Chris Harris Drives… Retro: Ferrari 250LM, Mini Cooper S, Alfaholics GTA-R

Chris Harris Drives… Retro: Ferrari 250LM, Mini Cooper S, Alfaholics GTA-R


This time Harris is behind the wheel of some old timers…. kind of. With these beautiful restomods and recreations, they’re not necessarily as old as their beautiful looks suggest.In the mix is a Ferrari 250LM going around Goodwood, the near-£200k Alfaholics GTA-R, and a recreation of the Bugatti Type 35. Not a bad showing then, eh? Series 28: The Online Geneva Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

now you all know what singer is or what singer is the Porsche you know bollocks GTA our is the Alfa Romeo for is this special this is one of the treats of 2017 to me I’ve known about it for a while flowers driven one this is driving at it very best this is essential driving in there 2.3 liter four-cylinder motor 240 horsepower 830 kilograms I’m getting hot bothered because it’s just fantastic this guy’s based on a 1967 1300 GT jr. and then it’s been turned into a kind of GTA a large but with a long last way is what have carbon doors everything’s been mainlines at eight hundred thirty kilograms for crying out loud and it’s expensive 190 the driving experience absolutely spanks our family about seven Grif is great Yokohama tired the breakaway is lovely it’s what you do is you can either pull these little slides the cars natural cornering behavior is turning a bit of understeer get on the gas you get these little August is one that you basically control them that’s between way through and it just feels were magnificent it’s so well-balanced and as hold is my third you want to make it move around more while you can going beyond MA I take them you’ll injection couple bodies what a special thing Wow yeah take me away what a thing haha you don’t have to spend a hundred ninety grand you can have less calm a little more happy but where I’m sitting you can afford it the whole hog this is my infant fun so competent but it’s only one everyone their father sports car should have to drive I got a sweat on for all the right reasons alcoholics that all west country based operation or out for specialists well you’ve excelled yourself device the car is built down in the West Country in Clevedon taking a step front Alfa GT junior as a cost-effective base alpha holics effectively creates its dream spec GT a balancing new technology but the need for the cars dynamics to remain true to the original the shell is strengthened and seam welded carbon doors and a bonnet are fitted and the most basic interior – there’s a full roll cage and you can’t have air conditioning but without it this thing weighs just 830 kilograms that’s not much more than a 205 GTI but the / – doesn’t have a 2.3 litre 240 horsepower twin cam motor running on throttle bodies that can Rev beyond 7000 rpm the suspension is similarly sexy with titanium top which bones and everything operated to cope with a set of performance figures that of some way beyond a period GTA brakes a 300 millimeter front 2 6 7 millimeters of the rear with no server is doing the assistant – and there’s a lobbying diff don’t cuddle 15-inch wheels have been designed to look just like the original 14s this is driving as its most basic and its most intense and it’s equally joyous on the road the fuelling is so good it pulls from way down low the noise is gorgeous you’re not people just love the way it looks owners of modern fast cars might not be so positive though I reckon this thing would take care of many of 2017 s fastest cars when you might say that four hundred and ninety thousand plus taxes birdie-bird should but this is one of the most enjoyable cars I’ve ever driven offered me this or the current crop of two hundred thousand pounds supercars and I wasn’t hesitate in taking the alcoholics machine it’s a little piece of genius it’s September so it must be Goodwood Revival time I didn’t think the revival was actually going to happen this year because Gary Pearson had sent me a single text message earlier in March and simply saying do you fancy doing it in a 250 LM and that couldn’t possibly be real could it but it was the car is not a completely original LM it has some original bits but it is an exact recreation we managed a small amount of testing the week before and knew that the spot having possibly the best chassis on the grid we’d struggle against some of the better develop machinery on the grid but who cares Goodwood is the best weekend of the year and the chance to drive Ferraris gorgeous mid-engine racer was more than enough for me it’s Saturday morning the sun’s out yesterday was biblical rain this is the second qualifying session for the RAC TT in which I’m driving a 250 LM Ferrari I’m pinching myself so let’s see what happens yesterday in the rain Gary Pearson has stuck its second out of all the cars which I think is probably a bit above par for us today in the dry the power of the Cobras might come through so I’m hoping top 10 it might be a bit outside that anything in the top 10 if the races have inclement tomorrow we are in with a chance Goodwood is looming as usual this was a 30-minute session and being dry would determine the grid positions Gary went first and only just slipped out of the top ten at the end I jumped in and got stuck in a cure cars rather nasty of cars as you can see it took me a couple of laps to clear the two in front and get some spaces at a time whereupon one of the biggest talking points of the weekend occurred and in you’re in the beautiful 64 GTO tried to get past me into wood Kerr just as I had passed a Corvette he avoided the back of my car for which I thank him but ended up in the tyres I don’t like seeing beautiful machinery damaged but the accusation that I read under braking is answered by this onboard shot as you the wheel and the front that I was simply taking the same line I take every lap and the data showed I braked it exactly the same point if you don’t brake there in a 250 LM you end up in the grandstand not something I want to do I managed a 128 Dave which left us 15 out of 20 9 cars on the grid the car was at a peach we just didn’t have the power to match the Jags and the Cobras so this is the 250 LM a mid-engine racing coupe a with a 3.3 liter 320 horsepower v12 it has double wishbones all round a straight cut 5-speed gearbox an inboard rear disc brakes it is gorgeous to drive little understeer to begin with but adjustable enough to allow the driver those delicious slides on the exit of each corner the LM was the last Ferrari to win them all 1965 come race day the weather threatened and teased and a decent shower 30 minutes before the start had us all grinning so it is race time we’re already running on about yes but it’s now just waiting a dry race is a change we have another spring good surprises in a car but if we don’t I think we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re going to struggle back what a way to struggle about half way to get into hunt so let’s hope for a top 15 finish and a good beer of the holding panic before the race is just fantastic not many places where David Rich’s Ogle’s your racing car and Richard adword talks about what Nolan was Lights drive back in the day Gary took the stock immediately first off as well then he had a top dice with the list to Causton Cooper before pity I came back out xiii managed to get past a few cars and finally had the chance to get a rhythm in the LM which was about as good as driving guess so his a decent lack of good wood on board in a 250 LM it was all going swimmingly up to ninth when I was following a Cobra which had to break hard into no name and all I could do to avoid it but we recovered got my cast a few more cars and crossed the line eventually insane if you don’t for a seventh week before we bit who never thought he’d see a 250 LM let alone sitting one or slide one around Goodwood Wow for a car that’s the best of in place ever yeah it’s just a joy better grab it it crunches a weapon had it right if you had a shear on for a day and a friend offered you a drive-in his type 35 replica you’d say yes to look I just wanted to see the two cars together and I’ve never driven an old Bugatti these are built by a company called pur sang and they are quite stunning recreations that is a remarkable driving experience my first squirt we taught how to drive it by the owner pedals are conventional clutch brake throttle that’s a gear lever that’s the rear brake lever front brakes are on the pedal down there could you have two more different driving experiences in one day on the one hand it feels totally antiquated and old obviously because it is but then you imagine back the 1930s it must have been totally state-of-the-art and the quality and the size it’s just a beautiful piece of engineering they were just lightyears ahead weren’t they at the time this is a demonstration of the turbo gasps he’s genius I now understand what it’s all about he was kind of a pre-war Colin Chapman wasn’t he everything’s pared back and light but it it almost looks and feels more like a a high-quality Swiss walk than it does a car beautiful I’m gonna drive it some more to understand it and maybe even then try and drive and talk at the same time which could result in a massive accident but what a way to go where our teachers and hate Bill’s wife quit today whatever by the hospital but in terms of we provide that money leadership look separate brightly lit away woman State the songs that we’re at Goodwood it’s a test day for the Betty Richmond trophy I’m racing one of Nick Swift’s amazing minis I’ve seen these things on circuits for years this is the man himself you know when you see a mini going mental round Goodwood it’s him he makes them as well as well as drives them beautifully Nick first of all tell me a bit about this race well the Betty Richmond trophies celebrating the 60 years of Minnesota 60th anniversary and originally it was a race for 30 minutes and then all of a sudden they were decided to make it open it up for 60 minutes two heats for 30 cars and the top 15 of each goes through to define and on Sunday so and it’s gonna be why my first ever car was a mini all of my fire behavior in my formative years in minis but I haven’t driven one well for 25 years it’s how much power it’s about 130 horsepower so it’s roughly got two and a half times the power of my first mini hat so it taught me through the spec of the car engine engine 33 cc quite a reveal it’ll motor you know we’re about eight to eight and a half thousand revs as a maximum obviously four-speed gearbox limits diff twin inch and a half s use perfect for me when I was 18 that was the equivalent of a night with Heidi Klum’s I was Michelle Pfeiffer for a night so twin one and rfsu what about BSU’s so so obviously with the twin su carburetors we have to use the side cooling radiator which is really inefficient obviously and I would have been better to have it there but yeah that’s the way that it was done and we spend it Swift to an awful lot of time and effort on these engines you know he’s all very well and good getting 130 horsepower but then you’ve got to keep it together yeah you know so how many hours what in-race hours yeah before a rebuild we’re talking about 10 or 12 hours I mean that’s that’s I know I know even if I’m not I’m celebrating it I love the fact you’ve taken the humble mini and turned into something that’s just so precise the big key feature obviously running on them a little tiny 10 inch wheels yeah obviously means we’ve got a little tiny brakes as well yeah you know but with new modern technology of better brake pads and things better Coney shock-absorbers keep the ride nice and stiff how much it weigh their homologated it’s 620 kilos so 6 20 kilos 125 horsepower do the math I mean that is well beyond a sort of late 80s hot hatch I’m it’s different gravy isn’t it yeah so but they think it’s about caller speed for us yeah I mean our top speed is only like 120 miles an hour that’s it but our average lap here is over 90 miles an hour so you got to think you know we’ve got a second gear chicane here and you’ve got to get through that and still keep your average speed up at over 90 miles an hour okay so the racing they’re going to be closely matched aren’t they there’s not much in it in power but yeah the front of the back of the grid yes where you know it would take under the brakes upside down inside out any way you can get I think it’s going to be lively I think it’s gonna be Lively I think boys okay I think the place to watch is it this you came you know the grandstand seats there they’re going to be in for a special treat what we’re going to do some testing see what it’s like to drive I had some smiling because my my dear mummy used to race one of these and she sadly passed away last week so I’m gonna drive in the spirit of my mum she used to race one and I just cannot wait because I’ve watched you irritate people for years and now I get to be that irritation so before qualifying there was lots of standing around pretending to be 60s cool and mostly failing apart from the minis which just looked high school there’s something so right about an early mustache grilled Cooper s and the dark green works inspired livery of the car I was racing what it looked perfect as you can see on a gearbox troubling qualifying there was a technical issue largely because of a change to the gearbox spec by the race organisers late in the week I was effectively trying to select reverse without realizing it and then I buzzed the motor meaning the brilliant factory mini mechanics over from Germany had to replace a few valves sorry about that guys so I was already on the back foot ready I wasn’t going to finish much higher than fifth in the race even if I went camicazi right while still quiet come and have a look at this beautiful beautiful mini in classic Cooper livery look about almost seems a shame to race it but it is a racing car so race it we shall it’s all a bit quiet now but look how many there are many other points down there point on there minis as far as the eye can see all the way down there mega are they so yeah we’ll do we cap qualifying not as successful as I’d of hope but a bit of a gearbox issue and then the high creative engine issues will just brush that to one side after saying that the BMW beanie mechanics have been out so I’m eleventh of the grid I need to come 15th or higher to make it into the final tomorrow that’s our main goal so hopefully I’m a bit out of position but I might not because other people might have had problems with their gearbox season too so really it’s all to play for not quite sure I’ve got new rears on need to scrub those interminably that on the rocket on the green flag lap but we’re here to have fun so for heat to my race I had a good start Nick passed a couple and then just tried to tuck into the pack and see what madness occurred sure enough there were many scattered around some Mary’s so I made a few places there but I got mugged on the last lap and ended up seven still it was proper fun the most important thing is we qualified for the final started 11th got to seventh so I’m hoping that means that we’re in good close races it was a bit Larry and I had to get a bit racier than I wanted to it honest with you but managed to hold on at the end I got mugged by two guys into a wood cut but okay the toe effect is really big here so I need to remember that for tomorrow that’s something I learned today was that you have to drive a lot Cajun racing to get in the tow but that was really good fun there is nothing better than Bruce guy end of the day good Bruce having a good bit of wheel to wheel racing so I’m happy that I got a fine an of blackcurrants lemonade I started the farm in 14th place no chance of a podium but time to settle in and enjoy some close racing here’s some of the best dicing I enjoy it’s actually quite difficult to be hard-nosed and racy when you’re laughing so much so how do you drive a mini fast around Goodwood well let me talk you through a lap so you come over the start/finish line in 4th gear in a mini at Goodwood and then would you believe it term 1 magic you don’t break a repeat you don’t break you move to the outside of the circuit lift off and use that rotation to get the car through and then just smash the throttle open use the locking differential to get yourself down to four water as soon as possible it’s a ridiculous really it never feels quite right to me then you power down through four water and on towards no-name the cars getting loose everywhere lighter the steering Corrections into no-name again you just lift you don’t break you carry the momentum through treat it as a king into third gear and then through some Mary’s and you got a lovely sense of the car running into that bowl using the grip stay in third and then all the way outs the left-hand side second gear will happen for me smashed throttle open used that locking differential to drag you out of the corner into third and eighth trying to make the circuit as short as possible not always the same lines you take in a big fast Jaguar or a Ferrari now firing down the backstraight the speeds are outrageous it’s doing 120 miles an hour in a mini and you break 100 meters maybe 150 I’m sure next risk breaking later and then it’s just managing a bit of liftoff over steer if it would cut the two apex is there bang bang and then breaking hard down into the chicane second gear get as close as you can bit of rotation waggle the hips to help wiggle the thing back out in the correct direction and over the line again it’s a dog gearbox but you use the clutch there’s a little mini the racing was closed but once I lost the gaggle of cars I was enjoying some mutual slipstreaming with I had to settle for eleventh after a last corner over take out at the front and frankly in the class of their own were Nick Patmore and Nick Swift they diced all race and then Swift saw his chance and took the victory the Betty Richmond was supposed to be a one-off for this year’s members meeting but the racing was so good and the minis were so popular I somehow think we might be seeing the same again at next year’s members meeting that was interesting I didn’t quite have the grunt I needed I’ll take a look like a car off what an experience though they slide around so much really good fun enjoyed every second of it need to do some more mini racing means a proper little racing cars I’m gonna miss they sawed about the interior trim falling off never had a good dice and it was lots of fun lots of these things are mega 130 horsepower 600 kilograms do the maths maybe next time hey maybe next time

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