Chrysler announced the concept with “premium design”

Chrysler announced the concept with “premium design”


Chrysler brand chose the consumer electronics show (CES) as a platform for the premiere of the concept Airflow Vision. Futuristic quadruple hatchback will offer a premium design, comfort is first class and a new concept of user interface for customers with active lifestyles.

A wide and muscular body Chrysler Airflow Concept visually combined with wheels, the design of which resembles the rotor of the electric motor. About the electrified stuffing concept also says “copper” piping doors and arches. Led optics smoothly flows into the blade, “splitting” the front portion into two halves; the rear lights stretched across the entire width of the body. As the main color of the selected exterior color Arctic White, secondary blue, Celestial Blue.


The same color scheme is used for the interior. Inside – four separate chairs with the pedestals arranged on the thin frames. Upholstery made of premium leather and suede. The backlight works on the principle of “cocoon”, that is individually adjusted according to the preferences of each of the passengers. Internal dimensions Airflow Vision Concept is comparable with a hybrid minivan Chrysler Pacifica and he borrows a flat floor.

Displays on the front panel show the new concept of user interface. It is based on a hierarchical view of menu items that are grouped, simplified and personalized depending on the preferences of the owner. Configures the order of displaying information on different screens and views and other content can be transferred to other passengers.

Although Airflow Vision has the status of a concept, some solutions, including stylistic, can be used in future Chrysler models.

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