Chris Harris on… Best Cars of 2021

Chris Harris on… Best Cars of 2021


The greatest cars of 2021? TG’s Chris Harris talks Jack Rix through the cars that have impressed him the most over the past 11 months. From the Porsche 911 GT3 through to the Lamborghini Huracán STO from Sunday’s show – the Ferrari SF90 Stradale and the McLaren 765LT. And the things that haven’t impressed him? Well, you’ll have to watch to find out. Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

there’s a sense that anyone that’s buying a prestige electric german ev at the moment it’s a bit like buying a laptop in 1992 it’s going to be obsolete within an hour right chris it’s been an interesting year um what’s the best car you’ve driven but i’m going to give you some rules first it has to be a car that’s launched in the last 12 months that’s not helpful well i know but no toyota yaris uh gi yaris that’s off so is there a car that impressed you the most well there are three that seem to stand out one of which i’ve not driven yet i want to drive the hyundai i20n because you and the crew tell me how good it is it’s superb yeah and i love a hot hatch so i suspect that would be it but i haven’t driven it yet so i can’t i can’t vote for that the other one i can’t vote for is the pole star one which i was late to party on but why didn’t anyone tell me how brilliant that thing is but i know i was launched in 2019. why is it so brilliant just quickly because it’s the only hybrid that’s a hybrid yeah every other hybrid is a hybrid whereas this is a hybrid because it does both because you can do 80 miles on electric and you can then you’ve got a super fast petrol engine it just happens to be left hand drive 150 grand so it’s not really a car for the masses yeah but it is um sensational and it’s got flux capacitor in the boot as well which i love because i like to bring it back to the real level the two the two standouts for me are gt3 and that huracan sto yeah and i’ve actually got i can tell you why now i choose the porsche because the hurricane actually is a more exciting motor vehicle come down saying that it’s one of those things that just makes you feel alive we just shot the tv film on tuesday and you know putting big third fourth gear transitions in it shows a how much balance it’s got and what a riot it is and that engine i mean wow what an engine but the way it looks i can live with the way it looks actually because it looks ridiculous but it’s so good from behind the wheel i don’t care and when you look like this you know you don’t it doesn’t really matter but the tire ain’t good enough it’s a bridgestone on lot is a great company i know but it just shows you how far ahead michelin is yeah but if you put bolts and michelins on it it’d be better than a gt3 but at the moment the gt3 gets it just on the gt3 touring manual gearbox i’d have a touring with a manual gearbox because i think these cars should be used i get hammered for the fact i drive i don’t have a wing on my gt3 but you drive it every day and these cars should be driven every day the number of clowns that park them in garages get out and drive the bloody thing how many miles on your gt3 seven thousand i’ll tell you a curious thing about gt3 touring or duty through the manual gearbox 991 version the gear knob and the metal bit on the front last 12 000 miles every 12 000 miles it falls apart and you have to glue it back in again all start again so my mind triggers broom now oh wow but the rest of the car bang on it just keeps going all right let’s have some um some different categories let’s break it down what’s the fastest car you’ve driven this year the fastest car i’ve driven this year would be the sf90 by the way as a motoring journey these are the questions that strangers fire you in the pub and they’re quite it’s quite annoying yeah but luckily i don’t remember those conversations so so this one i will or i’ll get it played back to me so sf90 yeah by a mile that is a monster yeah i mean in a straight line it just the number you watch the numbers on the dash and think and you also get that pain and you’re kidding me oh what was that the other one is 765 lt that is nothing quick and i want to make a note of that because that’s in the forthcoming tv series as well yeah that’s not the same car that i drove with you two years ago yeah it’s been angry i think it’s a very different machine yeah i think i think it’s friendlier yes maybe they maybe they took i think that i think the car has gone away and had a bit of a rethink um because i really enjoyed it this it’s still hampered by that trafeo our pirelli which isn’t as good as the michelin again i’m not sponsored by merchandise people don’t even like me but actually i do like their tires so those are the two that stand out but i’ve not driven a silly hyper nutter well i drove the pin in front of batista but that’s the rim actually isn’t it basically it’s a rimac underneath with the pin and free to body and yeah breakage and uh so so i lined it up on the straight floored it you know almost brought my breakfast back up you know made a turbo s seemed slow down i wasn’t even in the top mode so you can basically dial in more power i had about 1200. what’s the range on it uh 300 if you drive super carefully wrtp 310 but it’s also 2 million quid um right best electric car the best electric car during the last three years is the tesla model 3. and it is every year because for me the electric car isn’t predicated on just what it’s doing it’s the infrastructure around it yeah and you can’t beat the super supercharger network it’s just unbeatable so there is that that’s a boring answer that each one gt i just loved it was a bit more lobbable than than the tie cam which i found odd again the way that they can configure these things you almost wonder whether every single car can be different they can just turn up with an engineer and go oh he likes it to do that we’ll give him that yeah yeah which reminds me of that story about the ford press office back in the 80s someone went in there to get something there was a set of dampers that just said cropley on it and then there will be a setting rented normal wet sport croppers yeah so so i really loved that car and i tried to buy one and it was quite difficult to buy one so either everyone’s other it’s very popular or they don’t want me to buy one but but i also think it’s uncommonly beautiful yeah luxury car what have you driven that’s lucky well this sounds awful um i spend a bit of time sitting in the back of an s-class no last one oh really i’m sat in the new one but the last s-class is better than the new seven series the newer it’s they’re so far ahead of the game in terms of what is required of a car of that type i do look at the us and just think it’s absolutely stunning as well i’ve one pulled up at the fuel station it is it is they’re brilliant at that i went to an old phantom recently as well i drove in one i did own an old phantom as well that was that the one where the um the fuel pump went fuel pump steering rack steering rack was seven grand that’s nice um have you driven eqs eqs not yet so that’s that’s yeah s-class with 400 miles range what do you think to the nominator can you deal with the eq so you have to stand there and go eqe eqa eqb just eqb just go through yeah zqb eqg yeah eqg is going to be interesting yeah that looks quite cool have you seen the press photography for that yes the most bizarre thing ever it’s basically they’ve dressed up people in spacesuit yeah it’s a moonscape isn’t it yeah yeah yeah all right worst car i have to think really yeah it’s it’s it’s not an easy question objectively the worst i’ve driven is probably the lard and neva that we had on um on the show but that’s also one of my favorite cars it’s just a a bundle of joy it’s the point where bad becomes good exactly um i i was really i’m a big merc fan as you know but we had an eqc on a film and a range on it was just dire i don’t know whether the car had an issue but that was really disappointing yeah it’s just big heavy there’s not enough battery in it it’s it was rushed out because you know i-pace was there that mercedes is a disappointment for me it’s not really the purpose of learning to do that mileage there’s a sense that anyone that’s buying a prestige electric german ev at the moment it’s a bit like buying a laptop in 1992 it’s going to be obsolete within an hour and and you just feel sorry for people yeah but these are massive buying decisions this is the second biggest purchase of family where a household makes after their house and it’s dead it’s a busted flush yeah the moment they buy it i mean we’re sitting on a bit of a subprime aren’t we yeah so i see i’m racking my brains into a bad car you know what it’s so bad that in itself is is an answer because they’re really good at these days they’re so few isn’t there all right well we’ll end there that was harris’s hot list

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