Cities of far – the results of the game!

Cities of far – the results of the game!


Smartly from the insurance company ARX, the InfoCar editors have shown the city of the most important waters, which will add the policy of SMART vehicles on the ARX website and send us the policy from Viber or Telegram.

Autocivilka SMART is a product of the insurance company ARX, which allows a guaranteed discount of 10% if the contract is laid down for the same year, with the possibility of increasing the discount of up to 25% for the upcoming market for the maneuver of the guard. What is more beautiful than water navichki, team vishcha znizhka.

Otzhe, from 11/10/21 to 30/11/21 skinny, hto nasd_slav us pol_s automatically taking part in the development of 5 stylish autocompressors. And to whom the share laughed – by visiting

We are ready to show you the best!

They became:

  1. Valentin K. (EP206480589);
  2. Roman B. (EP206421123);
  3. Olena S. (EP206951936);
  4. Mikola V. (EP206445661);
  5. Danilo S. (EP206683483).
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