Chris Harris Drives… Best of Supercars: Ford GT, Lamborghini Huracan, 488 Pista

Chris Harris Drives… Best of Supercars: Ford GT, Lamborghini Huracan, 488 Pista


Supercars… the embodiment of performance driving machines. Sure, we love a kooky lightweight track special as much as anyone else, but the drama, performance and bedroom poster accreditation of supercars make them more intoxicating than anything else. So, here’s Chris Harris hammering a few of our favourites. Series 28: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. #ferrari #lamborghini #topgear

the Ford GT was designed as a race car and converted into a road car and that’s why it’s one of the most interesting machines on sale it’s complicated chassis features to spring sources at each corner ones a normal spring the other of torsion bar drop it onto track mode and you lock out the normal spring and have just the bar and the damper to work with and in this configuration it’s the lowest flattest and yet the most compliant supercar of them all it really is quite a trick the twin turbo v6 chess 60% of its components with an f-150 truck but it still offers 656 horsepower and 550 foot-pounds of torque gearbox is a 7-speed dual-clutch the structure is all carbon weight its 1,395 kilograms dry 0-60 takes less than three seconds and it’ll do 216 as an hour and yes there are assault so the Ford GT I haven’t done one of these in Europe yet not kill you’d say might be a bit small for um for this vehicle but now what I think it might be quite good so let’s see what it’s like Karam easily feels lower faster than just about anything else I’m doing man the engine is EcoBoost twin-turbo v6 I know everyone’s up in arms saying it should be a v8 but you drive it for it streets behind you and then it shoves the car of the road it’s such a lick you do think actually it doesn’t matter I miss nothing first few times you drive in suggests it’s going to be an animal but it just doesn’t right really both takes it off as candidates it’s just so flat and competent of course when you lower the suspension your friends we take the spring out of the equation its little torsion bar after that the limiting factor is the tire just the harder you drive it the more like a racecar and the more you curse which is still a great time the very special driving device this the ABS triggers you can turn the car in accurately leave it in third this time use that talk all right start this ride around the mid feels far racing yeah I like this I like this alone likes bright something right yes that is a special car now wonder what happens when we turn some of these bits and bobs off but some fast laps happens there oh yes and there’s another whole load of different personality hahahaha I love it worth the wait all of those months of waiting to have a go on it because it’s fantastic it’s the shotty that shines it really does you just can’t quite believe how capable it is oh yes oh yes well done fault well done multimatic spectacular car all you lucky kids you’ve got one enjoy it cool the brakes down I love all the controls on the steering wheel I love the funky cabin the driving position works so much better with time a book good support I’m low I love the moving pedals special car the Dodge Viper ACR is America’s Way of doing the fastest road legal track car imaginable the numbers alone are enough to make you choke on your Corvette zo6 645 horsepower and 650 pounds of torque from an 8.42 v10 around 1,500 kilograms 3 3 5 section rear tires and whopping 295 section fronts there are vast carbon ceramic brakes and fully adjustable Bilstein dampers and just look at the aero kit pocket next to a gt3 RS and its owner will need manhood counseling there are scoops and flicks and dive planes and the rear wing genuinely looks like it was robbed from a racing car it produces so much downforce the top speed is just 177 miles an hour and how much does all this cost or something around 140 thousand dollars but that doesn’t matter because it has a manual gearbox which means it’s a bargain a six hundred and forty five horsepower rear-wheel drive manual shifting high downforce body hard to think of anything more American and fight for a CR well Donald Trump make it in the Corvette I don’t think about that up here we have an eight point four liter v10 in one is physically not a very big car weighs 1,500 kilograms that’s 645 around 600 pounds of torque 911 gt3rs you just forget about it you really can this thing to another plane altogether I expect it to be the most agricultural trike imaginable and it’s not it’s up on its toes and it’s mega absolutely fantastic to drive and what’s more I’ve got this stick it’s a proper sports car it is a handful though all the adjustable bill point that perceive a trailer quite a lot of the handling yourself overseer wherever you want to add huge amounts of arrow quick into this turn you can really feel those thighs pains working you can feel the weight the racing car loosen up the brakes on it it shows once again that the Americans understand this stuff and I have the balls to make manual gearbox what you can do with it it’s sliding as well the man from America oh man says you can’t slide that car you know what this thing has got real real balance I think it’s fantastic I haven’t driven a vibe thing about 15 years but this one Wow and it feels bigger when you get it loaded up as well it just feels quite lovely heel-and-toe damn ships and then look you just pitch it in a bit and it’s a red ball amounts about six to an import all the way noise is a weak or inspirational but it’s pretty good the rest of it for the mummy well it’s half the price that what we were asking for DVRs and it’s different leaning as a tracker for me it’s one of the most imposing cars are driven in ages it’s absolutely fantastic why I know about this thing why hadn’t I driven it if you’re about to spend money on a gt3 RS to go try driving you need to drive one of these first wow what a think I’m gonna calm down for a minute now I’ve wants to drive on these for some time this is the Lamborghini Huracan perform on t think RS version of their smallest sports car now I’m not a big fan of the Huracan I think it’s pretty compromised but I think the ending is magnificent and for this version they’ve now got 640 horsepower from that v10 less weight special chassis faster gearbox stickier Corsa tyres from Pirelli and some active aerodynamics so this is very trick this is the car that broke the Prussian car luck record of the Nurburgring and it’s a Boxster let’s have one lap around it so it does the engine is magnificent ready ball so what’s it like around Knockhill this has technical circuit isn’t breaking gonna get it turned in three one miss my pegs a bit by don’t mind for dogs very helpful here a bit of understeer but then you can neutralize it with the gas pedal over this chicane is mega Li let it run traction control is intervening so what I’ve got is a chassis that is quite on the ground beginning of a pressure it understands I can on the exit I get a bit of oversteer I think I might actually switch everything off see if we can help ourselves a bit there I think we might have a bit more fun and we have no yes yes it is fast but not quite Porsche fast still feels fundamentally for wheel driven to me there is this just slow frustration that I can’t get the power down the way I want to but this is by far and away the best number I’ve driven in a long long time it’s more neutral bit of oversteer there on the exit can play with the throttle Abed it’s a breaking I think we can get this a bags yeah Roundy it’s that it’s a great engine it really is normally aspirated but if I was thrown away you can muscle the car and it’s a lot more fun than I’d expected but it still feels for diplomat does limit it slightly but yeah Lamborghini well duh show me you got a sense of humor well of all these small cars this is proper driver’s car and to make a proper driver’s car Lamborghini really has gone to town on the hurricane the most obvious change is that huge rear wing which works alongside an active Aero management system flaps can open in the front intake which alter the air flow and stall the rear wing for maximum speed then they can shut our maximum downforce for cornering working alongside a sticky Freddy quarter tire and another 30 horsepower that’s now 640 and all from that gorgeous normally aspirated v10 the improvement in lap time is remarkable just see the sub seven-minute lap record it set at the Nurburgring but this car is about much more than just lap times it reminds us that Lamborghini does care about driving as much as being seen in something outrageous look there is no better place to test the ability of your all-weather supercar than Bruntingthorpe in the UK it’s about two degrees and it’s raining horizontally as you can see we are going to attempt to have a drag race in these three magnificent cars and this will end in one of two ways either it’ll be a perfect demonstration of their all-weather ability or it will be the most expensive crash to happen in the UK this year let’s try it bear with us we might have to adapt to the conditions I’ve been lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit apprehensive about this there’s only one of the vehicle today here and that’s it’s an amphibious vehicle which is fitting really the surface is flooded the NSX is full wheel drive and it’s very good in the rain as I already know however it’s using Pirelli PZero Trofeo our tires yes they don’t really shift any water and it’s flooded so let’s give this a go and see if the new NSX can take care of an Audi r8 v10 plus a 911 turbo off the line I just know what’s going to happen let’s see straight line I think I think but abort and see if it drives out of it in the meantime well top it’s good skidding weather let’s go do some skeet I never cease to be amazed by the NSA it’s good on paper it should be an arcade game and no fun at all and yet when you drive it it’ll do this sort of stuff all day long which is just amazing fun it’s got lovely balance talk to each other it makes a great noise it’s incredibly fast you just think it’s a real triumph of a car and you can get a bit lost in the fact that it’s not as clever as an AI age and it doesn’t have enough electric range on its own just enjoy for what it is one of the cleverest sports cars ever made and the chassis well you kind of need these conditions for it to show you what he can do let’s go into a little an S bendy thing here you can see a bit of what he can do because you can play with it you can use the brakes to train a bit doing third gear and just oh yes a bit more oversteer here and then in the way out look I mean it’s wonderful fun and on the road you can slack in the dampers off and it’s all supple and refined then on the track you can stiffen it up quite why Andra delivered the car on Trofeo are tires given it’s four degrees outside and the middle of a hurricane I don’t know but I suppose it teaches us that the thing is very very capable even in ropey conditioners the engine is superb I think rev seven and a half loads of power loaded sauk not too laggy and some people can play about the pipe noise in the cabin not for me sounds great sounds like an NSX gearbox a little bit slower than the very best from Porsche and Ferrari but you know still pretty damn good you shouldn’t be able to do that in your hybrid super sports car should you and I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again this thing feels very mini Porsche 918 to me sure you can say anything nicer about carbon that with three electric motors helping it’s 500 horsepower twin turbo v6 the NSX has 581 horsepower and 476 foot-pounds of torque it weighs around 1,800 kilograms it’s the only hybrid here and is way more complicated than the other two only the front electric motors powered the front axle price is a tickle under 140,000 pounds down sides cabin bits ordinary seat too high paddles feel like they’re a cheap game console add-on and I know it’s a bit boring there’s nowhere to put stuff in the cabin tiny door pocket nothing back here at all I think one a daily basis I’ll get quite fed up with that otherwise I’d really like one I think it’s cool it surprised at how sharp it looks compared to the are a parking exit the RA alright doesn’t look too clever actually this looks much much sharper to my eyes but then look at the co don’t worry I’m clearly on the aesthetic thing any help to me because I’m the eternal optimist it looks a little bit another drag race and see if we can um yes not have massive sideways in a straight line can you go sideways in a straight line simply proved you can seconds out round two I haven’t outs up to the r8 and we’ll see if we can get this drag race done weathers horrendous ambient temperature has risen to six degrees standing water a little less but it’s still quite flooded do I fancy it in the r8 what massively Bing mid-engined but it’s coming better than that and it’s excellent affairs isn’t it true failures in this weather you’re that it’s amazing we live in a time where streetcars sound better than racing cast because streetcars can have fancy valves that open you can make more noise on the road than you can under a circuit that sounds really good all-city what is the least offensive of the line and it’s still way too wet this moves around all over the place that porch yeah do you know what to wear to wear let’s use this as an excuse to go and do some sliding around why not because we know that this is a great car for slide around traction control off manual who cares about drag races let’s exercise those arms a bit the way this thing rats that’s balanced in a mid-engine car this one’s not got the silly dynamic steering which I have to say it proves the car dramatically over the one that I drove earlier in the year it is possible to construct an argument by the r8 based on the engine alone 610 horsepower literally that is just wonderful 8,500 rpm it is the finest sounding engine here and it reminds us why normally aspirated remains the best it might not be the most effective it might have been the very fastest but wow what a thing yes adding plus to an r8 gives you 610 horsepower 413 foot-pounds of torque and nearly 200 kilograms less than the Honda it’s one of the last normally aspirated cars of its type and it sounds stunning the gearbox is a dual clutch unit like the other two and yellow is definitely the color this one doesn’t have the dynamic steering thankfully on the road you can slack in the dabble off to make it comfortable you can keep it firm you can configure this thing to do pretty much anything some people will love that for me it’s just too much there is too much to change on the car there are Drive select buttons here there are different modes down here it takes about a day to find your preferred set of settings and I just wish there were fewer of them otherwise Wow Wow third time lucky it’s still a bit flooded a horrible day however I think we can do something now and I’m in the car of choice have been a bit shaky and that the one I’m gonna record and say is the drag race involves me being in the 911 Turbo because it’s just the best one off the line isn’t it rear engined four-wheel drive talk it’s the weapon of choice so let’s see if we can’t make this win somehow here we go this is the baby nine on one turbo and as such offers just 550 horsepower and 524 foot-pounds and at under 1600 kilograms it’s the lightest of the three it has rear seats and a huge boot and unlike the Audi it won’t quite crack 200 miles an hour and to my eyes yellow here is not the color it’s very hard to think of what’s actually wrong about the 911 it’s just so good I mean how can you do that in a 911 Turbo these things are supposed to be spiteful and horrible but they’re not they’re helpful and they’re easier drive and and it’s also very easy to criticize the turbo as being a little bit boring and lifeless and soulless but if you want some sold in another three that’s a bit shout here this is the discerning every man’s 911 that’s what I love about it you can live with one of these every single day I have done several times and they’re just really in cars on a day like today I’m not really feeling very flamboyant I just feel like I want to be locked away in a room with a warm fire and that reason I think this is just the car of the day I think it’s just remarkable thing so competent in these conditions and it’s not even the s it took care of the Francey r8 and it’s not even the s model and it’s the nicest one to slide if I had to drive to London now it’s one I’d choose to go and if I had the lapis circuit it’s the one I choose to be in there is something about that NSX though the NSX feels almost experimental and special than the r8 v the engine which one’s a winner how I don’t know the British whether that’s the winner the British winner it’s 12 minutes past 2:00 in the afternoon and it’s virtually dark anyone watching this in California go and have a smoothie or am I just have how lucky you are bloody fool no no no close that close that I can’t keep up I’m in a nanosec so I can’t keep up the Gulf the 570 GT is really the baby but can’t know they do the 540 with the lower power output but this is sort of the GT car they say it’s the more come for orientated easy access to pay and you think that to open up race circuit then you realize that even the slowest McLaren is an absolute monster on a circuit I mean this is easily gt3 RS performance and it’s effortless it’s just so capable and this 500 series of cars the Sport Series MacLaren’s is also just a bit more analogue without the cross-linked hydraulic suspension it does feel a bit more normal it’s so cheerful and agile it is so really really small chassis phalluses live understeer a bit more than you’d expect honestly but you can get through it quite quickly and then the car just before the middle the corner cut gets up with its toes and allows you to choose between the front and the back pushing with basically your right foot you can wallop it over curbs it rides beautifully the steering at first feels a little bit light but then you do get the very good sense of where you are on the circuit power massive I mean this is the type of car that you take a passenger for a ride and then afterwards you tell them that’s the slow one and they go you want they make a faster one than that yeah I think it’s really really impressive and it’s playful as well it’s got good grip but it’s not all about allows and the car is moving around of it in a way that my charity this is McLaren showing it hazards uber it’s fun brakes Stella’s just on steel brace for the leader than Accord miss the engine is a little bit laggy but you know what my quite like the lag eNOS of these McLaren engines I think it adds the character its turbocharging why not flaunt it you know how to be ashamed of it okay so I’ve turned it all off now boy is this a playful car when you switch it all off open differential which I still don’t think is necessarily the most fun solution but you can really throw it around you can just throw into these faster corners and it’s not to griffey it’s just right it really is so much fun I mean again you drive it think why would you need all of this it’s crazy fast but it’s also got this sort of sense of just drips from the whole package I have to say I really really enjoy and the fact that it is the softer car to the 570s doesn’t really affect it for me and then there’s you know decided to the looks I think it looks better as a GT I think that that rear deck is so smooth subjective I know it’s a bit more practical why wouldn’t you have it and give us the on-road comfort island thing really compromise is that the track performance it’s not a track I know is it oh yeah enjoyed that combined Chris next I didn’t so it was a road based car on the track it outperformed itself it’s so far beyond what you think it should do given they’ve taken grip out given they’ve made it a bit softer and given that it’s supposed to be the least powerful or one of the least powerful mccarran’s out there it’s outrageously fast and gone burden on the road then yeah McLaren have got this road thing licked in a way that I think perhaps Ferrari and Porsche are struggling to match them there’s just a suppleness to this car that is missing okay it doesn’t quite have that otherworldly feel that you get in the the Super Sport series the 650s and now the 720 where the cross-linked hydraulic suspension gives you a ride comfort that’s actually bets that the folks are in BMWs and then can throw support at any corner it wants to it doesn’t feel like that but it’s still low just like and there’s a reason for that a load of people from Lotus well that used to work at Lotus develop this car that’s why it feels Lotus like but there’s more to it than that there’s the approachability and the lack of intimidation you sit so far forward the scuttle is so low and the visibility around you is incredible especially in this GT model but that big glass rear screen I mean it feels like a hatchback doesn’t feel like a sports car at all and when it’s not intimidating you can push and enjoy it you feel comfortable with the proximity of other stuff you know you know you’re surrounding the car is I think that’s so important the driving position is well it’s just superb although this car for some reason every time you start it won’t remember where your seat position walls have spent 10 minutes faffing about the ergonomics are the cabin well they’re pretty good the iris system if you’re patient with it works fine steering wheel dashboard I really like that the electric seat buttons are in about the worst place imaginable and I do like the fact that when you want to turn everything off now you just press a couple of buttons rather than hold your left testicle tweak your right earlobe and say wibble because it was so complicated before and it’s cozy and small and it’s practical okay that really doesn’t really do much in the space behind you isn’t huge but the bonnet at the Front’s big and there’s plenty of places sort of stop stuff around here so how do you make a more comfortable touring version of the 570s well you saw from the front springs 15% and there is 10% you slow the steering 2% and remove the sticky Cotter tires and fit some normal peasy rows then you add a glass rear decklid and trim the inside space with leather even if it’s not really very big there’s more sound deadening inside more dead cow in the main cabin and that brings a 37 kilogram weight penalty but this thing is still 911 turbo fast and that’s because as the name suggests it has a 3.8 liter twin-turbo v8 with 570 horsepower and 443 foot-pounds of torque it’ll hit 62 miles an hour in 3.4 seconds and 204 miles an hour flat-out it weighs just 1,350 kilograms because of that carbon tub and this is the bit that fries my brain it’s the second slowest car McLaren Bills downsides but there aren’t many really this car though is a hundred ninety-nine thousand pounds as tested it’s a lot less than that about 45,000 pounds less that list a lot of extras 29 grams worth of carbon pack to start with I wouldn’t bother with that I’d have it as cheap as chips and just enjoy of what it is it’s 200 grand it struggles it at the list price this is bang-on it really is so special and in this turquoisey color people respond to it really really well they let you out of junctions it makes people happy it’s not a big Hey look at me super cards a bit smaller I think people think it’s a lotus when they see it that’s probably a compliment what a lovely thing to be in not too noisy Thai noises good wind noise is good you cruise along at the legal limit and by being innocent so what I have this over a five 70s yes it would I like the way it drives and I like the way it looks there you go this is my pick of this particular macaron range I think this is the 570 model for me actually I don’t miss the esses sharpness on the road and I love the GT styling it’s still fantastic on road and track and it really does make you wonder why you’d ever need anything faster I’ve arrived here Fiorano home of Ferrari and I’m in a cynical mood people because I just don’t see what you do with the 720 horsepower 480 because the normal cars already got so much power it bends your face and this is a track version but who wants to go to a track in the car that’s worth two hundred fifty thousand pounds I believe you dig a wheel or go through a gravel trap it costs a fortune so I’m wondering whether the Ferrari special edition special series mid-engine car is just getting ahead of itself does the world need a 720 horsepower for a tape for track use I don’t know and then you come to fear unknown of course you then drive the thing oh and it is on the road and you think okay I’ll part of the cynicism for a minute let’s just enjoy the car because this thing it’s alive it’s up on its toes it’s responsive and it’s so fast it’s brutally fast all the while it’s managing the torque delivery of that monstrous turbocharged v8 and the speed around here I’ve just spent the weekend racing a gt3 car this feels twice as fast it’s really revving out as well the talk pkers at six 750 like a standard car but there’s so much less inertia is you’ll now realize from the tech parts of the video that it really does feel like it spools up quicker it feels more normally aspirated the tyre grip levels a good front to rear interestingly they’ve not gone for a super sticky Michelin this care ated Pilot Sport cup 2 is it’s quite street in its feel so those expect them to set stupid lap times with sticky rubber might be disappointed but you know what the balance of Road track I’m sure it’s the correct decision but for me this is the turbocharged engine I always wish before a day to happen I don’t really feel that it’s turbocharged except the fact that now and again it releases crazy amounts of torque and the see off subtraction managing myself but if you put it in race it just come out of a corner full beans if you’re an inexperienced driver there’s never been a Ferrari that’s as helpful as this and so within the space of two minutes I’ve gone from cynical grumpy pants to this is rather wonderful but does that to you though this place and these cars what’s really interesting is that the more power these manufacturers extract from these supercharged engines the more the limit of the vehicle becomes the mechanical rip the tire and what they end up with is a driving experience that’s curiously old-fashioned because you’re managing the amount of grip that you’ve got at the back of the car really as is traditional one of us turned everything off you happen to see what happens here so we get on the gas and immediately it’s always predictable balanced yeah steering’s just the right to be pretty as they are these days but just let it move out a bit here I mean it’s so much talk but even on a half throttle the car is moving around everywhere the pink is mid slide nonchalantly think of the electronics going on to manage that this brake pedal feel they’ve really gone to town on the brakes and it does feel like a racecar pedal it’s got that lovely solidity to it ultimately it doesn’t feel super grippy because you’re always overcoming the grip with the power it’s really lovely I love the way the engine revs out that inconel exhaust gives us a bit of sound it’s a big step off on a 488 a big step particularly in terms of the feel I don’t care about the raw numbers the fact that it’s faster below the gas it’s a much nicer car to drive primarily because of the step on and the engine for me it’s just got better response less inertia it feels more normally aspirated another trick is that on the overrun on a downshift the engine is producing what the engineers called greater negative torque from the best double negative lever effectively it’s adding inertia it’s trying to add drag so that when you’re going through a heavy break with a damn shift everything’s contributing to that braking performance and getting the weight towards the front of the car it’s a clever thing but would you really go and Fang it around a track day this is the frustration with these cars so many of these are going to be sitting in garages being boasted about by the owners yeah I got one of those I get the SPECIAL serious cars cuz I’m I’m a big dog I don’t care go on drive it dude or do this whoever you may be you can’t make stuff this good to drive and then treat it as an inanimate object I think they should make that a crime in it the pista doesn’t use a tweaked GTB motor instead it runs the unit from the phoretic Challenge race car this means a new cooling system new intakes and exhaust and many internal changes too it also means 720 horsepower and 568 foot-pounds of torque there’s a 90 kilogram weight reduction and claimed increases in downforce at both axles carbon fiber wheels are an option and the latest electronic chassis aids allow the variable locking differential to communicate with the brakes to create even better direction changes the interior is mostly four five eight which means it’s nearly ten years old now and frankly looks it the wheel doesn’t adjust quite enough and the sheer quantity of different materials and textures makes you wonder what Italian for hot pot is but no matter this is a car for driving Ferrari says this is a track car but despite being optimized for circuit use we know that most pieces will spend their time meet the sing about slowly on the public highway so let’s tell you what it’s like to drive on the road I want to dislike it but a car because it’s very very good first of all the engine I think anyone that’s driven a 488 GTB will know that I think it’s so close to greatness but there’s something missing at the top-end an urgency because it’s turbocharged and everything seems to sort of get very quickly the six and a half thousand rpm and then Plateau this one keeps going that’s for two reasons one larger internals those titanium con rods and all the other lighter bits inside from the challenge engine really do make it spool up faster it feels just feels lighter all the internals you get the sense of lighter bits of metal moving around and the other bit is the way they’ve calibrated the last few rpm before the rev limiter cuts in at about 8,000 rpm whereas the floor rotate had a soft limiter to just protect the engine from blowing yourself to fish this one’s more aggressive you can pretty much get all the way and it doesn’t it doesn’t sort of taper a cut it just gets there and stops that really helps so there’s now more of a reason to go higher in the rev range suspension but you know what Ferraris remarkably unkind to talk about things by springs and dampers and roll bars these days so much of what it achieves appears to be through electronics the spring is a bit stiffer than the four eight eight the vamp Ian is the same but recalibrated to work with everything else the diff is the same it’s electronic but again different calibration and the roll bars they’re the same apparently according to the engineer in charge roll bars don’t really matter these days yes you need them but they don’t really matter amazing what really makes the car stand out for me is the fact that bumpy road button absorbs really quite bumpy roads the front of the car is superb this k2 branded michelin pilot sport is amazing on the road it must be the best street tire I’ve driven that has track credentials so the front of the car is amazing you just wing the wheel as hard and fast as you want the car turns but is a big advantage over a d2 RS because the gt2 RS just can’t quite match that on the road that sort of flick it between your wrists enjoy the Italian countryside feel and then when you open it up this thing is a sniff sniff slower than a Ferrari in a straight line nought 225 miles an hour in 7 1/2 seconds say that again seven and a half seconds whoo gearbox identical to the GT be fast with even faster the program gearshift the downshift are hilariously quick in almost feels like a pneumatic race gear change up shifts superb can’t fault any of that so what’s wrong with it the interior just looks old and rubbish to my eyes now I may be wrong and it might be subjective but there are so many different materials that looks like you’ve been to the haberdashery department it Don Luis we just grabbed a little random materials and just thrown them at the car there’s just colors and textures and fabrics and all this is all a bit old and too familiar and yeah I don’t get it the ergonomics are a bit crazy as well the driving position it’s good you sit low but I can never quite get the wheel right and this seat is meanly padded the manteno switch that looks old as well I’m ready for the next generation of Ferrari cabins and frankly it’s also quite a nun device you know the steering doesn’t really give you much the brake pedal with this more firmer response it’s good but again quite dead it’s a car that you feel your way into but you have to take some leaps at times just to get there because you don’t get much reassurance from the controls and on the road if you turn the traction control off this drives and this is the really weird thing in 2018 this drives like a late 50s sports racer what we now have our performance cars where the gap between the engines potential and the tire technology it’s ever-widening meets they’re doing a fantastic job to try and keep up or they just can’t they just can’t with these huge power and torque increases and that means if you turn it off half of throttle will break traction 1/3 sometimes maybe less and it is lit you like driving a Jaguar e-type in the way I love it the car dances around you can play with it the speeds are quite high and I’m not sure that in 2018 people want to see supercars coming out roundabouts sideways on the public highway so maybe it’s a pista maybe it does just belong on the circuit because it’s so fast that’s the only place you can use it it’s entirely usable on the road the rides good it’s a bit noisy with that Bhoomi inconel exhaust but it’s got a good high fly it’s not that much less comfortable than a GTB maybe I don’t know five ten percent who cares you could use it every day if you wanted to but to not use its performance would be such a shame and there’s one other thing this and the new gt2 RS are making me wonder whether the phrase laughs the normally aspirated which is so often now applied to the values of cars that are going up stratospherically because they’re the last atmospheric engines I wonder whether these are killing that feeling because this is so good this engine is so fine but I’m not sure especially it’s suddenly going to earth loads of money because I think this is a step beyond it just about everything it does and it sounds good too it revs out so maybe the last anomaly aspirated thing might soon be over because these turbo engines are just not only so effective but somewhat fun to use food for thought

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