Chris Harris vs the Toyota Supra

Chris Harris vs the Toyota Supra


Time for some Extra Gear! Chris explains his dismay with the “BMW-ness” of the Toyota Supra, featured in Episode 5 of the new series of . Find out where to watch the new series here: Series 27: Chris Harris Drives: Toyota: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

right Chris we’ll get straight to the heart of the matter and when you wrote about the super in recent topic there is one quote which I’ve picked out which was this is one of the strangest cars I’ve ever driven so can you explain yourself okay and this might be peculiar to people that test cars because I’m too familiar with individual brands and and the way that they resonate with me so what I get in an Audi there’s a smell to an Audi there’s a feeling to the seats that put into the steering wheel for leathers the textures that there’s an identity to the vehicle right there’s an identity to a BMW as well and I’m very familiar with that from the way the key operates the way the door-handle works the weighting of the controls everything is particular to a BMW so when you get in a car just bad Toyota and it goes BMW in your head everything says BMW from the sound it makes to the way that it drives the way that it sounds the way that the materials even smell inside it you go this is weird this doesn’t quite work for me now the argument is leveled in people like me is well that’s peculiar to you because you’re a car tester if someone’s not driven a BMW they won’t know well I don’t think that’s right I still don’t think that works for me this is an enthusiast car but I maintain my argument if we were talking about a Corolla and it had a load of BMW 1-series in it then I would then I’d understand it it’s a halo car for the whole brand this is a statement to the world that what toys you can do so what they need to go and make that statement they go to BMW and say you make it we’ll slap a badge on it I’ve just wound you up Dom pĂ©rignon you know nip down the road and said well we’ll Nick a bit of that stuff yeah now did paddy give you a go in the a ATV the old super sure you driven one I’ve driven funny I don’t want to give away your age but you may have one you know I’ve never driven one but I suggest I think that the legend probably doesn’t live up reality mr. burrows into spectacles there’s a Stein of car it was you know made a 9 to 8 look agile and they were a bit heavy you know anyway so but it was the tunability that massive lump of heavy 2jz became a legendary vehicle like so many cars that are standard were a bit lackluster by the time they’ve gone through the Japanese tuning mill you know the young supers and all those other things they were they just became part of folklore motoring folklore and they coincided with the max generation which is wonderful so that’s a very treatable engine but but they’re gonna do great things with this car they can make it go really fast and I think for me there’s something really appealing about the core DNA of a properly Japanese sports car they are more often than not not is objectively good that’s gonna say yeah you know GTR intersects Supra these are all quite deeply flew cars they do they but they carry with them a story and narrative of kind of Japanese obsession and there’s something about them that makes you when you sit in with you go why are they done that so you ever been to see the guys who build the GTR engines yeah there’s only two of them that can build them at a time it’s like a 10-year training process white gloves a lot but I love all that and this to me just doesn’t feel Japanese it’s a bit like going to Oktoberfest in the kimono it doesn’t quite work it’s an idea for a feature there you go think right so let’s get down for nitty-gritty if you had to have one in this class would you have the super the Alpine m2 comp or the Cayman Cayman GTS to stand out cars in the class for me there’s the alpi and there’s the m2 comp net their head and shoulders above this as a both as an object to own and a carpet if you had to take one home out of those two I’d have the AL theme yeah yeah I just think it’s the standout sports car of the last few years it offers something nothing else does that has sort of Lotus lightness of touch it’s a car that you enjoy every Drive and it it reveals more and more of its personality the m2 is a bit more of a blunt instrument if you want to go and smoke something around yes and it’s always got rear seats but the our peen is at almost an unrepeatable prospect at the moment so yeah all day long I wouldn’t look at one of these I’m afraid though Chris is the wrong answer Gordon what is it because you’d have a Cayman gt4 with you the new one but yeah but that’s 75 grand isn’t it questions are open to interpretation well no I think yeah I think the alpide is the one

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