Chris Harris on… the Aston Martin DBX

Chris Harris on… the Aston Martin DBX


Aston Martin’s first ever SUV was always going to divide opinion. So here’s Chris Harris, a man with opinion, giving his opinion on this opinion divider. Series 27: Chris Harris Drives: Magazine: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

the Aston Martin DBS now listen you just trying to trip me up page on an item you always think I’m committing li- about motive is trying to extract opinions from an opinion form of such yourself anyway the Aston Martin DBS choose the important car for Aston Martin all right it could be the car and which the future the company rests upon what you don’t put that in the conditional turn cities the car all right there’s a feature of rest is there a single fiber of your being that wants one no but that’s just that’s cuz I don’t like that type of car I think if it was the question I have to answer is if I was that tasteless to want one of those or that type of car would I have a dbx probably yes it’s about the right size thing it’s a good-looking car it’s like a slightly sexed up McCann isn’t it they’re not stupid yeah they’ve gone into the styling house and thought what’s the best-looking SUV the Macan will make you a bit better and I think they’ve done a good job my summary of it is this I think it’s the right car at the wrong time but they’ve been undone by the market conditions it’s been a bit slow coming to market and I think the world is increasingly gonna fall out of love with that type of car because to be seen in one probably isn’t the wisest thing over the next few years is it the car to save as tamati nice I really hope it does but I I fear that they’ve gambled on something that’s just a little bit behind the curve now that a bit late to the party spent a go role not just that but but you’re looking at what od and and other brands are doing you know Porsche as well with with electric vehicles and hybrid suddenly got a great big twin-turbo v8 and that’s just built this new factoring well sand athen which is supposed to be the home of electrification that’s worse embracing it or when here we go with the v8 but Arizona the flipside is it I just come out for Los Angeles and they won’t be able to build enough for that market they won’t so they’ll sell a load of them and I I think I think it will help their balance sheet but I just can’t be asked with it you know just what’s the point just buy an rs6 just be sensible buy inaros stage be tasteful it’s like I’ve got an analogy yeah it took me all night to come up with this one it’s a bit like football hooligans during the World Cup right the rest of us are just trying to sit around enjoy the tournament quiet and yet they’re ruining it for all of us they’re making us look bad yes it’s not about an allergy I’ve just written something about that and I didn’t yeah how much and obviously didn’t put a sophisticated amount of thought into it Jack did but for me if you could choose sort of emblematic PR tool for you as a motoring enthusiast you wouldn’t choose the SUV and at these the sales increase of these things the market makes is terrifying you know there are well it’s now 40 50 percent of all cars sold on crossovers or something and but then they’re no good because ultimately they’re twenty thirty percent less efficient than a normal car they offer you nothing by way of an advantage they’re horrendous alright so if the SUV era let’s call it that has to end at some point we’re obviously going to get over these things what comes next what do we go back to mistakes the shooting breaks what’s the next thing we talk about is logically what has to happen is the car industry has to lead at the moment the car industry follows and history shows that when the car industry makes cars or makes the cars it thinks people once you end up with bad cars you end up with the escort mark five you end up with SUVs you end up with just turgid rubbish when the current stream leads ie it puts clever people with big foreheads in rooms and funds them you get cars like the Renault Espace and the Renault scĂ©nic and the Fiat Multipla which are clever solutions to transportation because they are more efficient and they are more versatile so why is it that a population that in the late 80s early 90s was buying the Renault Espace like he was doing out of fashion this is a car that space framed so it’s lighter than a saloon high-caste the same size shadow on the road but can seat seven people and he’s more fuel efficient why is it that the industry that’s that’s making those cars now has to make boxes that are more expensive heavier and and laughable I understand it so an industry that used to lead now follows this always goes wrong Ferrari I’ll give you a good example of this Ferrari built a car called the 550 Maranello it’s a great front engine beat over Lynetta from 1996 and it built it was it was one of the best cars ever made universally praised by the media and by the owners and then Ferrari made the tragic mistake of having a customer clinic so they said everyone’s bought a 550 listen this is this is a reduced drop hole get them tomorrow night Oh give him a big lunch give them a bit of bloody Frascati and sit them down and say how would you like us to improve this car big mistake so they all sat there basically and said right I can’t be after change gear myself so when I come out of the payer at San rafeal to go to phrase use can I just I want to just do that well don’t worry that rubbish and and I don’t know what it is but when I’m driving around town in Monaco or all down Sloane Square or whatever it’s a bit jiggly so they gave us the five seven five which was a comprehensive version of the 550 because it was soft it had no body control and I had a terrible paddle shift gearbox there’s a classic example of delivering cars you think people want don’t do that have confidence in the fact that you’re clever and that you you have all these brains innovate there’s that Steve Jobs so I said the the iPod the so she said I don’t go out there and ask people what they want I decide I’ll make it you need you need you need visionary people that are industries has visionary people but they’re not being given the voice to to be visionary all right so the campaign to bring back the MPV starts here why not

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