Chris Harris vs the Ferrari 488 Pista & McLaren 600LT

Chris Harris vs the Ferrari 488 Pista & McLaren 600LT


As part of his ongoing bid to keep Europe’s tyre manufacturers in good health, Chris Harris takes to the track in the Ferrari 488 Pista and its super-sharp rival, the McLaren 600LT. But which would you take? Ferrari: McLaren: Drag Races: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

it’s called the pista and it costs 250,000 pounds based on Ferraris 488 supercar it has a 3.9 liter twin turbocharged v8 engine only where the four eight eight made do with 616 horsepower this one is the most powerful Ferrari ever made Tilden ought to fix it around three seconds then third is every other growing up favorite car these days Carter’s here is there from the standing star after 10 seconds it’s doing a hundred and 40 miles an hour 10 spikey that’s fast and the four eight eighths comprehensive rewrite doesn’t stop at the engine a quarter of a million pounds also buys you f1 grade aerodynamics and an exhaust made of in canal which is the same stuff that using rocket engines inside meanwhile every inch of the interior has been pared back to save 90 kilos in weight all of which makes the pista about nine tenths of a racing car for the road which comes with its downsides but if you’re going to go pared back and minimal at least make sure it’s Pleasant I’m in this seat here it’s as Boney’s an old donkey and what’s less of the – well it’s ten years old it’s from a Ferrari for five eight and then there’s this thing down here it’s a carbon fiber sort of spur with buttons on it it looks like a medieval sex toy but not the boring stuff the coils to warn you that you’re wandering out of your motorway lane or that there’s a scooter in your blind spot haha nope the pistas computers concern themselves with something far more exciting drifts on demand Ferrari calls it side slip angle control six perfectly tickler played alongside with electronic differential to keep you in line out of line it’s genius sliding a 700 par re shouldn’t be this easy makes it there’s no question with the future we’ve done it again what you’re looking at is the new benchmark for the track focus supercar but there is a problem with being the best it does put a target on your back and this is the pistas newest rival the McLaren 680 this is the latest car to get MacLaren’s longtail treatment he gets a twin-turbocharged 3.8 liter v8 and like the pista its main focus is the track but with over a hundred horsepower Lessman Ferrari pounds cheaper at all he is the thing though a couple of years ago McLaren gave us the seven 20s that was supposed to be a rival for the Ferrari 488 but in reality it was so much more advanced and so much faster than the Ferrari it might as well have come from another planet and now there’s this 600 LT which might be 65 thousand pounds cheaper than the booster five thousand pounds less car I reckon this could be very close one eighty over the line okay it’s quicker but it’s not my day it’s not my day and it’s not like McLaren has been any less committed to the details the longtail is nearly a hundred kilos lighter than the 570s on which it’s based the windscreen is two millimeters thinner saving 1500 grams they’ve even reworked the exhausts to exit straight at the top for less piping and more flame mcLaren has gone to town on this car bigger carbon ceramic brakes new Springs new dampers revised anti-roll bars and for me McLaren is still the master of the supercar cabin I got a great view straight down onto the road I can see the top of the wings there it means its light airy it’s not intimidating by supercar standards it’s pretty good value looks like someone wants the black and we know he’s got both straight line reads of a Rory just explain week trips machine entertain special car you don’t come across these very often the truth is there are no losers here forget the million pound hypercars for sheer driver experience this is the best McLaren you can buy right now that is the best Ferrari so which would I have well for McLaren yeah it’s cheaper than the Ferrari and it’s not as fast but this is a proper pure driver’s car and it’s the one that I feel most connected to you you

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