Citroen unveils truck ‘for children’

Citroen unveils truck ‘for children’


The Citroen Ami ATV has a single-seat version of My Ami Cargo, which is a light commercial vehicle (LCV). Instead of a passenger seat, it offers a volume of 400 liters for the transport of goods weighing up to 140 kg. Acceptance of online orders for the “van” in Europe will open at the end of May at prices from 6,490 euros, including taxes. Long term rentals (2-4 years) “start” at € 24.18 per month.

Neither externally, nor technically Ami (2410 × 1390 × 1520 mm) has not changed. The electric motor develops 6 kW (8 hp), and the battery with a capacity of 5.5 kWh allows you to drive up to 75 km without recharging at a maximum speed of 45 km / h. Charging from a 220V household outlet takes three hours.

The passenger seat has been replaced with a plastic box (260 l), lockable with buttons, divided into seven modules. A removable shelf that serves as a lid can withstand a load of 40 kg. There is a place for A4 documents. The two-level floor with clamps can accommodate items 1.2 m long.

The range of accessories includes a net for holding objects when the passenger door is open, a floor mat, a holder for a smartphone and the like. “Customizing for professionals” means painting the body in a chosen color and applying logos. Citroen hopes that My Ami Cargo, “small on the outside, big on the inside,” will be in demand by urban delivery services, service firms (plumbers, plumbers, electricians), individual entrepreneurs and even local authorities.

Would you pay 400 euros for a van?

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