Chris Harris on… Off-Roaders | SUVs vs Serious 4x4s – Plus All-Electric Pick-Ups

Chris Harris on… Off-Roaders | SUVs vs Serious 4x4s – Plus All-Electric Pick-Ups


Chris Harris speaks plainly to magazine’s Jack Rix about some of the latest SUVs and off-roaders. Expect no-nonsense views on the BMW X6, Porsche Cayenne, Ford Bronco, Mercedes G-Wagen and Ineos Grenadier as well as on how the new Land Rover Defender compares with the old model. As for electric pick-ups, well, no spoilers on what Harris thinks of the F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1T and Hummer EV.Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

all right now chris uh is it fair to say you’re not a huge fan of suvs per se that’s a fairly sweeping statement but you know suvs but what i’m seeing is a renaissance in the proper off-roader right you know the the cars that are actually meant to go off-road whether they do or not is another thing but why is a proper off-roader cool and an suv not context isn’t it a proper off-roader that you suspect’s just been off-roading it’s cool but if you put knobbly’s on a new defender and just drive it round yeah onesworth i’m still not impressed i still think you’re a knob because it shouldn’t be there it’s just a waste of energy yeah but there is something about the big boxy work vehicle every everyone wants a military undertone to their big it’s i think it’s all part of double 07 fever everyone wants to pretend they’re either in the army or about to go and do something really important in their suv other than pick up their children which is what they’re probably doing yeah the renaissance is that the the bmw x6 which is a pox on on humanity which was launched in what 2007-8 yeah that brought in this whole coupe suv styling and the latest cayenne what’s that all about yeah i mean ferdinand he’d be turning in his grave it was quite it’s a bit of a blurred line between a sort of a cool off-roader and an suv so i i don’t know how you can justify driving around in a three-ton suv if you go off-road if you if you need to tow or you live in the sticks great that’s what you have you don’t have a porsche 918 if you’ve got a massive track to drive up every day but equally why have you got one of these things and just getting a state car exactly so i’m going to read out some names you tell me whether they’re cool or not full bronco new four broncos this is cool it’s a ford bronco exactly uh g-wagon might have one all right ineos grenadier well the name’s not it sounds like a obscure athlete from some country you’ve never heard of before it’s a strange vehicle the interior i think is cool i quite like the toggle interior bmw engine yeah and but the exterior doesn’t quite work for me but let’s see it’s been so prejudged and because they move production away from the uk that every uk journalist now wants it to fail yeah and i’m a contrarian so i want it to succeed um new defender i think they’re great but i have to add a short wheel base on steelies in the right color looks mega a long wheel base murdered out with black everything and those stupid warts on the side doesn’t look great exactly so spec dependent old defender don’t get them at all yeah owned one silliest thing i’ve ever bought you can’t fit in them i’m not a big man and i don’t fit in it like yeah i’ve spent a long time trying to cultivate adjectives you know sophisticated ways of describing stuff and i’m getting through the door looking at my son and going it’s been going yeah yes jeep wrangler oh yeah i think the current wrangler is a really good looking thing it’s a good car as well yeah they’ve just brought out a um i think it’s called a rubicon 392. is that cubic inches yeah it’s got mega mega engine in it um all right and then we’ll finish on just what are your favorites rolls royce cullinan luckily where i live i’ve seen one culinary i mean they’re everywhere around here but i i still don’t get it it still looks like a chinese knockoff of what a rolls-royce suv might look like it’s just an awful looking i teed it up and you you delivered it again but it’s just it’s just it’s just awful it’s like it’s the car equivalent of driving up to a fuel station during the fuel crisis and watching two human beings punching each other and thinking that’s a bad advert for our species exactly yeah the other trend that i’m seeing is electric pickups so in america especially you’ve got the f-150 lightning which they’ve shown we haven’t driven yet rivian r1t which is really exciting they’re also doing an electric hummer what’s your thoughts on this a pure electric off-roader everyone that goes a big wasteful horrible things can now you can turn around and say well they’re electric but of course they’re still too big and too heavy and they have too much friction in their tires so that energy is being produced somewhere if everyone drove around in one you’re still having to produce twice as much energy as people to drive around in those electric versions of the boxes they once were so it’s i think they’re awful it’s all about context isn’t it in america if you drive around an f-150 just feels right yeah the road is the right size for you everyone else has got one so it looks okay but over here utterly pointless vehicles on the subject of weight that electric hummer yeah four tonnes apparently i haven’t done much off radius what’s that little black what’s that little black bullet shaped thing the the mercury yeah that thing yeah that that is exactly what we should be doing yeah by the way that’s not an off-roader it’s a single seat we’ll put a picture up now it looks like a torpedo it went up the hill at goodwood it makes the most wonderful wishing noises that’s the size the car should be yeah chris harris’s top tip if you’re thinking about buying an off-roader is to buy mcmurtry yeah i i hate to say it the g whacking is the only one i like yeah when you get in and out of them they make you feel good they look wonderful the build quality is just sensation it feels like a hand built object the diesel one by the way not the 63 because that’s a clown car

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