Chris Harris on… the Honda E: Does £26,000 for 130 mile range make sense?

Chris Harris on… the Honda E: Does £26,000 for 130 mile range make sense?


Chris Harris talks Magazine’s Jack Rix through the qualities that make the little Honda E such a loveable object, and the aspects that aren’t *quite* so loveable in certain circumstances.Want to see Chris’ full review? Catch it in the latest episode of over here: Series 29: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

now chris it would be easy for me and the viewers at home to pigeonhole you as a bit of a petrol obsessed maniac who throws darts at electric cars at the weekend but you’re actually you’re quite on board with this whole ev thing yeah absolutely when they work when they actually fit a purpose i’m on board like tesla model 3 fantastic car yes i’ve taikan tai can i seem to go for the expensive fast ones this thing okay is an object they have they’ve knocked it out the part i still think the styling has lost a bit from the concept yeah but the concept was the coolest thing i know anyone that ever said i just wish it’s a bit like the alpha prairie you know when it was productionized you’re like oh the wheelbase is a bit wrong and they’ve done this and they’ve shifted it and the end effect cumulatively was not anything like his impactful and i think that’s the same with this for me yeah um the cabin though wow i mean if ever you’d buy a car just for the interior alone it’s this one yeah and i remember driving along on uh some road in the midlands with a goldfish tank looking at me i just thought this is touch the screen little bits of food drop down there’s something about a team of people having a joyous experience making a car and it always um it sort of secretes from the car when you drive it you feel the joy and there is real joy in this car but it’s a big butt i know you’re running one as an urbanized it’s fine for you but the range for me is pointless i can’t i can’t use it the way i use a car so what is it it’s a it’s a 30 grand trinket that’s for urban drivers which i and you know what that’s probably the majority of the population i was going to say 60 70 percent of people live in the cities so but for me it’s a slightly missed opportunity i just thought all the tech and all the love has gone into making an object whereas technically it’s not that clever in terms of it’s how fast it is and what the batteries do yeah the suspension’s good and it’s got a very expensive rear end on it hasn’t it double wishbone it rides beautifully it does it’s quite busy because it’s a because it’s a small car but there’s just no it’s sophisticated in the way it does that and i have to say you know we lined it up against a courser and a mini and no one looked at the other two even despite the fact the course can go twice as far on a charge as this thing but but who’s the only one well who’s you know ultimately for the last 20 years apple have proved that you can make a product that’s not as good as as a much more mundane product it doesn’t have anything like the spec but if it looks and feels great and comes in a fancy package people pay double for it yeah and that’s what this is i thought they were you you’re probably going to pull me up from this almost parallels with the tie can in that this is a new car from scratch platform this is a company saying right we’re going to do an electric car we better throw everything out for our best boys at it yeah and girls and uh and as you said that sort of love that and it’s not over engineered yeah a bit like the tycoon we’re not messing this one up no i think it’s um i think it’s a wonderful object i’m not sure how many they’ll sell or how many they’re going to build yeah and i suspect they’re not making much profit on any of them either yeah so yes i thoroughly enjoyed it i i see the joy in it but i just if it had a range of 280 miles then i’d be going wow total game changer yeah yeah but it doesn’t but it doesn’t um and what is it about honda that makes it such a cool company because they’re a bit hit and miss but when they get it right they seem to get it they are right you get the feeling that that toyota is run by accountants the honda’s run by engineers yeah and when there’s a board meeting the engineers have a stronger voice at honda and consistently they’re willing to take risks and pioneer and just spend more money on components sometimes totally needlessly you know this has got there rear suspension in this car is well beyond what’s necessary it’s quite weird in fact if they’d gone for more expensive batteries and and more range that would have made more headlines but someone there’s gone we need double wishbone rear suspension you’re going do you really yeah yeah yeah so so i love that there’s a quirkiness to it and there it is an amazing company and i just hope it sells in the volumes it needs to so i’m pretty sure the answer to this is no you’re not going to buy one for yourself no but i was thinking first car for your kids because they can they can’t go far from the house and they haven’t too expensive it’s too nice and obvious they don’t deserve it they’ve got to have a skanky polo one later before they get anywhere near this and i do like the color and i have to say on the interior alone is a bar so it’s a good answer but it’s not the right answer yes good summary

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