Chris Harris Let Loose on Audience Cars: 911 Speedster, TVR, Lotus, E30 BMW

Chris Harris Let Loose on Audience Cars: 911 Speedster, TVR, Lotus, E30 BMW


For Series 29 we took our studio outdoors and invited our audience to show off their cars with a Drive-in. And with so many interesting bits of kit around, Chris Harris couldn’t resist a little walk around. Your favourite? Series 29: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

right first off mx5 with a wing that downforce must be handy yeah i’m sure it is good how many how many of these survive well there’s about 26. 26 of these jensens i always remember that cornering shot in ottawa magazine with the radiator water out the front it’s a great shot oh look at that 911 g-series speedster that is horny i tell you chris harris is the only bloke who goes dogging to look at the perverts cars 3 000 miles you need to get out in it more boss that’s beautiful pagoda lovely what do we got around here i saw something ridiculous i thought i saw a tr7 and i did there it is look at that that is paddy mcguinness in a car look at that that’s just wonderful is it creating it yes has it so it goes like a stabbed rat yeah and it looks like well i won’t see what it looks like um oh another beautiful bentley what’s that is it is it got a is it a blower is it what is it speed six oh god chris 19 20. i’m looking at them three that’s using tenure a beautiful machine right we’ve got another trevor blimey got tbr down the side of it as well yeah so the best thing about tbrs of this age is you’ve ironed out all the problems the poor sod that bought it new had an absolute horror story but now you’re just taking advantage yeah exactly of all the things he’s sorted out tr6 as well oh this is heaven is there any california’s out there chris that’s what i want to know no there’s a no policy on the door um here we oh look at this speedster as well this is this is quite new isn’t it how old is this that’s a gorgeous car is that riviera or is that voodoo blue voodoo blue let’s go and look at the series one alarm what is that i mean that is a it’s a sprint and it’s in the correct colors as well oh look how small that that’s why modern cars are too big aren’t they however if you hit a sparrow at seven miles an hour it would be dental records wouldn’t it but it is a gorgeous thing oh there’s a lovely old snotter here look at that what’s this bentley it’s a bentley so this is a derby bentley it’s a darby bentley he says four liters is it three and a half that’s glorious that’s glorious one more but there’s another alarm i can’t do another land kind of the alfa romeo look at this so this is a what’s this is this a g oh i’ve got to work out what this is is it a brerera it’s a spider isn’t it now these are very interesting cars because i think when they were new they were just a bit crap and everyone had a go at them but now italian charming is it v6 yeah it is chris one morning we’ve got a sure to do one more one more okay who wants chris to go to the car and you want to go okay e30 cab is it a 325 it is and it’s and it’s a real an original m sport and it’s got the seats is it an auto or manual is it auto no all the boxes were ticked and then i looked but it is absolutely gorgeous now that’s a great looking car lance i’m going to hand back to you i’ve enjoyed myself can i stay here and mingle with the cars and you do all the fancy pants stuff on the stage oh we’re going to sure to do give it up for chris harris everybody

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