Citroen presented the concept 19_19 with futuristic wheels

Citroen presented the concept 19_19 with futuristic wheels

The novelty shown in honor of the 100th anniversary of the brand, got huge wheels, which will probably be installed on some new models in 2020.

According to CEO Linda Jackson, the concept of High-19_19 Ride is a futuristic, fantastic, but quite realistic. This design refers to the return to more radical thinking, which was previously noticed for Citroen.

And even taking into account the fact that a large portion of this machine was designed for the year 2030, a top Manager noticed that the concepts are only created at the moment when the designer is able to verify the reality of his creation.

In the official press release States that the defining characteristics of demo concept are a high rise and a powerful, bulky 30-inch wheels, which are embedded in the motor, as well as full autonomy in movement.

As the top brand designer Pierre Leclercq, has 19_19 tires with high spots of the new generation, created with the support of Goodyear. The freedom to develop the car around the platform enables Citroen to do experiments with large wheels that can give a huge amount of potential benefits. One of them is high enough ground clearance.