Chris Harris’ (FAST) Car Buying Advice: Series 26

Chris Harris’ (FAST) Car Buying Advice: Series 26


Chris Harris does car buying advice for every budget, in every category, as quickly as possible in the latest episode from Series 26. Find out where to watch the latest series here: Series 26: Chris Harris Drives: Car Walkarounds: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

okay car-buying advice for every budget in every category as quickly as possible here we go okay let’s start with the city card the small cards okay the Hyundai i10 the Hohner making some great cars at the moment sadly this is not one of them this is the Renault Twingo engine in the back for some reason the most annoying traction control ever fitted to a road car and this one’s in a sort of light shade of gonorrhea this is the Toyota AYGO built to a coughed that’s why it feels so terribly cheap and horrible and this is the one you should buy the Volkswagen up cheap and you get a VW badge and it’s quite a good car moving on super minis so these are slightly bigger than city cars we have a Volkswagen Polo and many of course or the fiestas come back over there come back over here yes yes yes yes the Polo people think it’s a mini golf but it’s not it’s not quite as good as a bit dull and boring the mini well it’s partly a weird Germans pretending to be British thing might sting a German man wearing a barber jacket it’s just wrong isn’t it the courser used to be terrible it’s less terrible now but it’s still not the one to buy because the one to buy is the Ford Fiesta it’s been the best-selling car in the UK for yonks and there’s a good reason for that it’s brilliant okay small SUVs this is the VW tiguan I think that’s called a mocker made by voxel I think that’s called the Cougar made by Ford that’s the Nissan Qashqai made in the UK and a very worthy vehicle I wouldn’t have any of them because they’re all complete boxes I’d have a golf where’s the gulp ah here’s the golf right you can forget about all this stuff forget about all those SUVs and forget these hatchbacks just buy golf there’s a better job than all of these cars put together golf golf golf moving on small executive cars now the rulebook says that the BMW 3-series is the one that you want to drive the Audi is the one that you want to sit inside cuz it’s beautifully built the Alfa Romeo is the one that you want to display just how crazy and different you are from every other executive in the car park but the one you want it’s the Mercedes c-class cuz it just says nice things about you and it’s a great car to be and it rides well and the new diesel engines are great so buy a c-class moving up these are the large SUV’s the more hateful end of the car owning spectrum let’s say this is the new Land Rover Discovery 5 and I think you know my opinion the styling of this car it looks terrible very very capable but ask yourself this could you be seen in this thing it’s terrible the Volvo xc90 massive very competent this here is a high-end by Santa Fe you can buy a Hyundai for 40 thousand pounds would you want to know this is the bmw x5 which looks a bit sort of police car II to me and it’s not as good as the last x5 so come back here the one you want is the Volvo xc90 Volvo’s on a roll at the moment and I think the engine mounts on this one a better than the one that I had in the xc60 right over here this well these are the ones you want to get large SUV’s their taste is what you should have is a classic estate car right this is the Volvo v90 a great big lump of Swedish loveliness but the engines they’re a bit mean you can’t buy a big powerful turbocharged six under one yet so I think that has to be discounted the Jaguar XF just not quite at the races at the moment sadly so it’s between these two traditionally it’s always been d by an e class or a 5 Series I don’t have confused you because the other week ice that I’d rather have a Mercedes e63 over an m5 but in the ordinary area when you’re down in the diesels in the normal petrol engines I’d probably have a 5 Series so there you go fast reviews done you now know which cars are by can we go and drive some more supercars now please

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