Citroen returns to Segment D

Citroen returns to Segment D


The launch of the new Citroen C5 X marks the return of the French brand to the D segment after a 2-year absence. This category plays a leading role in Europe. The brand wants to stand out from the competition with a unique offering.

The new C5 X is a concrete proposal with which Citroen decides to attack the mid-market in Europe again. The novelty will be the result of a mixture of characteristics of a sedan, station wagon and SUV. The big debut of the new C5 X was organized in China at the Shanghai Auto Show 2021.

The body length reaches 4.8 meters, the width is 1865 mm, the height has reached 1485 mm, and the wheelbase is approaching 2.8 meters. This allowed the brand’s designers to design a very spacious interior for passengers in the front and rear seats.

The trunk holds 545 liters, with the seats folded out – 1640 liters

The commercialization of the new C5 X will begin in the second half of 2021. In addition to Europe, it will also be sold in China. Serial production of the new C5 X in the Asian country will take place at the Chengdu plant operated by a joint venture between Stellantis and Dongfeng.

The C5 X is aimed at people who are accustomed to a higher driving position and ease of getting in and out of the vehicle. It has the spaciousness and functionality of a family car. The novelty will be able to attract the attention of buyers, both family cars and compact SUVs.

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