Christmas Gift: Tesla Befriended TikTok

Christmas Gift: Tesla Befriended TikTok


Tesla has released a big holiday update for its electric vehicles with the TikTok app and new games. At the same time, 580 thousand Tesla cars came under investigation for games while driving.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with reference to Electrek.

The software update (version 2021.44.25) for Tesla’s electric cars includes many “goodies”.

The interface now features a customizable app launcher at the bottom of the screen, and overall simplified controls so that the user can focus on navigation and multimedia. In addition, added automation of viewing blind spots from the camera when turning.

The light show – a feature that Tesla first unveiled as an Easter egg in the Model X crossover back in 2015 – was accompanied by slamming falcon wings. The light show is now available for all Tesla vehicles.

Tesla Theater, the platform that integrates streaming apps, has received a new addition: you can now watch TikTok from your touchscreen. Formally, this can only be done when the car is parked.

The automaker also added the popular arcade arcade Sonic the Hedgehog and the puzzle game Sudoku to the video games section in this year’s holiday update.

Also, in order to preserve battery performance, in cold weather, when the battery charge is low, the interior climate control and seat heating will be automatically turned off.

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