Chris Harris Drives The Dodge Viper 645bhp

Chris Harris Drives The Dodge Viper 645bhp


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the Dodge Viper ACR is America’s Way of doing the fastest road legal track car imaginable the numbers alone are enough to make you choke on your Corvette zo6 645 horsepower and 650 pounds of torque from an 8.42 v10 around 1,500 kilograms 335 Section rear tires and whopping 295 section fronts there are vast carbon ceramic brakes and fully adjustable Bilstein dampers and just look at the Aero kit pocket next to a gt3 RS and its owner will need manhood counselling there are scoops and flicks and dive planes and the rear wing genuinely looks like it was robbed from a racing car it produces so much downforce the top speed is just 177 miles an hour and how much does all this cost or something around 140,000 dollars but that doesn’t matter because it has a manual gearbox which means it’s a bargain a six hundred and forty five horsepower rear-wheel drive manual shifting high downforce barley hard to think of anything more American and Viper ACR well Donald Trump make it in a Corvette I don’t think about that up here we have an eight point four liter v10 in one is physically not a very big car weighs 1,500 kilograms that’s 645 horsepower 600 foot pounds of torque 911 gt3 RS you can just forget about it you really can this thing to another plane all together and as I expect it to be the most agricultural truck imaginable and it’s stopped it’s up on its toes and it’s mega absolutely fantastic to drive and what’s more I’ve got this stick thing so it’s a proper sports car it is a handful though all the adjustable bill point that we’ll see in the trailer one a lot of the handling yourself oversteer wherever you want to add huge amounts of arrow quick into this turn you can really feel if thy pains working you can feel the week the racing car is another place on it it shows once again that the Americans understand this stuff and they have the balls to make manual gearbox what you can do with it it’s sliding as well the man from America oh man so you can’t slide that car you know what this thing has got real real balance I think it’s fantastic I haven’t driven a vibe thinking about 15 years this one come on Wow and it feels mega when you get it loaded up as well it just feels quite an actual love me he loved toad downshifts and then look you just pitch it in a bit right on the understeer under Red Bull amounts about 16 and input all the way always in a we called inspirational but it’s pretty good the rest of it for the money well it’s half the price that won’t be really pretty to be our edges and it’s different league as a tracker for me it’s one of the most imposing cars I’ve driven in ages it’s absolutely fantastic yes I know about this thing why hadn’t I driven it if you’re about to spend money on a gt3 RS to go try driving you need to drive one of these first wow what a thing that’s gonna calm down for a minute

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