Chris Harris’ (SUPER FAST) Car Buying Advice: Series 28

Chris Harris’ (SUPER FAST) Car Buying Advice: Series 28


Right then, it’s time for another dose of Harris’ quick car buying advice. What are the best cars you can buy today for under £30k(ish). Mazda 3, Peugeot 208, BMW 3 series? Find out the best options in under 5 minutes.Want to see more from Series 28? It’s available on iPlayer right now in the UK: Series 28: The Online Geneva Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

right forget supercars for just one minute the producers have assembled the most important new cars released in the last 12 months for under 30 grams ish and ordered me to tell you which ones to buy and which ones to avoid starting here with a group of under 17,000 pounds rather ordinary looking at facts let me give you the Skoda scholar worthy but oh so dull you can do more I know it’s spacious and it’s quite nicely built but come on Skoda is used to be funky and interesting here we go the Vauxhall Corsa would you believe it underneath it’s the identical car to that Peugeot but Peugeot actually employed a designer to make it look nice where is this it still looks a bit driving school doesn’t it so for me the 208 of those two is the one to have and also busy the best looking small car for years and a resurrection of a great Peugeot drivers car fantastic the Renault Clio well this is the new one looks like the last one but the interior is now bang on and it’s comfortable but who wants a mature Renault Clio not me moving on sub 19 grand let’s start with this one here the Skoda kamek another slightly unnecessary crossover each patent thing however look at this come under here boys and girls see that there where you fill your washer fluid oh that splashes everywhere if you do this it creates a nice little cup if your water flow to go in and it’s soft rubbery plastic also open the driver’s door and boom an integrated Brawley the only other car that has that is a rolls-royce moving across the Nissan Juke this thing is responsible for the entire small crossover breed they’re like rats oh this thing’s you’d be annihilated it’s better than the last one still hateful this here is the mg HS that doesn’t stand for high speed an exclusive motorcar because no one else will be silly enough to buy one here we go the Volkswagen T cross convinces you it’s a really good everyday car until you realize you could just have a golf and not look as much of a wall-e moving on sub 24,000 pounds at my age that seems like an awful lot of money have you told me a Toyota Corolla would be twenty four grand I’d have laughter you but it is do you know what for the first time ever they’ve made it quite good-looking but underneath it’s pretty dull hybrid powertrains are a bit grown E and it has a CVT gearbox those are the ones that make you can’t sound like a cow that’s giving birth you know here we go this is the Mazda 3 Mazda is on point with its styling at the moment this car looks great on the road it’s weird sky active engine not turbocharged again a bit of a movie car but I think that’s a great looking car this thing here is the Kia XSEED so the key could give us another play on the word seat it’s a slightly taller hatchback it doesn’t really do much more than a hatchback a void Mazda again with another great looking car this time the cx30 it’s kind of tall across over ething which reminds us that you should really buy the Mazda 3 now all of these are over 24,000 some of them quite a bit more let’s start with the new BMW 1-series endorsing their new styling philosophy make a car a bit ordinary-looking and then slap a massive pair of butt cheeks on the front don’t do it underneath it’s actually just a mini the last one serves an interesting car this one’s not for me however if you want even more horrible looking the Lexus UX remember in pottery class when used to break in and wreck other people’s pots that’s what happened to the styling of that it looks absolutely awful and it’s got a CVT gearbox so it’s horrible to drive to the BMW 3-series touring all the car you could ever ever need you might have spotted the one I like the most because it’s not the Toyota Camry it lasts forever but it’s just dull isn’t it it really is but future mini covers meet your new car now if you forced me to choose one car from this entire group I’d have mazda3 I think it’s the most interesting looking and sounding family car launched in the last year now let’s go and drive some fast interesting cars

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