Chris Harris on… the BMW M8 Competition

Chris Harris on… the BMW M8 Competition


In this series’ final episode, the BMW M8 Competition took to the track to show us what it’s made of. And here’s Chris Harris with more thoughts on this £165,000 (as tested), 616bhp, twin-turbo V8, Bavarian behemoth. Missed the M8 Competition test? Catch up here: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

Chris the BMW mate oh yeah m8 if you prefer the most powerful em car ever 616 horsepower does it do it for you no because I’ve always felt that an m6 run m8 and an m5 basically being the same car yeah I’d always go for the stealthy saloon car I got to the point in going for the cope because it really is just a you know it’s the same platform you have less space sometimes it looks a bit better but I’m not sure it does with this one because it’s very very sloping rear screen it’s in place you seem to have a problem look like it doesn’t look as good in the Roar as it does for me in here in pictures fair enough that’s subjective look they’re great cars yeah BMW I’ve got this platform sorted it’s got massive power you’ve got this switchable to four-wheel drive so it can be a slightly monster if you want or an all where the traction mantra we want it to be but let’s face it BMW struggle at this price point they always have done being 165 grand for this car assessed in you and I just think you’re you’re up against some really serious Ginter mid-engine supercar territory which admittedly aren’t as useful or as rounded as this but Bentleys and Astin’s and all sorts yeah yeah bad just doesn’t work at that price at is interesting you came in straight on the styling there because I got some thoughts on this were we spoiled by the original 8 Series the fact that that had so much you know drama original looking thing and this just yeah and I’m not the PMM car should be recognizable from about half a mile to a sad oh like us yeah through the way that it’s it’s it’s camber a slightly wider stance there should be something about it on the road not enough hearts and these these current M cars there’s particularly the five and this the eight don’t have that and I think they really miss it I don’t care about the carbon roof that means nothing to me I mean I think weighs as much as a small planet anyway who cares about having a carbon roof the other thing I find baffling is this is already the competition version so that gets launched about four half hours after the real the motor we go from here there’s only one petition competition to me means they just shag the ride and they put some awful looking wheels on it these composition complicated wheels yeah yeah I’ve not got a massive downer on it I just think it should be a hundred it was a hundred thousand pound car I could make an argument for it at 165 grand no I like it this is Chris Harris who doesn’t have a massive downer on this car matter if you did BMW styling all right this car is a good case in point but they having a bleats of a shocker at the moment on the ups and downs how can a company be producing cars like the x7 like the facelifted 7 Series grills the size of Surrey and you seen the new 4 Series Coupe a 4 Series Coupe is all over the place but then you see a 3 Series Touring on the road and you think that’s the BMW are these coming out of the same design Department what’s good no they are I think they’re but I think they are looking at their their outgoing model ranges and they must be worrying because the m2 is a great looking car I think the the outgoing m3 is one of the best looking end cars ever because it’s got that wide arch look and the camber and the toes are all just set so it makes it look really aggressive you mentioned earlier just quickly the this is another 600 horsepower saloon like the m5 like the e63 that you can do the switchable thing so you can disconnect front drive shafts and have a real drop but you have to have everything off yeah so you can only ever able drive if you want to you know be completely free sort of agree with that as long as as long as as long as they tell you when you buy it how that works then I agree with it and if they don’t I don’t the reason for that is you can’t have people out on the street in this thing in the wet 616 horsepower until wheel drive with the traction yeah if you can’t have that yeah so I think it’s a bit like fitting a spike to the steering wheel maybe do that people will slow down without for the avoidance of doubt this in the wet two-wheel drive too much for me the logic does work because if you had two wheel drive and you could have all the systems on what’s the point because they’re up there they’re stopping you using the slide ability anyway yeah so it does make sense but how many people are gonna buy this and go to a track and smoke the tires bringing it back to a positive space I’m going to ask you to name your favourite ever M car but rather than just you’re going to give us some obscure a plastic one that no one knows about it has to be an M car from the last 10 years what’s your favorite one M at the moment my one M has done 60,000 miles I love it and it’s curious that because when it came out it was lambasted for not being a proper M car because it had a pretty basic m135i engine in it and it wasn’t it wasn’t that special but now it just fits with the way that I live and I’m every time I buy another car the one M goes to the back of the shed yeah and long about a month later that car gets sold and I get back in the 1 M it’s small its compact they look amazing on the road when you see them because their gestation it’s basically just a pair of shoulders driving down the road aren’t they they’re they’re butch the control weights a heavy the gearshift feels like a B&W gauge who’s got that same old teardrop shaped gear leaver which I love so for me that is the one I never thought I’d say that I think the current m3 I think that Eve whatever it is the f80 m3 yeah it’s a great car the spiky though it seems to go down well with sort of driving enthusiasts yeah but if you take a general public find it a bit much if you take it not the like in your daughters if you take it to someone that’s good at mapping them you can have them read maps and they you can make the pad than every less spiky and that transforms it also if you fit that remarkable Mitchell in pilot 4s to it you it just transforms the car but it’s launched on a super sport but the new tire makes it much more drivable so those are the ones and of course the all-time great is the e 20mm 596 that’s the car probably but the fact that I won over into my criteria but had to get that one ended

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