lot of this cabin harks back to the long bonnet cars of the 1970s and I think that rather beautiful as you can see when we switch the ignition on this is Panamera Cayenne mccann it’s the standard Porsche layout okay you either love it or you don’t I think it works very well it means you get a huge variety of options for the screen it can it can show you performance data it can show you where you’re going where you’ve been and you can play around with the chassis and everything else I think it makes sense so it feels nice the 911 in here to me backseat space pretty good never underestimate the back seats of a 911 I use mind the whole time for my little people it separates the car from just about any other sports car glovebox not a bad size these door bins and being a real 9/11 geek now if you look over there then I put that one there look at that one down there there used to be a sort of hinge bit behind underneath where your elbow goes they’ve now left that just open I think it’s quite a good solution because I used to spend a lot of time flexing that forwards and backwards and that bin just ahead of the door handle is crucial that’s where you put everything of any value in a 911 and they’ve just lined it with a bit more carpet this time isn’t that interesting now the interior door handle is very interesting I can’t quite believe I just said that but it is it’s flush with this nice panel here and it allows your hand to get in there and when you pull it it’s quite heavily sprung and what happens is it really shunts the door away from you in the 991 when you try to open the door you have to get your elbow and give it a massive bang to get it to open but they’ve worried that out because it’s got an extra spring so you just touch it and the door really flies open not too far just enough it’s been german-engineered I will say one thing though the first three times I did it I got my little finger caught in there there could be some very nasty pinky personal injury claims coming Porsches away what do we think then I think it’s a clever blend of next-gen and recognisable 911 Porsche is very good at this stuff there’s something so reassuring about the latch still being in the same place just there to the write up reports I love that and look it’s a space in between two front wheels that looks about the same size to me I mean I could quote something in liters but it doesn’t mean anything does it what I can tell you is a couple of bags will go in there and that will swallow more than you think it should by looking at it that’s all you need to know about the line leavens bond it hasn’t got its sticker up there worth 20 grand less in the trade already bang let’s have a look down the back here I warn you you’re about to see something spectacular the new 911 engine watch this there you go in all its glory two fans from a gaming PC and a plastic badge that says thrill e2s is that how far we’ve come isn’t that the most disappointing thing he’s been 120 grand in a new car and you’ve got not much to show for it and listen to this that is the sound of plastic but overall from the outside I think it’s a pretty good effort I’m not the arbiter of what’s good and bad looking look you see I’ve slept in these clothes for about a week I know nothing about the sartorial side of life but to me the wide hips and now the single width body styles were 4s is the same width as a 2’s it’s a good-looking car it’s got low the hip loaded shoulder tapers down to the front it looks aggressive 4s is the same width as the outgoing 1991 4s so it’s not got any wider and the one thing that doesn’t come across in the photographs have seen so far this LED strip that goes all the way across the back of the car looks very flat and two-dimensional but when you see the car in the raw there’s a real taper across the top the curvature here as you walk around the car means it’s got a really nice round ass the 992 is very much a 911 plus the motor in this s model gains a particular filter and some new turbos and ends up with 444 horsepower and 369 foot-pounds of torque it’s a little heavier too despite more of it being made of Alemany it’s a really fast car gearbox do you know what are you supposed to get a little bit more from this PDK transmission it’s very very smooth that it’s very positive for the shifts in the sport mode they’re a little bit lackluster I pull the lever it’s nothing like as quick as it is on a gt3 what happens it back in a bit I wonder Wow so it’s got a locker in that in this Carrera 2s model the cabin the more time I spend in it the more I like it it’s got rear seats it looks like a 911 sounds like a 911 I mean what’s not to like really tell you what whilst you’re sort of contemplated now I’m going to see if I can rank these new for anything just fitted yeah is it still a sports car that’s the question my approach to building it is very much a sports car you know it really is very much a sports car because it’s it’s lively and it wants to have fun it’s got personality as well yeah it doesn’t bristle the way that the old man Levin’s do but no cars do anymore they’re too competent you can’t have confidence this has an everyday car that comfort that convenience the usability and expect it to be just as thrilling as they used to be it’ll do that all day long that’s enough for me comfortable on the motorway and quiet is what I’m not getting the road noise I can’t tell you anything about the ride though nothing because it’s so flat here so we need to get it on a good old bumpy British Road interview book first impressions yeah as expected it’s not a revolution it’s a really sensible clever evolution of an online one with a great new cabin and fantastic engine I can’t really complain there you go oh wow Wow so what still hides a drive I have to say I’m completely befuddled because it’s so special immediately feels light and agile much to all power ever this should be like a 2cv but it’s Isles wicker Walker snowy’s no sound anything India knees I can see the engine from our I’m sitting I can feel I can smell what is great very little very old reporter got some brakes they’re not necessarily my friend at the moment kilink it is pretty good steering with a fin tire and this lovely fin steering wheel it’s delicious just wriggles of our hands do I look like a happy boy if you love porscha every love it’s approached for Motor Vehicles you can’t fail to be totally captivated by this machine began and it feels like it did as well there’s a lot of conjecture about whether it’s a real Porsche or not well the chassis is different after a Volkswagen to mean to me but it’s a Porsche his place in the Porsche narrative beyond reproach isn’t it nobody knows that say it’s not a real portion of the debris a government Austrian bill three five six is the first this is where it began this is where the thinking began you can’t underestimate that the beginning of a car company is arguably where it started in the head of the founder Shirley Lord I would love to do in this spritely you know filthy it wants to get up and go it wants to be moving lack of mass is gorgeous no real sense of the weight distribution either because the Indian is those smaller life take me had the money even have to be goes away and the surface so on his toes ten million quid of Trance give it about but that would be rude but before this film ends just sit back and look at some more amazing details of this piece of history so what is a 919 well it’s a mid-engined endurance racer designed to win them all which it did a few times it is the most complex car ever seen using a turbocharged 2-litre v4 internal combustion engine powering the rear wheels with around 500 horsepower and a single electric motor for the front wheels with another 500 all power – that’s around a thousand horsepower in this configuration four-wheel drive massive downforce and less than 900 kilograms it will Marmol eyes anything less than a formal 1 car and is reliable enough to do so for 24 hours and probably more it’s a very very special and complicated machine and is tended to by a vast team of people first up some familiarization laps on wet tires and a slightly damp track okay complicated basting forever bait of it but filled with mother if the car feels a bit No oh yeah normally aspirated a lightweight philosophy manual transmission left-hand drive only and built for people who love driving yes it’s the 1991 Peugeot 205 rally now you’re probably thinking has he completely taken leave of his senses by comparing a 1.3 litre peugeot 205 to argue for the final Porsche 911 ever built well I see it driving is really about what your feet do what your bottom feels and watch your arms do and take them that way driving broken down into that binary view this little 205 is one of the best cars I’ve ever driven and it embodies a lightweight philosophy with three pedals and a stick which to me is exactly what the man lemon arbors so I’m going to compare them anyway and right now I wouldn’t want to be in any other car including the Mona lemon arm and I’ll tell you why now those of you of a certain age will understand what this car is about but you youngsters allow me to educate you back in the late 80s Peugeot wanted to homologate the toy five to go rallying in France in the lesser classes so they built a certain number of these sub 1,300 CC 205 they used some parts bin special so that use some bits from the 1.6 GTI 1.9 this is a GTI suspension car with a hundred horsepower from a 1290 four cc engine with twin Weber’s on it and eminently tunable I bought this one quite recently and it had no service history I didn’t quite know what I was buying but now I’ve got it back here I can be fairly certain it has more than 100 and whatever it’s supposed to 105 bhp hundred and three horsepower this feels like it’s got a load more cuz I don’t think a 205 GTI 140 people to see where this had gone it’s that much faster but fundamentally this is a rally off thicky tires and it just feels so alive and it’s not just about how it revs am talking about the steering the pedal feel the gearbox I mean for me just driving slowly this gearbox is the sweetest gearbox of any car ever made and I include the 911 are in that now this thing is supposed to have a hundred and five horsepower and it’s supposed to weigh about seven of 90 kilograms well I’ve got Neil next to me so it’s a bit heavier than that at the moment but this one feels a bit lighter it’s griffey er and I think it has more than out of the five horsepower because it’s a right little rocket sled it has one of the best gear changes of any car ever made it’s short its precise the pedal box is just superb the grid it’s on Toyo triple Eight’s you just throw it in and it goes and you wring its neck and it reminds you why you always love driving you remember what it was like as a kid the other cities doing is light just off-center but as it loads up and as you put more and more load in your aren’t going to think I’m hanging on to that I’m hanging on many to the veins coming out in your forearms what’s a car look at that a that are there you’d be better off being a pedestrian in the crash than sitting inside this thing under 800 kilograms I mean Lotus is currently boasting about having made an Elise that’s heavier than this car and this is a hatchback and on this road here today you can have as much fun in this thing as you can any car built and it was 113 thousand pounds which is a lot for a very old french hatchback but in the context of how good it is to drive total bargain now I know it’s very easy for people in my position to say things like it stacks up against the very latest manual SuperDuper Porsche but anyway to try that out to test that theory to see whether I’m talking absolute bobbins is too yeah drive the latest greatest 911 with a manual gearbox I mean can you really step from a 100 horsepower per so built in 1991 into the latest greatest 911 and have a comparable driving experience I’m just made this thing feel utterly ridiculous I don’t know I suppose you have to do it to find out here we go then some 911 what does it feel like when you jump from that perch or straight into the greatest I’m old this car feels huge it feels heavy it feels big and it feels quite soft and this as well because that Persia is very stiff it also feels very very fast after the Peugeot in second gear this thing is rapidly fun it’s so fast that every time you go full-bore in second gear mental you have to move your hands towards the gear leaver because as you accelerate you’ll need third it’s a bit like a bike in that respect there they’re waiting for the gear and I suppose for those that wanna learn quickly that’s the reason for having a paddle shift car but for those of us that love driving that’s part of the excitement but a lot of time driving with one I’m the wheels like I’m Andy’s turn now on one under the wheel so I can grab food all the way so it’s good for the old upper body and what I will say is that everything’s happening at such a low speed and the peugeot compared to this thing I love this car but if you give it full be in second third go through the fourth quite quickly present the Persia you really armed the shift quality it’s it’s slicker than the per dose but it’s less mechanical the steering the steering in this car is great for a whole assist in and entering rack but compared to the unassisted rack in the Peugeot there’s no great sense of a weight building up of grip level through the front axle play that telepathic compared to this thing but done there’s the rear driven aspect amazing the shift quality it’s really good it’s better than the 997 generation GT cars that I felt we’re a bit a little bit notchy this is much liquor but the pojos lever is entirely mechanical you feel synchromesh speeding things up you can feel gears being accepted and rejected sometimes here this isn’t quite as direct it’s still great the steering I mean it’s a great rack for an electric assisted rag but it’s other sisters doing in the Persia which really does give you a sense of what’s going on underneath this is accurate but still nom in comparison and the engine the engine in this car is one woman the photos purchase is just a fun forceful endure this is this is as good as it gets but what’s really interesting is that up and down this road the Peugeot has a driving device holds its own it’s not as fast it’s nothing like is capable but it gets you a bit sweaty and it involves you in the process and it’s only as good as your inputs I think that on 11r deserves credit for that billions taken it’s taken the zeitgeist away from paddles and lap times and all that other bobbins and it’s just so enough you go on your own you can switch it off this is unquestionably one of the best cars I’ve driven in the last five years but if you brake driving down to the very basics to what your feet do when your hands do how your body reacts how you feel about the process a little Peugeot while it runs it quite close that’s ridiculous you

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