Chris Harris on… the McLaren Speedtail: “Keep your Senna, have this”: Series 28

Chris Harris on… the McLaren Speedtail: “Keep your Senna, have this”: Series 28


In the latest episode of , Chris Harris took on the RAF in a very special race. You may remember, that some years ago, TG pitched Eurofighter Typhoon against a Bugatti Veyron. But technology’s moved on a little since then, so it was time for a rematch.The RAF chose their supersonic F35 fighter jet, and Harris opted for the jaw-dropping 250mph McLaren Speedtail – a slippery, low-drag hypercar with a centre driving position. Here Chris takes us on a tour of the McLaren and explains what it’s like drifting a £2 million piece of exotica. Not seen the race yet? Head on over to iPlayer and see who won: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

but Chris the new McLaren speeder we’ve probably seen the numbers on this over thousand horsepower under 1500 kilos but what makes it so special is it’s basically a parasite isn’t it it’s slippery yeah it has no drag and when you look at the other vehicles that are talked about in this space the really high speeds is mainly Bugatti and that’s got so much more inertia and it in friction it’s got four-wheel drive system very wide tires and you look at the shape that’s quite a bit going on to disturb the air whereas this it’s a different philosophy I mean it’s it’s basically a ton lighter than Chiron yeah and that that’s a massive amount of difference and you really feel it when you suddenly back off the throttle at 200 miles an hour Chiron feels like you smashed the brakes this thing parachutes down the back of this thing just coasts along yeah so it’s a very different experience I was surprised at how fast it felt yeah I thought wow it’s just a p1 thousand horsepower 500 kilograms it’s not yeah it’s that sensation you talked about it cuz it’s not maybe a real-world situation most views it get experience backing off at 200 but what it’s like the well you you you just rated some black ice okay you feel like there is there is a sense of deceleration but you just feel a little bit of pressure on your belt yeah and you and the numbers don’t really change in the cars that I suppose rival this back off and it’s like someone has smashed the brakes yeah so it’s a very different experience and it you know the difference is I suppose that because of that slipperiness it’s more difficult to give that absolutely iron stability yeah and a Chiron is is you know barely moving it – it’s this thing it’s not wandering but it moves more keeps you interested yes speed likely a bloodhound – Lance pre-record car he says it wanders a bit five six seven people of that skill level could do that but beyond 200 I like things to be absolutely dead straight then this still is yeah but I wouldn’t want to move any more than it does okay and the other thing that makes this car very special is the layout the three seat allow it’s lovely and I think that there is something inherently special about a seat in the elderly in brings out your inner kid let’s have a sit inside like one of the button so the theatre of this now you’re about to drive from garden or down to Monaco yeah with two girlfriends yeah you have to work out your strategy getting in having spent a day in it I go from there yeah but then get my feet into the foot well like that I’m a my regular cross yeah I mean there’s no truly graceful way of doing it it’s not too bad so as a driver on your own you just bring the wheel back yeah and then drop it down a bit you’re fine there’s something very pleasing about having a symmetrical layout like this cuz no other car had it so I’ve got review cameras here you can see those in the door and then two big screens my my miniskirt you’re on till the right size within it but anyone bigger than you mm-hmm you mean anyone that’s average height yeah you could travel in there good that’s perfect yeah um I have to put my arm around you actually don’t don’t get too on there buddy you get one shoulder behind you oh yeah yeah that’s that’s that’s quite smoothly yeah but it’s not for three six-footers is it yeah yeah you are right up against it McGinnis he doesn’t fit so well in it flintoff he must have had a leg hanging out of the windows yeah it was a problem but but I love all this stuff here for some reason putting controls in the wrong place ie in the roof panel is just it’s just so something called a pure sci-fi today’s rather than having a track button or a sort of you know a race button this has a velocity button ah velocity lowers the ride height and changes something under – yourself v-max yeah yeah how quick did you go I think well it was only 1.5 1.4 1.5 mile runway and I did 225 I think if I stopped at but it was pulling hard there’s no doubt in my mind this thing would be more than 250 yeah but if you go beyond 250 there’s a lot of very expensive engineering required and I think McLaren took the right decision and said well we don’t mean it’s do anything make it more unique that they’re not chasing 300 plus let’s just build a car that’s different and it’ll do an easy 250 won the battle when you turn up with something that looks this beautiful and you’re fitting in the middle also what do you like think about this aniline lever that’s got this well ages and it’s soft and waxing yes absolutely beautiful well how long is it gonna last well buildings well this thing’s been pounded hasn’t it but $20,000 less car it just gets better doesn’t it look we you touched on the styling there when I first saw the pictures of this car I thought Christ that’s ugly yeah well yeah completely ugly not wise expecting out of proportion but I saw it once in the studio I’ve seen it again today and it’s it’s really growing on me because it’s so different to anything else I think it’s stunning it’s smooth it’s dignified it’s the antidote to all the hypercar rubbish that’s out there at the moment yeah to complicated and fussy yeah they’re stunning so you clearly aren’t an advocate for all these limited run multi-million pound hyper cars that seem to be getting launched every second but but if they can do something truly different why not and it’s a road car could see someone using it properly yeah I think it’s gorgeous this is what they should be doing I’m a two million quid plus it should be damn good but it is this is the one supercar hypercar thing of the last three years that interests me I think it’s just gorgeous and I was surprised at how fast it was yeah because over over 100 miles an hour it really goes it feels much quicker than a p1 much more accelerated yeah but there’s no drag that’s all no Jack you think people think that drag only really happens at very high speed but we’re doing a hundred stick your head out the window yeah it’s violent so this thing I would love to be the person that could just jump in it and crew saw the France well a joy but also it’s obviously designed to do straight line stuff you drove around the track as well you went around some corners its Goods alike it’s seven twenty s minus ten fifteen percent they’re like a boat but no no no I mean they’ve done a quite a good job because everything that’s out of the bag it’s you know it’s 722 here isn’t it yeah and that’s just a carbon fiber it doesn’t weigh much is massive yeah come on it’s gorgeous what I think no I’m not I’m a convert I’m a convert who think the wheel span again not sure when I first saw them they’ve refined the ABS he looks cooler with these vents at the back yeah again now we have I’ve fallen in love with it I’m so fickle I’ll probably change my mind again next week I think I honestly think it’s the best thing my parents done in ages keep your Center have this

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