Citroen E-SpaceTourer: all-electric 9-seater van

Citroen E-SpaceTourer: all-electric 9-seater van


Brand CITROEN, as one of the pioneers of creating the class, a roomy and comfortable passenger vans, strengthens its position in the market with new models, 100% electric car CITROEN e-SpaceTourer. The new product offers customers a wide selection of different versions, and perfectly complements the basic range of models SpaceTourer: now customers can choose not only the size of the body, number of seats, level of equipment, and also the type of engine – diesel or all-electric.

New electric van CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer takes all the best from the basic model SpaceTourer and adds a number of key benefits:

  • two batteries, two power reserve of 50 kW and 230 km or 75 kW and 330 km (WLTP);
  • three options for the length of the body on the choice of the buyer – XS (4,60 m), M (4.95 m), XL (5.3 m);
  • wide possibilities of transformation and variability of the interior (maximum 9 passenger);
  • the maximum vehicle height 1.9 m – access to most underground car parks;
  • four configurations to choose buyer – Feel, Shine, Business, Business Lounge;
  • original design with “e”logo, the distinctive details in the salon;
  • movement without noise, jerks, exhaust, access to closed areas “only for electric vehicles”;
  • high modern technologies that make your daily trips easier.

01. Compact, modern, comfortable and 100% electric van

Depending on the specific embodiment, the electric van CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer can carry 6-9 people, providing an uncompromising level of comfort. The electric car has a unique design that makes it instantly recognizable. At the same time muscular body lines and massive front end emphasise the strength of the design, and especially soft and non-aggressive design gives a feeling of confidence.


Electric is built based on a universal modular platform ЕМР2 from the PSA Group, making possible to achieve a perfect balance between the spaciousness of the interior, the handling on the road, comfort on the way. The novelty is available in three variants of body length: XS (4,60 m), M (4.95 m), XL (5.3 m). Due to optimal dimensions and good manoeuvrability, the vehicle can boast a turning circle of 11.3-12.4 meters (depending on specific version). A wide lateral sliding door provides a comfortable fit, not only the second but also the third row of seats. Finally, the new electric veins will be the perfect partner for both transporting people and for transporting goods. For example, even in the presence of 5-seater cabin, the car can offer the amount of Luggage 2 932 l (for body XL). Finally, a small height (only 1.9 m) and such unique options like touch opening side doors (for the swing leg) is noticeably simplify daily life for the driver and passengers.

Different versions of the electric Vienna make it possible to meet the demands of different customers – a large family, lovers, recreation and sports, business customers: the perfect embodiment of the corporate approach “Inspired by You All”. Thanks to the many seat options (sliding or removable), maximizes the flexibility of the salon and able to use all the usable space.

02. CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer: efficiently charged!

Electric van CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer can offer customers a choice of two of the traction battery, which are characterized by their capacity and, accordingly, reserve. Thus, customers can choose the option that is best suited to their categories: taxi service, business or service of transportation, private use.

Two options battery for customer choice:

  • the battery 50 kWh allows a range of 230 km (according to the rules of a measurement cycle WLTP), consists of 18 modules, is offered for three body variants (XS, M, XL);
  • a 75 kWh battery provides a cruising range of 330 km (according to the rules of a measurement cycle WLTP) consists of 27 modules offered for the three variants of the body (M, XL).

Electric car CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer traction batteries type “Lithium-ion” today is the most advanced and modern technology for the mass market. Flexible and versatile, the EMP2 platform has allowed a very tightly integrate the battery into the chassis (lower part of the body) – thus managed to preserve a maximum of useful volume of the passenger compartment and trunk. The traction battery stores and outputs electric power not only for motor but also for the heater, air conditioner, and other systems. The battery level is displayed on the instrument panel. Warranty on the traction battery and powertrain is 8 years or 160 thousand km.

We should also note an excellent opportunity for charging the battery. So, the charging port is located in the left front fender of an electric car, the charging process is possible when “Parking mode”. Electric van CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer standard equipped with a built-in 1-phase charging device with a capacity of 7.4 kW, optionally available 3-phase charger with power up to 11 kW, also there is a port for “fast charge” DC (DC). In the end, the electric car can be charged from a household outlet (AC, current 8-16A), from special charging stations “Wallbox” from 1 – or 3-phase alternating current (AC, current 16-32A) or from the “quick” charging stations direct current (DC).

With the application “MyCitro?n”, the driver can control the charging of the battery and to control a number of parameters:

  • to see the current battery level and power reserve;
  • to enable pre-cooling of the cabin with air conditioner;
  • to program the desired switch-on time of the charging (using a smartphone or tablet app “My Citro?n” or directly on the touch screen in the cabin).

The last variant is possible when used as a home charging station (Mode 2) and “fast” public charging (Mode 3). After programming the start time of charging, connect the cable and press the button located near the charger port.

03. Distinctive elements of the exterior, visible changes inside

Electric car CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer visually integrated in the line model SpaceTourer, however, highlighted a number of specific details which make it instantly identifiable. Visual differences are evident both outside and inside.

Features outside:

  • logos “e” in front and rear;
  • modified panel instead of the traditional grille;
  • the flap for the charging port in the left front fender.

Visible changes inside:

  • the switch “e-Toggle” instead of lever manual/automatic transmission (positions Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Brake);
  • a selector to select drive modes (Eco, Normal, Power);
  • a modified instrument panel that allows you to control the operation of the electric motor (separate sitting areas, Eco, Power, Charge) and the charge level of the traction battery;
  • original graphics for multimedia system with 7-inch display, the flow control/energy recovery and battery status, configurable charging and pre-cooling/warming of the passenger compartment.

04. Driving and managing

Movement on the electric car CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer remembered softness and silence, and instant reactions of the motor on depression of the accelerator pedal. There are no conventional powertrain, there is no need to change gears, no exhaust and carbon dioxide emissions (CO2).


Electric van CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer offers quite decent features:

  • the maximum speed of 130 km/h (in any of the selected modes, motion);
  • electric motor with a maximum power of 100 kW or 136 HP

The electric motor allows you to operate the van in accordance with the selected mode of motion, it can also work in the recovery mode, collecting energy when slowing down and braking. The electric motor develops a maximum power of 100 kW (136 HP) and torque of 260 Nm (depending on the selected driving mode). New electric CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer offers three driving modes, which are switched by a selector in the cabin.

Each mode offers its own settings of operation of the electric motor:

  • the “Eco” mode (the output of the electric motor 60 kW and 190 Nm) for the maximum range speed;
  • “Normal” mode (the output of the electric motor 80 kW and 210 Nm) for normal daily trips;
  • the mode of “Power” (the output of the electric motor 100 kW and 260 Nm) – for maximum driving dynamics and traction when fully loaded.

Also there are two options of intensity recovery (slow minivan with simultaneous recharging of the traction battery):

  • regular moderate recovery weak deceleration, similar to the process of engine braking on cars with internal combustion engines;
  • more intensive level of recovery selected by pressing the button “B” allows more intensively to slow the van and more efficiently store energy in the battery.

05. The options available and the specifications of electric car

Electric van CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer is offered in four basic trim levels, each has its own distinctive features – the number of seats, body size, etc.

The customers are offered the following equipment:

  • CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer Feel three options of body length, 5 – or 7 – or 8-seater cabin, perfect for large families and friends who love to travel;
  • CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer Shine – the body M or XL, 5 – or 7 – or 8-seater cabin, perfect for large families and friends who love to travel;
  • CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer Business – three options for the length of the body, variants from 5 – to 9-seater, great for business (taxi service, Shuttle to hotel, etc.), the vehicle can be equipped with different equipment for a broad program of personalization;
  • CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer Business Lounge – the body M or XL, 6 – or 7-seater cabin, individual seats in the rear compartment, the creation of the “office on wheels”, a mobile folding table, tinted Windows, ideal for VIP transportation (businessmen, managers, managers).


It should also be noted that the novelty may be an example of modularity and functionality:

  • the driver’s seat in all trim levels CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer offers height adjustment and configuration of the lumbar support optionally available back massage;
  • front passenger seat can be folded, which is useful when transporting long goods;
  • for van CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer possible to order an independent movable, folding, removable rear seat;
  • seat 2 – and 3-series can be folded in the ratio 1/3-2/3 or all at once, and they can move forward and backward to adjust the space of the passenger compartment or trunk volume;
  • the rear seats can be removed and removed from the cabin, thus turning a passenger van into a cargo van;
  • version Business Lounge offers a swivel seat that allows passengers to set up a mobile office and is “face to face”.

06. Unique vehicle CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer: thoughtful and functional:

Depending on configuration, the novelty can be equipped with numerous driver assistance systems. For example: adaptive cruise control with a speed limiter, the help system when climbing a slope (Hill Start Assist), monitoring of blind spots rear view mirrors, the system of recognition of road signs, rear view camera (Top Rear Vision), the tracking rows motion control driver fatigue. The management of these and other systems is via 7-inch touch screen, and details about the trip can be displayed on a high-tech head up display HUD (Head Up Display). Finally, a nice and easy addition would be a system Loaded Arms Access: touch opening and closing side door on the stroke of the foot – a unique option for this segment!

Also new uses several developments of the program Citro?n Advanced Comfort, which is designed to increase the usability of the electric vehicle. For example, the navigation system Connect Nav still offers a 7-inch touchscreen display, voice control, information about traffic jams in real time, but also now automatically delineates the permissible radius of the reserve (on the current battery charge level). There is a possibility of route planning through the point of location of charging stations. Also the electric car has to offer modern means of communication, including technology support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Another feature, prepared especially for electric van CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer are packages of online services – access to a network of 160 thousand charging stations, payment via app, etc.

Along with such important models as the CITRO?N Aircross C5 Hybrid, CITRO?N Ami CITRO?N ?-Jumpy, an electric van ?-SpaceTourer will enable the Brand to significantly strengthen its range of electric vehicles, expanding it into new market segments. Sales CITRO?N ?-SpaceTourer start on the European market at the end of 2020.

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