Chris Harris vs the rally-bred Toyota GR Yaris

Chris Harris vs the rally-bred Toyota GR Yaris


Yes, the brand new series of returns on 14th November to BBC One. So, to celebrate, here’s a snippet of one of our favourite films from the last series. It’s Chris Harris. It’s the Toyota GR Yaris. It’s some of the greatest homologation specials of all time. And naturally, it’s sideways… more content here: Series 30: Chris Harris Drives: More fun with Toyota’s: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

it comes from toyota and it’s called the gr yaris and on the face of it the gr looks like it ticks all of the hot hatch boxes it makes around 250 horsepower which is proper hot hatch power it does knock the 16 around five seconds and tops out at 140 miles an hour which is proper hop hatch pace it’s all very much as it should be until that is you hear about the price because this toyota yaris costs over 33 000 pounds 33 grand protoyaris now that is a tough sell after all the yaris badge does conjure up certain lifestyle and not an especially sporty one i’m talking saga cruises stanley stairlifts tottenham rugs in short 33 grand for a souped-up oap mobile does sound like a big ask especially when you consider the competition because for 14 000 pounds less than the gr you could have one of those the fiesta st same size as the yaris utterly brilliant to drive or for a couple of grand less could have one of these civic types whole lot more power what a wonderful thing looks like it eats kittens for breakfast and for pretty much the same money you could have one of these the mercedes amg a35 faster more powerful and with a badge that doesn’t scream zimmerframe but here’s the thing you can’t compare the yaris to regular hot hatches because it’s not a regular hot hatch allow me to explain these are some of the greatest legends of the world rally championship where to be eligible to compete cars have always had to be closely based on a road car you can actually buy so for the best chance of winning you’d really want to build a road car that’s being specially designed to go racing but that would be very expensive and as a result it almost never happens but just occasionally a car maker decides that yes it will build a completely new very fast road car as the perfect base for its next rally car these are called homologation specials and they are some of the best cars ever made the audi sport quattro shortened to make that monster there with the big wings lancia delta into garlic is that the greatest homologation road car ever made to create the thing that you har kang can have won those championships in and this might be my favorite the evo six mitsubishi that tommy mackinnon dominated the sport in and then every boy races dream the ford escort rs cosworth and what a rally car that created make no mistake this is distinguished company and toyota has now given its most unlikely of cars the same treatment the gr yaris is no hot hatch this is a genuine rally car for the road the engine’s only a three-cylinder turbo petrol but it’s the most powerful one in the world right now and it’s crowned full of motorsport technology but it’s strong and then there’s the brakes the brake pedal has immense feel it’s so good and they are powerful but what really sets this rally yaris apart is its four-wheel drive system and the way it works with the rest of the chassis to pin the car to the road that short wheelbase those wide tracks those sticky michelin tyres i reckon you can drive around the outside of a bmw m3 on any roundabout it’s that grippy unless of course you put it in sport mode which tells it not to be accelerate and even better when you yank the handbrake it disconnects the rear axle so you can do proper rally style handbrakes you know what this brings out my inner colin mcrae flicking around [Laughter] that is ridiculous and it’s got a toyota badge on it which incidentally is one of the few things the gr yaris shares with the oap spec original that your nan drives the regular yaris has five doors this one three the roof is four inches lower and because your rally car must be made of the same stuff as your road car that roof is now also carbon fibre while the bonnet and doors are lightweight aluminium toyota has reinvented the little garis and it now truly belongs with this lot for me a homologation special is a car that looks ordinary when you see it from a distance but up close you see the width and the specialness those wide tracks and the yaris absolutely nails that i think it’s an instant icon i really do honestly it’s one of the best cars i’ve driven in years and it absolutely belongs in this company what a machine you

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