Citroen C5, again not only crossover!

Citroen C5, again not only crossover!


Pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 led to delays and even cancellations of many automobile Prime. In this regard, fans of the brand Citroen started to ask a troubling question – what’s with flagship passenger car, announced in concept CXperience in 2016 and confirmed in mid-2019, Arnaud Belloni, Director of marketing for the French company?

It turns out that the project is not closed, and the premiere is coming, as reported by the publication Automotive News Europe with reference to Lawrence Hansen, product and strategic Director of Citroen. That Manager said the following: “Believe me, the car exists, and it is gorgeous!”. Hansen said that the new midsize model is extremely important for Citroen. This is despite the fact that the cars D-class in recent years is being rapidly eroded between C and E, and also suffers from customer churn to a more universal status and crossovers.

According to the resource CarSalesBase in the first quarter of this year sales of cars of D-class in Europe declined by 15% to 220 556 units (compared to the first quarter of 2019). But demand for some models increased. For example, the segment leader, “treshka” BMW, just added a 33% – 34 sold 928 PCs Sale Volkswagen Passat rose 12% to 32 196 pieces, Volvo S60/V60 – 5% to 16 PCs 309, Peugeot 508 is also a plus: realized 8562 instance, 7% more than a year ago.

In General, in the middle class it is possible to work, and Groupe PSA, apparently, thoroughly decided to invest. In February debuted the premium sedan DS 9 on a modular platform EMP2. It also underpins the Peugeot 508 and the heirs of the Citroen C5 and Opel Insignia.


Heir Citroen C5, most likely, will present this year, but we don’t know what the model will be the index (C5 or C6) and what basic body type (sedan or liftback). The version of station wagon will almost certainly, as it is still in demand by Europeans.

Judging by the hints of the leaders of the Citroen, the heir to the S5 in terms of design will differ significantly from the Peugeot 508 and DS 9, but the range of powertrains, including plug-in hybrid setup, they are, of course, inherit.

Citroen C5 second generation left the European market in 2017, and best year of sales was 2009, when dealers sold over 80 thousand copies. In China until recently, it was proposed localized version of the S5 with a modified body design and a conventional spring suspension instead of hydropneumatic. Last year, the sedan Chinese Assembly found only 725 buyers against 5070 in 2018, so his best days are long gone, and the time to market heir.

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