Chris Harris on… Ferrari F40 & Jaguar XJ220: Series 29

Chris Harris on… Ferrari F40 & Jaguar XJ220: Series 29


In the latest episode of , the lads took some 80s and 90s supercar heroes for a spin around Yorkshire. Chris was in the legendary Ferrari F40. Freddie was in the 217mph Jaguar XJ220. And Paddy was in a Lamborghini Diablo… for a bit. So here’s Chris taking us through the the F40 and XJ220, explaining what makes them so special and which one he prefers.Want to watch the full supercar film? Catch it on iPlayer: Series 28: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

flip and el chris this is your rock star fantasies coming realistic yeah if i have one it might be really well i think a crowd of people on a stage is more mcguinness than me patio hello and welcome to top gear and i’ll go i’ll go whatevs can i go over there and skid the car around yeah yeah on that note back to the cars which we’re standing next to now there’s an elephant in the room when the film started there were three cars we’re standing next to two cars did you actually see it with your own eyes no i was um i’d just gone past him yeah the other way and about a minute later i had a radio in the car i got the comment which was something along the lines of he’s off um so it was fairly yeah and uh and he was off he really was and how was did you see him afterwards was he he was so he was okay he was fine there was a serious side to it everyone was okay paddy wasn’t being responsible you know it was just one of those things i hate to say i think the lesson learned probably is that old supercars or hypercars have been coming that are a lot harder to drive than modern street i kind of take it for granted i certainly do yeah they look after us don’t they the electronic safety net there’s there’s a i think with supercars there’s a time around sort of the late 90s when it changed yeah and before that when i first started doing the job the telling thing was that on a friday if you had something really fast and layering exotic it got left in the car park because because a lot of journalists were like wait wait i don’t want to take that home i’ll spank it whereas now it’s like oh you’ve got a veyron i’ll get in here i’ll take that home because you’ve got all the systems but i remember having a viper gts and rotating it on the clapping one-way system at 25 miles an hour because the tire technology was terrible there were no systems you were on your own you’re really worse and now the work experience play can jump in the 600 horsepower off you go it really is the case that they’ve become so usable and i think some of the majesty’s been lost yeah because i like the idea of something just sitting there statically and looking at you and it’s eyeing you and it’s saying you’re looking at the clouds i could bite you i could bite you yes yeah and both of these can bite all right so ferrari f40 if you don’t mind me asking how old were you when that launched in 87 uh 12 12. so was that proper poster card for you guys the car i remember the front cover of car magazine when it was first out yeah i remember reading that it was a it was a slightly fake group test they did at fire on it someone managed to get one photograph with it with a 959 yeah and uh what was it it was a countach uh anniversary they got all three together did 16 pages exactly and uh and i thought i remember thinking that’s the car but i i suppose i always remember f40 npg which was nick mason’s and still his nick mason’s f40 during the rounds mark hales driving it around donington park in the wet yeah doing an audio recording fast lane magazine i mean i could geek out for on this stuff and then i got the chance to really skip one about but a friend of mine owned one and said come and drive it did a video we did a film and i think that day cemented in my mind that it is the greatest road car of all time there are other great cars but if you had to say to me what’s the epitome of a fast road car that’s it and what is the magic what makes it so magical to drive there’s something about it that that takes you so far beyond any other ferrari it’s so light it’s so immediate there’s nothing in it that’s superfluous and also it takes turbocharging and it makes it something to be proud of this idea of boost and this thing this oh you’re always waiting for it to come but also it’s so slideable because when you get in one now it’s like a million quid and you’re thinking what am i going to do with it and within 10 minutes you’re like oh i’ll just treat it like an m3 well you are chris no but obviously oh no you wouldn’t no you wouldn’t it’s it is also the look come on so good the look and the size of it where does this rank in the sort of chris harris ferrari files all-time great ferraris because i know that you’re partial to a bit of 288 gto yeah but it’s i’ve driven a 288 i mean this is so much better to drive but i’ve got the sneaking suspicion given that this is kind of a 288 evolutionary with a different body on it why couldn’t you make a 288 drive like that the ultimate ferrari something that looks like a 288 and drives like that it must be possible yeah should you increase but no that is if you could offer me any ferrari with a number i’d have one of those all right xj220 are you a fan of this one yes because don’t carry it now this is a don let’s be let’s be straight this is a donald special all right they are the preeminent world experts on these cars what they’ve done with them is sensational and the way they drive is quite unlike other ones that i’ve driven standard one i’m not really a fan of it i’m a fan of the way it looks i’m a fan of what it stands for yeah and i do like the fact that very briefly it was the fastest car in the world but the whole v6 thing didn’t really work for me and to drive the first time i drove them was a wet wealth b roach and i just remember thinking all those stories that journalists back in the day wrote about there i was drifting at 75 an hour coming out of a third gear turn were utter can you drive everything for the first time in the work welsh yeah there’s a lot have you seen in the back there’s a lot of space they obviously designed it and then trunk you know the story don’t you yeah the v2 so the v12 it was at the birmingham motor show with the v12 in it and they got all the depositors to write checks then the world went wrong and then they bunga basically a metro 6r4 engine in it and uh and and away they went yeah and that’s that’s what you ended up with i mean it already is it it sort of prefaced the template that we have to be using in the future but that that is a vehicle that you can tell was built with a confidence and with a budget and the knowledge it was going to sell every single one there are more of those and there are 93 rss by the way did you know that really there’s a lot of those yeah whereas this is infinitely rarer some some might say more beautiful but to drive in standard form it’s just nowhere you touched on the way it looked i think you said you liked the way you i like sorry my ears i think there must be some interference there’s a drone up there look at it that has dated particularly bad look at the silhouette look at the silhouette of it it’s just bloated it looks like me after a large indian no i love it but because it still matters i remember again car magazine the story about martin brundle doing 217 miles an hour in it when they took the cats off it yeah back then supercars of this nature let’s face it cars whose performance was so far beyond normal cars they didn’t happen very often so when they happened it was if you were a car geek like me it was a life-stopping event now of course every other week someone’s launching something that can do all this stuff five new ferraris this year but back then there weren’t many yeah and i suppose when they arrived it was just a point of celebration and i just and there were no tv shows no internet so you’d get this one magazine and it would just get dog-eared i found the issue that this was in uh in my barn the other the other week before we’d shot this yeah and um there was a wonderful phrasing i know i’d written it maybe gavin green or something like i’d written and it just basically just said on a wet road this is one of the worst cars i’ve ever dreamed it’s borderline dangerous and i thought should i tell fred that or no no i’ll keep that back interesting you mentioned fred because obviously him doing over 200 in this you’ve got to admire the man’s balls yeah but i think this one would go well beyond 200. so you’re saying because it’s still moving around it’s still old it’s still you know i don’t love his attitude look chris is this because i’ll jump in there freddie’s like that it’s quite binary yes you can see what he’s seeing what you’re seeing here is dunsfold aerodrome yeah some clouds and a bit of pink sky freighting ones and naughts in green letters going across like that so no fair play to him he did a great job it was a great experience i’m really sad that diablo didn’t survive um but frankly you know it it was uh maybe maybe that diablo was was destined for the scrap yard in the sky anyway we’ll leave it there just boss

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