Chrysler recalled its existence spectacular crossover

Chrysler recalled its existence spectacular crossover


Stellantis EV Day was full of announcements and teasers, but one of the most unexpected came from Chrysler.

Previously, Chrysler only sold a minivan, an older version of that minivan, and an even older sedan. This strategy works wonders for the brand, with sales dropping from 324,846 units in 2015 to just 110,464 units last year. Instead of completely completing the sale of existing foreign cars and leaving the market, the brand is preparing a new crossover model.

The company hasn’t said much about the model, but it is somewhat reminiscent of a mixture of the ill-fated 200 and the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The crossover has a streamlined front fascia with a thin radiator grille located under the slender headlights. Moving on, you can see the windshield that merges into the sloping roof. The model also features plastic bodywork, large alloy wheels and an angled C-pillar.

The interior is clearly more futuristic as it features a free-standing infotainment system flanked by four other displays.

One is the digital instrument cluster and the other is the front passenger infotainment system. Since five displays are clearly not enough, two more have been added for the rear seats.

Screens aside, the model has a two-spoke steering wheel and elegant leather upholstery. We can also see a panoramic glass roof, a floating center console and an ambient lighting system.

At the moment, little is known about the model, but Ralph Gilles suggested that it is built on the STLA Large platform to support electric vehicles with a range of up to 805 km on a single charge thanks to a battery with a capacity of 101 to 118 kWh.

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