Chris Harris on… Restomods: Singer 911, Alfaholics GTA-R, Eagle Lightweight GT

Chris Harris on… Restomods: Singer 911, Alfaholics GTA-R, Eagle Lightweight GT


Classics. Restomods. Replicas. Continuations. All have the gorgeous vintage looks, but each is fundamentally different under the skin. Chris Harris and Magazine editor Jack Rix discuss the differences of things like the Alfaholics GTA-R, Eagle Lightweight GT and GTO Engineering’s recreation of the Ferrari 250 SWB. Series 29: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

all right resto mods chris resto mods they’re everywhere at the moment aren’t they why don’t you for the viewers if you don’t mind just explain the difference between resto mod continuation car and as mint classic sounds a bit like a biscuit in mint classic didn’t it yeah it does a club maybe so a classic is just a real vehicle that’s probably been um a bit changed over time it might have the original engine it might not normally when they say it has it hasn’t because they just bashed some correct numbers into another engine but it is the car that was sold when it was new a continuation car is when a car company finds a way of making more of an old car and it either has to be honest about the fact that it’s a continuation so it’s not part of that production run or if you’re like jaguar and you actually have the chassis numbers for a bunch of d types that were never made in period or xk ss you can actually legitimately make those so you build a new car to the spec because the chassis the chassis numbers exist so therefore you can apply those to the vehicles you build now the resto mod is when you take normally a more modern vehicle and dress it in a way that it looks older so you have you know you should be having your cake and eat it dynamically you’ve got something that’s a bit newer but it looks old and has all the charm of an older car so yeah we had some out for a forthcoming magazine piece for the mag and they were fascinating cars and they they had all they had all bases covered so effectively they had a db5 which is the james bond three point three million pound car that’s a continuation car that’s a continuation with a bit of a twist because you’ve got the gadgets on it it’s got all the gadgets on it it’s 3.3 million quid and if you had the money you probably you well you might do hang on you used 3.3 million quid ridiculous sum of money didn’t you have a look at the gadgets and then decided it was worth every penny yeah i just thought if you were if you were a billionaire looking to carry favor with your children you you’d buy one tomorrow wouldn’t you you you very succinctly described the differences between the three strategies you’ve got a classic a continuation and a an arrest on one there should be another one in there which is represented by gto engineering which is someone’s just gone out and built an exact replica and a replica of the word so it’s a nut and bolt vehicle that’s identical to what to the to the car that it’s based on wasn’t that the one you wished had a bit more juice yeah but but actually the the gto engineering 250 short wheelbase is entirely true to the original vehicle just shows you how bent the modern racing versions have become because it had you know probably 250 horsepower didn’t feel that quick but it was just gorgeous and it looked wonderful so it felt like an honest driving experience but then you jump into alcoholics gtar which is probably the most extreme expression of that type of car how’d it work on the road because i drove on briefly on track and it just changed on the road it’s amazing because it’s so light and they’ve the boys are so clever there’s a lot of billet aluminium parts in the suspension now and there’s you know very expensive dampers the thing and the shell stiff so it goes down a road amazingly i mean did you see when you spoke to gordon murray did he rock up in his alcoholics no he showed me some pictures of it i’ve seen it yeah gorgeous little zagato our bright green thing he’s basically got their all their know-how wrapped in a zagato body perfect that was amazing i suppose the resto mods were represented by a singer yeah i think singer kind of well they certainly popularized the idea because they’re the ones that gave it that attention to detail right again good use of the word they popularized it they made it big business and made people think well there’s more legs in this but the other car in the test were probably the first ones to do it which is eagerly type yeah so eagle for a long time have been doing you know henry’s been doing his thing and making some beautiful cars but we had a speedster there that’s a low drag they call it yeah the coupe oh my god 1.2 million there’s something because i saw one of those the other day actually and i just walked around it there are there are angles on that car that just should be illegal and and the engine is that that those jag engines have been you know the wide angle four liters they’ve been developed to a point where they produce a reliable 400 horsepower i think doesn’t weigh much gearing is nice and long to schlep down to the south of france what a thing i i was blown away by it yeah very quick steering on the road but but i i just thought it was stunning the fit and finish the attention to detail just stunning i think they’ve really cranked up production now to four cars a year yeah that’s what he needs to do so as a whole if they are effectively the genre is drive something that looks old yeah but but has the reliability of a modern car that’s what you’re saying and i don’t want to do too much modern supercar bashing today but it does highlight some shortfalls in the in the new you know faster faster philosophy or all of them all of those cars the aston martin probably is the weakest of this that they all make you think most modern supercar hybrid cars miss the point for road driving yeah because they’re so much fun that little alpha if you break down driving into its its most basic components basically moving your arms and legs which are yeah sort of steering gear change and what you feel through your ass and what you feel through your hands exactly all those things then that’s one of the best cars on sale regardless of price regarding actually that was the um that was the bargain of the test wasn’t it yeah that’s what 250 250 yeah they’re gorgeous the two surprises that i had from that group were i didn’t realize how much i’d appreciate the honesty of the gto car because it was it wasn’t trying to be anything other than an exact representation of what the cup what a short wheelbase was like when it was new yeah so they hadn’t tried to pimp it at all right a mint classic car that just works yeah i mean you just use it the way you would if you had a real steel-bodied short wheelbase what’s that five million quid if you’ve got one of those well buy one of these for less than a tenth of the tenth of the price and thrash it around so and i love the honesty of it and the other thing that was the other one that was that i was surprised by was just how fast and potentially long-legged because i didn’t go very far in it the the the eagerly type was just you don’t you don’t think fast do you think you’d sensation good it was pretty scary you just got in here it’s great sound then you just look down that long bonnet and you just think the prowess rising is accelerating just aim it for nice and go and i i thought it was gorgeous and the fit and vintage was stunning but then it should be for 1.2 million all right so here’s a bit of fun to finish on um resto mods all right so chris how’s you got to create your perfect rest of mod use the ingredients from any car you want stick them together it can’t exist already you know so i can go first if you if you want me to go in there and i haven’t paired any of these they’re just going to come out of my head exactly neither this is uh no so i’m thinking yeah you know early contest so lp 400 no wings or arches um v12 from a from an f12 manual gearbox gotta have the engine from the same make and you don’t have to i think you do absolutely not i think you do for this i’m making the rules up this is my game so i’ll have a ferrari engine in the back of a lamborghini with a manual gearbox with a bit of power steering there’s a front entry so you want the engine out of a front front engine car and put it in the back so it’s going to be wrong around straight away it’s not going to work look when you’re when you’re paying millions of pounds chris thought about this hasn’t he’s not thought about this at all okay well let’s come on okay so i’ll i’ll um i’m gonna i’m gonna bend your rules i’m gonna tighten them i think it has to be for me when you resto mod ideally unless you’re going down the 2jz route where you just lob japanese something into anything i think um i think a 500d so w124 500d with the current uh stupid amg whatever it is 600 and something horsepower the uh the four liter v8 to v8 in one of those would be great new um new black series flat plane crank seven yeah i mean that’d be too much very much so it also wouldn’t sound right so i think one of those the other one i’d love to do a 205 gti well you know a shell with how about honda type r now we’re talking about you’re mixing it up you’re having something for that one you’d have to because peugeot has got nothing of any greatness also you want the you want the honda gear changes

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