Chris Harris on… the future of the Porsche 911 and internal-combustion

Chris Harris on… the future of the Porsche 911 and internal-combustion


Chris Harris and Magazine Editor Jack Rix discuss the future of the 911. Will it even exist? Will it go electric? Is there a future for internal-combustion? Let’s find out…And if you’re in the UK, don’t miss the new series of , available on iPlayer right now: Series 30: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

right chris uh we’re gonna talk about something that i know is very close to your heart here you’re extremely passionate about it’s not the face of the new bmw m3 which i know you’ve declared your love for now on social media although i’m starting to have that awful oh is it not that bad i had it this week for the first time i just saw that dark green one doing the slides in the snow and i thought basically if you keep it in a very very dark color which hides all the nasty bits it looks quite good yeah but anyway i’m not going to talk about it no no i want to talk about the 911 um oh happy to talk about that yeah the future of the 911 is it in doubt um because so they sold a boatload of thai cans last year 20 000 thai cans 35 000 911s but that’s gonna that gap’s going to close are you sure about that well they were still ramping up i’ve heard that i’ve heard that initial tyco sales were stratospheric yeah but they tailed off after a bit so they had a big spike and then it’s now on the way not on the wane but i think it’s leveled off a bit okay because the early adopters a lot of people were waiting for this car a lot of good porsche customers with cash went i’ll have one straight away yeah and now they’ve got to try and flog it to the mccann type owners and i’m not sure it’s going to be quite as easy good point it’s an expensive car you can’t maintain that that that’s that 911. so i don’t think it’s in doubt i think the porsche has one of its very best men in charge frank vallaso i’m sure you know he’s a bit of a star of the company if they thought the 911 was um on the way in itself i don’t think they’d have put their man of that quality onto the project and let’s look into other areas of porsche’s activities it’s just invested heavily in this synthetic fuel company yes um and i think that tells you everything you need to know about the internal combustion in your portions phil still feels there is a future in that technology rightly so the 911 i think will inevitably have hybridity going forward but this is what’s clever about their model adjustment every car company now has to meet an overall average of emissions if every other car is electric and and we’re hearing it will be so boxster cayman replacement yeah electric mccann electric cayenne electric panamera electric does there need to be a panamera when you’ve got a thai can i’m not sure it’s slightly bigger isn’t it um but that does leave space for them to build a sports car and i think they will do that and i i really think the next 10 years of the 911 could be even more exciting you know i hear rumors about what what is being planned then it’s pretty exciting do you think because obviously in 2030 you can’t sell any pure petrol electric cars in the uk so when you walk into a porsche dealership in 2035 what what does 911 look like will they ever let it go pure electric or do they is it sort of does it become this sort of unicorn that’s only sold in certain corners of the world with a combustion engine what what happens then as a government if you’ve made a commitment to banning the sale of internal combustion engine based on the fact that they are net polluters and then someone comes along with the technology and says we can brew this liquid that you can put into a car and and actually we can prove that it’s cleaner than making an electric car you probably need to have a second look at the decision you’ve made do you think there’s time to turn the government’s mind off i don’t think i think if a technology emerged that meant that your decision was obsolete you’d have to look at it again and the way that the world’s changing so fast in all areas of our lives if you’d said to me a year ago we’d be sitting here now having this conversation after the 12 months we’ve just had i wouldn’t have believed you yeah so i think retrospective adjustments to political decisions are allowable and i don’t think politicians have to lose face they just have to say we didn’t know that was possible yeah and this synthetic fuel technology is going to be very interesting very very interesting it does feel like a bit of a lifeline for for petrolheads to continue enjoying these cars that are so that feel quite attached yes it is but let’s be serious it’s not just that it’s not just porsche saying we think we’ve found a bit of kryptonite you can carry on using it’s porsche saying these car things aren’t as evil as you think yeah and they do help people’s lives and if we can do this we can solve all of the problems that you have with us putting this liquid into a load of reciprocating parts that produce power well here’s a bit of a sort of philosophical tangent i suppose talking about the 911 in the future have we not already reached peak combustion engine 911 because you know how how how fast do you need to go in these cars i’m worried that with a 911 you have to have more power you have to add more um electronic wizardry are we not just muffling the fun you know peak what i like about the the new gt3 it unashamedly uses pretty much the same engine as the last year yeah and that in in times gone by would have been unacceptable to the consumer it would have been wow yeah i expect the new gt3 to have a new all singing or dancing engine should have another hundred horsepower it should move on and on and on paul is saying first of all look at what we’re dealing with politically we can’t be spending any more money making these engines and developing them but also why do we need more the engine in the new car is very similar to the engine in the old car it is one of the great driving experiences it doesn’t need to be any faster you know the average speed limit in europe is somewhere around 75 miles an hour you don’t need to go much faster than you currently are and it’s wonderfully interactive it sounds great it’s normally aspirated one of the few car companies still making an engine like that it’s more than enough it’s brilliant so what porsche has said is have the old engine we’ll wltp it we’ll do some other bits and bobs to it but ultimately we’re future proofing it against legislation manual gearbox manual gearbox what we have done is we’ve we’ve given it double wishbone front suspension now if you’re if you’re a geek like me that’s a massive change for 911 because it’s suspension at times has been a little bit comfortable sort of from now on it’s going to be those small twists look at other areas you know five 550 horsepower naturally aspirated engine that’s a sweet spot for track and road it’s a the new gt3 is perfectly fast enough for any lunatic you actually answered this question uh in the current magazine that’s on shelves now um about your favorite gt 911s ever for the benefit of the viewers back at home which is the one 911 you would save and cherish forever if you could only drive one it’d have to be normally aspirated because i i like atmospheric engines so that’s narrows it down to between either a current gt3 touring or a 997 gt3 rs a 3.8 or a 4 liter makes no difference to me one of those two or weirdly a second generation 996 gt3 because the steering in that car is just to die for but i would say if you want to park one up to remind yourself of what it used to be like 997 gt3 rs probably 3.8 actually for me you

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