Chris Harris Drives The Alfaholics GTA-R 290

Chris Harris Drives The Alfaholics GTA-R 290


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now you all know what a singer is well what singer is – Portia no bollocks GTA our is the Alfa Romeo for is this special this is one of the treats of 2017 to me I’ve known about this for a while now and driven one this is driving at its very best this is essential driving and back no servo on the brake no passengers there 2.3 liter four-cylinder motor 240 horsepower 830 kilograms I’m getting hot bothered because it’s just fantastic this guy’s based on a 1967 1300 GT jr. and then it’s been turned into a kind of GTA a large but with a lot less weight it’s what have carbon doors everything’s been mein lighter thirty kilograms for crying out loud and it’s expensive 190 grand plus the vodka and tonic or I’m fitting the drama experience absolutely Spanx up for the money Wow listen to that engine red for my 72 Grif is great Yokohama Tire breakaway is lovely so what you do is you can either pull these little slides the cars from natural cornering behavior is to turn in a bit of understeer get on the gas you get these little ogres things like that you basically control them about that much turn a lock that’s the queen way through and it just feels were magnificent it’s so well balanced and as hold these bodies third for him you want to make it move around more while you can going beyond my my taxes you’ll injection couple bodies what a special thing Wow yeah take me away what a fake you don’t have to spend a hundred ninety grand you can have less carbon and what-have-you but where I’m sitting you can afford it the whole hog this is my infant fun so competent but it’s only month everyone they’re providing modern sports I should have to drive I got a sweat on for all the right reasons alcoholics that all west country based operation that are out for specialists well you’ve excelled yourself the car is built down in the West Country in Clevedon taking a step front alpha GT junior as a cost-effective base alpha holics effectively creates its dream spec GT a balancing new technology but the need for the cars dynamics to remain true to the original the shell is strengthened and seam welded carbon doors and a bonnet are fitted and the most basic interior – there’s a full roll cage and you can have air conditioning but without it this thing weighs just 830 kilograms that’s not much more than a 205 GTI but the perta doesn’t have a 2.3 litre 240 horsepower twin cam motor running on throttle bodies that can graph beyond 7,000 rpm the suspension is similarly sexy with titanium top with bones and everything operated to cope with it so to performance figures that are some way beyond a period GT a breaks a 300 millimeter front to 600 millimeters in the rear with no server the steering’s an assistant – and there’s a locking diff those clever 15 inch wheels have been designed to look just like the original 14s this is driving at its most basic and its most intense and it’s equally joyous on the road the fueling is so good it pulls from way down low the noise is gorgeous you know people just love the way it looks owners of modern fast cars might not be so positive though I reckon this thing would take care of many of 2017 s fastest cars and you might say that for a hundred and ninety thousand plus taxes you guys should but this is one of the most enjoyable cars I’ve ever driven offer me this or the current crop of two hundred thousand pounds supercars and I wasn’t hesitate in taking the alcoholics machine it’s a little piece of genies you

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