Chris Harris’ ‘Unexpected’ Opinion on the Mustang Mach E

Chris Harris’ ‘Unexpected’ Opinion on the Mustang Mach E


Remember when people were up in arms about Ford putting a four-cylinder turbo in the Mustang? Well, now they’re really stoking the fire by plonking a Mustang face on their new electric SUV. But will Chris’ opinion on it surprise you? Series 27: Chris Harris Drives: Magazine: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

the Mustang Mack II it just sounds like a a Mustang that’s made for the Scottish market doesn’t it I need lucky yes do you consider yourself a Mustang fan I’ve liked them in the past I’m not a massive aficionado and I’ve owned a Camaro for a long time so I showed you that I don’t really have any great I don’t I don’t wear the badge of pride no okay because the thing with this cars we’re not really talking about the fact that it’s an electric SUV it’s sort of got it’s got a decent range it’s decent price it’s got four doors what we’re talking about here is the fact that they’ve decided to slap a slightly Mustang desk front end and some rear lights and a Mustang badge on here yeah I might say wide you know and defend this something all right so marketing genius or dropping the ball massive I think it’s clever gamble so I think the Ford Motor Company is a much sharper organisation than most car companies there their results driven their years of not knowing whether they had an f1 team or not on the balance sheet had gone and they sat down in the room and they’ve said right simple question if we make this slightly Tess Larry tall thing have a Mustang grille do do we make it so much more appealing to the buying public and get so many people to sign up and put deposit on it that it’s worth disenfranchising all of these sad old spitters that are dying quite quickly that used to love the Mustang and they’ve come back with a very clear answer that is it’s worth the gamble and I think they’re probably right because are you gonna not buy if you’re if you’re mr. Mustang or mrs. Mustang you’re not gonna buy a Mustang because of that awkward looking thing on stilts hey you know yeah so I think it’s probably quite a walk is the bottom line to most people’s arguments is calm down you can still buy a must I would the Cayenne came analyst you know we’ve been through these things very basic arguments but what’s interesting is that Ford have quite clearly identified the fact that Tesla’s have a sort of identity issue they’re faceless yeah you’re just presented with basically a sort of a bar of soap face it’s a shape and it doesn’t need any air intakes you realize that air intakes actually they have a the eyes and the man give you the facial expressions they anthropomorphize the vehicle don’t they good work though so actually you’re better off choosing a face and if you Ford you’d choose that not a fiesta with you so I think it makes sense but but the issue is right now that Ford has got a bit of recent history hasn’t it because they’ve slept the Puma badge which is a beloved little where are you and I but most burnable don’t know what pew Marie’s SUV and they’ve just called it a legend but let’s be let’s be pragmatic about it the pew must been gone a long time and it was it was great but it wasn’t it was didn’t become iconic globally it was it was loved by people like you and I and if your Ford and you’re sitting down in one of those clinics we’ve got to find a new name and you fight and you want to call it this but you find out that means ring piece in the upper volta so you can’t call it that you then go wahala me we owned the words Puma we don’t make it people anymore well we might upset a few people from the from the Ford Racing Pima owners club but frankly they’ll get over it away you go a pie chart somewhere won’t they yeah amount of people we’re going to piss off this is that’s basic when it comes to misappropriating old names Porsche win hands down the Cayman R whenever that’s two thousand and two thousand and nine thousand ten car was basically a door pulls rather rather than door handles and they resurrected the are named for the most spectacular oak I’ve ever made the 911 are and also the seven one eight Boxster which is which they’re now recording that a four cylinder hunka sure that they tried to make some connection with a racing car from the early 60s which still doesn’t work and yes and they don’t sell them and I had to make a citizen diversion because we told them it was from the start and yet the new yes so the new GT four is still called a seven one eight but has six cylinders yeah they were going to call it the Citroen and you wait for it because I think you’ll find that when all boxes and Caymans go six cylinders next year it’s going to be the seven one eight forward slash six yeah to to pay homage to the 911 for which when it became sin 9:1 for 4-6 and of course they’ve slapped turbo on the Taikan which is that does more it means much noise you I’m not worried about that in about a minute but a turbo is a is nomenclature that just gives them some kind of hierarchy in their range like the fastest one is always a turbo s there and the least ones always a 4 or 4s I get that that makes sense because those badges for me don’t resonate the way particular motorsport badges do and now we starts I’ll of that it just shows we started talking about Ford and somehow I get it on the Porsche find a question if you could own any must I bring it back to the Mustang yeah any Mustang from over the years what would it be what was the boss they did a few years ago the track pack was a boss 302 loss 302 would be the one because I think the American cars with their best when you have a normally aspirated v8 and then they put some track bits on them so in fact we their equivalent of a z28 Camaro I’ve driven all the fancy ones that the gt500 8350 and I’ve driven all that GT 350 I didn’t work for me at all because but that was a car they loved in America because it gave them a very European feeling engines a flat plane crank revs – a knife grand but that felt wrong to me I want a Mustang to feel like a muscle car it just felt like a muscle car pretending to be inattentive bolted a 355 engine to a Mustang there’s a project to me cuz I didn’t really get that and I’ve the base car and the bullet is that the current bullet is a nice car go back through the history of them some of that some of the early seventies cars are quite like actually then they look quite cool but I if you go back further into the 60s you know the original pony cars I I’m a you know you watch bullet you’re either a Mustang man or you’re a charger man and I’m very much charger man so yeah the modern ones probably appeal more

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