Chris Harris on… Ferrari’s SUV: The Purosangue

Chris Harris on… Ferrari’s SUV: The Purosangue


With Ferrari’s first ever SUV on the horizon, we check in with Chris Harris to get his opinion on Ferrari’s future, and whether this new high-riding Fezza is going to be warmly received by Chris… or not. Series 29: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

okay chris we’re going to kick off with something that i know is very very dear to your heart um the fact that ferrari is going to be making an suv that way before you start screaming i can see your brow furrowing already a few details so we know it’s going to be called it’s going to be called the prosang it’s going to replace completely replace the gtc family or the ff yeah as we know it uh we’ll probably see one next year on sale 2022 what’s your hot take on that news um i think i’m just brow beaten by the whole suv thing now and i just accept the fact that they have to exist and it was inevitable that ferrari is going to make one it’s now a publicly listed company it needs to maximize its profit so it has to make one doesn’t it it can’t sit back and watch lamborghini raking it in with the urus and say we don’t want a piece of that action yeah although funnily a spokesman for the company told me that the eurus is sort of half of the lamborghini sales now over half yeah whereas this the the model is it’s only going to be 20 percent one in five ferraris is going to be one of these they’re not going to meet demand are they i was going to say what are they going to do making it purposefully bad every wealthy tasters tasteless person’s gonna want one yeah and there’s a lot of those about i’m not that interested in it it has to exist and i’ve almost reached the point with these things now where i don’t have an opinion i just can’t be bothered with it what do you think what do you think old man enzo would think about all this he famously didn’t even want to sell a road car let alone no i mean i think i don’t think he’d give him monkeys i think enzo ferrari was pragmatic he wanted to make road cars to make money to go racing with so his view would have been well if it earns us more money we can do more racing yeah or we can have a better advantage over our competition because we’ve got more money to spend because we’ve sold suvs then he’d be fine with it so actually you could argue that this philosophy fits the scooter better than many other companies maybe in 20 years time or maybe sooner will look back on this era and and be a bit ashamed yeah i think we’ll be a bit ashamed at the cullinan at the bentayga at the they are just unnecessary cars a lot of these cars are a sort of marketing department for the for the for the motor car itself yeah and there’s a lot of people out there that that need persuading about the validity of the motor car itself it’s whether it should even exist yeah and i can’t think of a worse thing to put forwards than a ferrari suv yeah you’re shooting ourselves in the phoenix you might just walk around saying hate me do you ever do you ever think that as motoring journalists we need to sort of stop check and think are we just pre-programmed to dislike certain types of cars and maybe i could just assess it i think i think there’s a sort of puristic side to motoring journalism that isn’t that probably doesn’t reflect reality and i but i’ve always accepted that in much the way that a journalist should probably write his or her opinion and not pander to the crowd you know you don’t write stuff that people want to read you write what comes out of your head and you don’t give to whether people like it or not right i think there’s a there’s a parallel with car design and i think i made this point in a column in your mag a few months ago and that is that what’s changed is that a lot of car companies are now making cars for customers they’re saying we think this is what they want whereas the great car designs came about through stubborn idiosyncratic designers who went with an idea because they thought it was a great idea that’s what gives you the mini when designers and engineers are allowed free reign to express what the madness is inside their heads you get the mini you get the renault scenic you get the espace you get vehicles that that change the way that you interact with cars it’s steve jobs on the ipod isn’t it you said he said i don’t want a focus group but i want customers to tell me what they want i’m going to design it and tell them what they want but if you but if you start making cars for what you think punters want yeah using one too many times you end up with massive suvs that are engineered to a degree that no one can really understand i mean the full capability of an urus is pretty extraordinary actually what it can do and less than five percent of it gets used by the average arrest because it just trots down in fulham road the whole thing is a sad indictment of the car industry and i sound like such an old though look but i just don’t like them that’s your job chris can we move on can we talk about something no no bro there’s one one quote i’d be quite interested to hear this from you what would that car what could that card be what would it have to be for you to like it is there any way that a sort of jacked up front engine four-door four-seater ferrari no just there’s nothing about it that interests me at all but ferrari makes lots of other cars that i’m very interested in all right so i’ll now make an admission okay okay and i’ve not admitted this to anyone i’ve got a big suv i own one yeah i’ve got a g wagon okay now uh the new g wagon because i do have a need for a vehicle like that in my life i do a bit of towing i actually bought it to tow my rally car to compete this year and um i’ve managed to do no rallying now towing with an estate car with quite a big rally car and a rig and everything out the back is um is a pain with an estate car so it’s the right thing to have and i’ve got you know placing the sticks and some other bits and bobs so i’ve got one and i i was utterly ashamed when i ordered it i felt utterly ashamed when it was delivered but it is bloody bloody liberating for months weren’t you yeah isaac good enough but i love it i do think it’s great i suppose i can live with the g wagon because there seems to be an honesty about it that is maybe missing and it and because it’s honest it’s charming yeah and i think that’s the thing that’s missing in all of these other suvs i don’t know a single one of them that exudes any kind of charm to me they’re all just a bit you’re made ceo of ferrari tomorrow yeah what direction did you take the company in what did you do the first thing i’d do is i would sit down with luca de montesemelo for a month daily for a month and i’d say what do you reckon you do with the company luke what do you reckon you should do because i just think his vision for it and the way he executed it was amazing yeah he because he ramped up the profits built more cars but he retained all the specialness and there was just his charisma was magnetic addictive so he was for me the the best leader of the company apart from enzo i would start looking at adjusting their relationship with pure driving so i’d say yeah let’s we’ve got to make a car that goes a billion miles an hour and has four-wheel drive and electric motors we’ve got to make one of those but let’s also do what porsche’s doing let’s let’s build something that weighs 950 kilograms with 500 horsepower and a manual gearbox the dino call it the f41 and um and watch it become something that people fight over in the streets so i i think ferrari has slightly lost its way with people that love driving it now just makes the sf90 is an extraordinary vehicle but unless you’re absolutely up it and you have to be going at crazy speeds to do that it’s not really tingling i drove a gto engineering uh 250 short wheelbase on friday you know a test for you guys and i just came away thinking this is what ferrari should be but maybe i’m just an old fart maybe the people that buy these things actually spend more time gaming than they do driving when they get in it they don’t want a manual gear changer maybe i’m so out of touch with it all but i but i i think ferrari’s got some choppy waters ahead like any car company but to the main point of the answer to your question long-winded i know is that i’d sit down did i ask questions sit down with luca yeah free consultancy there sit down with luke it’s pretty much the answer to every question yeah yeah i would be jeff when i first met him good lord what a charismatic man

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