Chris Harris vs 2021’s Best Performance Cars Magazine Speed Week

Chris Harris vs 2021’s Best Performance Cars Magazine Speed Week


From Alfa to Zenvo and everything in between, including a £130k Mini, an actual Dakar car, very fast McLaren, crazy Lamborghini and hybrid Ferrari, this is what happens when you unleash Chris Harris and his opinions on the class of 2021. So strap in and prepare for some hot takes. For this year’s Magazine Speed Week, for reasons not entirely of our own making, our annual Perfmorance Car of the Year Test returned for the first time in nine years to the test track in tropical Dunsfold, and that deserved recognition. Go big or go home? We went big and went home, assembling the largest group of contenders we’ve ever had – 26 in total, with 12,440bhp between them – much to the irritation of our insurers. Desperate to know what won the whole thing? You can order the November 2021 issue of magazine direct to your door or download it straight to your phone or tablet here: . .Playlist 1 Name Here: Link HerePlaylist 2 Name Here: Link HerePlaylist 3 Name Here: Link HereWant to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team? #TopGear #SpeedWeek #PCOTY2021 #PerformanceCars #Supercars

chris it’s speed week time again and i’ll tell you what we’ve made a rob for our own back this year because we’ve got 26 cars here you’ve got too many cars yeah too many you know yeah too many um we’re gonna have a little walk around these are the contenders right so just we’re just gonna throw some thoughts the contenders be here for months exactly we’ve gotta whistle this down there will be one winner eventually we’ve got him on track for two days we’re uh we’re on the road and we can start here with the sf90 because this thing tried to kill you at valla lunga didn’t it yeah this is assato fiorano isn’t it so it’s got all the bits and bobs on it yeah it just wanted to do that’s complicated isn’t it wanted to do a different thing on every corner yeah and i think the the fundaments of a sports car are if it’s going quite quickly and you’re around immovable objects you have to be confident it’ll do the same thing yeah when you put the same steering in the same throttle input and this didn’t sometimes the front would push sometimes the back would push and it became quite tricky and they rolled out another one and said this is the one you can’t buy but you might be able to buy and it all got a bit confusing it was very ferrari so they might patch the software let’s hope they have i think it’s one of those cars that shows the problems for modern engineers that is it’s never quite finished there’s more they can do because it’s all in calibration yeah so they’re told when they have to stop they have to hand the car over to the customer but they know they’re going to carry on tinkering now in the old days that might mean a different damper or they might make the windscreen better but in these cars it means they can change the way the whole thing drives yeah this one drives differently to the last one i drove yeah all right well we’ll move on because you’re getting a bit vexed um i20n talking about simplicity front-wheel drive 200 odd horsepower manual gearbox do you know what this excites me more than that does it’s crazy is it because it’s got three pedals it’s got a stick and it’s you know what it’s understandable it makes sense i can see how you might live with one and use it i don’t understand those cars now it’s a half million pound car and i don’t know what you do with it this i know what you do with it is it better than a fiesta i don’t know you’ll answer that question your able team will answer that question however i know this i look at it and i want to drive it like yeah well that’s always a good sign come around here talking about driving like um this is just a hooligans car isn’t it rear wheel drive 700 and something so you you quite like what these guys have done over the last 10 years i don’t i think they took a brand that was really going somewhere and turned it into a kind of peacock brand where it was more about how you looked and what people thought about you than actually how it drove so i got in this with my cynical hat on and wow wow blew me away best lamborghini i’ve driven probably since six liter diablo in 2001. oh basic fast exciting a bit dangerous rear wheel drive well done lamborghini it looks like an absolute dog’s dinner to me what’s that intake on the top it’s just crap see i quite like that bit i’d take the stickers off though you like that well i mean you’re a bit of a show pony though come on yeah it’s a bit of a show pony that is at last a great that that shows why that is too complicated you jump out of that thing jump in this and you go ah that’s the way it should be ah over complicated show pony come on how beautiful is this you’re probably thinking anyone that’s watching this what on earth is a very old persia 205 doing at a modern performance car test but this is quite special isn’t it there are certain cars that you’ve always suspected would still equip themselves well in the modern environment that’s always one the other one is the e3953 bmw i still think a fit 530i manual would win any exec group test now and i bet that isn’t too bad against the modern stuff isn’t it no no it’s fantastic it’s been gone through by tolman so they’re going to sell some of these 45 grand or something it’s quite a lot of money but in the context of that how much 45 grand but in the context of resto mods that are popping up everywhere that are 2 300 grand that’s a lot of money do you i do well you’re leaning on a if you’re 300 i don’t care about this if you had a head-on with an especially rotund sparrow you’d be dead you would be dead but as an object to drive and to remind you why you love driving yeah that that matters more than most of the cars here and most people that would think about spending 200 000 pounds on a supercar would feel better driving that yeah but how do you explain that to them well that’s our job isn’t it why doesn’t peugeot make a car that looks like that yeah it’s gorgeous did i say gorgeous yeah that’s not gorgeous how’s the snail growing on you it’s not yeah how’s the car uh it’s a really good car but it doesn’t do it for me yeah and i don’t see many around do you no i don’t think they’re selling well no i think there’s something like bacon at a bar mitzvah mate keep coming around vantage f1 edition so they’re taking advantage more downforce more power stiffer does it do it for you no let’s talk about the bentley ah i like the green yeah it’s nice punchy green look at that so this is a conti speed right gt speed yeah so w12 650 horsepower but the party piece yeah will drift it will drift yeah i’ve seen the photos how long do the rear tires last it weighs two and a half tons if it’s sliding surely it’s two drifts and it’s done yeah but imagine how much fun you have there’s something about this new conte that i really love they make me relax i finished journeys less stressed than when i started them yeah this color’s a bit stressful but i do like it there we go now come over here let’s cut across so under there mark two mx5 yep buy the kit for about 20 grand from dowsit’s um cars it’s an handstand project and you build it yourself you fancied a project a while back weren’t you yeah about building it i was i suppose i just want it to have a magnificent eight cylinder engine a 12-cylinder engine it looks fantastic i totally get it but also it comes back to what you said about the 205. there’s something about this that’s more appealing as we as we start to accept the death of the internal combustion engine wouldn’t you rather be doing something like this than swanning about in some faceless supercar i think i would it’s quite fun it’s it’s it’s a fairly awesome full-on it’s quite big and i’m not sure i’d like it on a wet road yeah um why is there a bit of metal that just to garrote your bit to get your nads on what’s that that’s the gear shift oh my dear god look at that yeah um exposed linkage that just looks like it’s designed to slice your knackers off no very interesting um here come around here look because we’ve missed out easily the fastest thing here so 720 gt3 x it’s basically a 720 gt3 car but without the regs because it’s just a track toy yes they take the they take the intake restrictor off it give it loads of power it’s got all the aero so sometimes car companies not just car companies but sometimes individuals and organizations produce something that explains or totally explains why the thing they made before wasn’t much use this does that to the center is it beginner yeah yeah i mean why would you buy a center yeah it do it looks amazing yeah it looks like it’s fantastic you can wheel that out at the tractor you’d be you know if you roll that out you don’t have to do what cena doesn’t go on the front overhang’s really long because it gives me a bit more down force no mate look that does that looks fantastic look at it yeah okay gt3 you spend a bit of time in this as good as the old one yeah i think so yeah it’s a bit stiff in some places but i don’t know i i can find reasons why the old one might suit some people more but the fact is it’s a normally aspirated engine that revs to nine in a 911 body it’s rear-wheel drive and you can get a manual gearbox and at this stage in the life cycle of the motorcar we’re complaining about that as a package we should probably go away wing or no wing for me it’s always nowhere there’s no wing isn’t it when you’ve got these looks you don’t need anything more son no wing what’s this show off what’s this mustang mac one why are massive holes in the front here no idea yeah you basically got the sort of chassis goodies from the gt350s yeah but a sort of a more stock well 450 horsepower 5 liter v8 i’m told the only front engine v8 rear wheel drive manual car left i think probably right i just have a bullet version i just have i lose the bits you get the cue ball gear stick from the bullet would that do yeah and you know what the original mac one’s not one of my favorites for example i don’t really like the logo so much i don’t know the yellow i still love a mustang though but for me it would be a v8 manual convertible just to slag around in for the summer that’s what i’d do gtam yeah just in love with it when they announced it i thought it was a perfect piece of folly i thought it was cynical i thought it was alfred mayo trying to trade on its badge and get a few very rich people to park with too much money yeah for a card didn’t deserve to be that expensive however hundred drives by the way oh but it’s worth every penny yeah it deserves to be considered alongside stuff like this is it silly enough in the standard cars a bit smokier and more sideways that is that’s not a euphemism for my wife or something it’s just genuinely my dogs shut the hand up um so um i think i think it’s just incredibly special could it be more special probably not much more with the package they’ve got it’s outrageous looking it makes you feel um so abnormal from behind the wheel yeah i adore it i think it looks great it’s crazy money but for those that can why wouldn’t you yeah knocks a jaguar project eight into a well i’ll be careful what i say because i’ll just get hammered on twitter by people won’t i but there’s something about it that is just maybe the alpha badge the alpha image and the look of this car justifies it more than the project eight did yeah i love it i just i honestly i thought it was gonna be rubbish and the damping is so sophisticated isn’t it on the road it’s a comfortable car yeah from silly money to a real bargain actually over here so this is the um david brown the selly edition mini so this is the guy that did the db5 yeah the motivation thing yes he did that and then the mini remastered which is basically yeah wrestling mob minis um this is the fast one how much power has this got 125. is it a swift tune engine in it basically no it’s from uh i can’t selly so they they are the they are it’s an a series is it yes okay right yeah it is it’s a hot a series it’s actually about 120 in those days yeah so 130 grand do you know what i didn’t know that until that bird flying past i didn’t know that until you can have a good look 130 grand yeah man so i mean it’s lovely inside oh yeah they’ve spent the money on leather trimming the roll cage sort of and that is expensive yeah well do you know what some mug from mayfair will buy it and um i probably find it less offensive than some supercars yeah yeah but that is a lot a lot of money it’s a lot of money isn’t it that’s a lot let’s move on because single exhaust by about the back so we’re going to get bolt now because we’re going to get bogged down and let’s not discuss that because it’s just a yes all round yeah and we’ve only got one set of tires so try not to go this is this is i like this yeah baby baby catrim three cylinder yep all the lightweight bits yeah 170r look at that look at this side look at the tires i know right this one on a wet day on with this on the way they’ll be the most fun car here you know is it got a definite or not don’t know it’s gonna rain tomorrow though so we’re going to wow that people will be fighting for the keys to this i love it hello fantastic good stuff um i don’t get the haptic thing in this almost blocks the car out for me i can’t deal with it and also it’s got a um drift mode now what do you just i know what you think about synthetic did you just have a 7.5 previous golf i would don’t say that because tom harrison over there just bought one he’s going to be smiling for me this is fun but i need to understand it it’s remarkable but it’s called a million quid isn’t it yes a lot of money 200 grand it’s an exoskeleton yeah it’s been done by rally raid it’s proper proper proper thing yeah olly marriage had to go smoking around a quarry in it i love the way look had a great day now are you going to get one of these or what are you still waiting for you went to the trump gt i’ve wanted to buy an etron gt but um uh they they were very expensive i quite like a poll style one i love those as well yeah or this yeah but i think the hybrid thing just suits me better at the moment i can’t rely on full electric yeah but from what you guys have said and ollie’s video in this ah well this is the 4s not the turbo okay so this has got normal power you can actually use this yes exactly what’s around here look at this oh is that the run out edition the final edition this is it here to remind us all how good this car is before the uh emira comes along how much is this lots of money notice i’ll just put that back on just lob it yes put it in the foot well be fine good um um i i adore it still a special thing but yeah the s2 has been yeah 240 how much is this dunno how much is this anyone know how much is the elise stato they’re on it 50 grand 45. call it 50 bucks i’ll be fitting the steering wheel now this this is just outrageous made near bristol so how much power has it got do you want to say the name mcmurty mcmurtry we haven’t got grips with the name yet so i love it i saw this on the goodwood festival speed yeah and i like everyone else went what the hell is that so a thousand horsepower under a thousand kilograms and it’s got fans underneath well i hope it’s under a thousand kilograms it’s tiny it’s the size of a shoe this is so clever it’s small this is designed for british roads this is the way we should be going yeah how i mean it makes the elise look big yeah it’s ridiculous isn’t it but not finished we can’t drive it it’s just here as a technology demonstrator we’ll drive it next year but it went up the hill didn’t it yeah quickly it moves sounds like a jet fighter when you get the fans up right we’re on to the back row now i’ve not driven this yet but i hear really good things about it and i like the red accents is it better than the golf gti i think it’s more interesting than the golf golf gti has just become so bland doesn’t it yeah so i know how it feels middle-aged i’ve got nothing to say for myself i love the word dress yeah i am a golf gti and you are the bmw one was it one two what is it one is it younger what’s it called was it 125 ti or something what’s it called uh one two eight two one two eight weight 260 horsepower yeah right holder defender yeah should have put the v8 in it it’s actually got the two liter turbo yeah so it’s only got 300 horsepower so it’s basically all i bet it can still do stuff that would shock you yeah jump what’s this this is the one with the wing that moves is it yeah yeah um so yes the wing literally angles into the corners to put which makes no aerodynamic sense at all well it does on paper does it yeah because you’re putting more pressure on it’s much unloaded it’s better looking and better than the flesh than i thought yeah it doesn’t work in pictures but actually it’s a good looking thing it’s long isn’t it how long the wheelbase is yeah okay it’s an exciting thing but there has been fire issues in the past uh now electric 911 i’m anticipating probably not your cup of tea i just i i’m willing to be persuaded by anything but um let’s just see the door clacks right there oh here we go it does um nice i’ll have a go in it and i’ll remain open-minded what in the name of buttocks is this is the dakar thing yeah do you know who designed it no ian callum did he i’ve heard rumors about this thing yeah so it came fifth of the dakar this year this is the slightly updated one they’re gonna go back uh sebastian lobe um in the front you’ve got the the v6 ecoboost from the ford gt yeah twin turbo and then 500 liter fuel tank in the back a novel place to store your spare wheel it’s fantastic okay part of the styling who gets to drive this ollie gets to drive all the good stuff it’s basically ollie isn’t it unless you can sneak the keys off he’s become a right sneaker and i think this is the best looking electric car on sale oh there we go it’s gorgeous it is a gorgeous but it’s very very expensive a bit and i can’t get one for the right money a bit anonymous in this company no it’s a beautiful looking thing but why is it that it goes low in eco mode but the ride height goes up to go fast so when you want it slammed on the deck did you ever find that we couldn’t make the ride height right for the photographs yeah and you have to put it in eco mode to get it hunkered down to get the cd low but when you go a bit faster it brings itself up so it looks when it’s going fast audi hmm sort yourself but no but but it is beautiful okay all right that’s it we’ve done the whole lot which one are you going in you can ask questions go on oh you know you go first what what are you drawn to what do you want to jump in um if i was driving home now yeah to bristol god’s country i’d go in the m5 cs however if i had one if i could go home in the car that surprised me the most yeah i beat that lamborghini sto yeah honestly did not expect that at all what an engine what an experience reminded me what they can do when they’re not asking about trying to look too flash go on then hop in i’m gonna have a smoke about in that um 205 i think oh you’re such an every man’s man

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