Citroen will bring to market a very cheap electric car

Citroen will bring to market a very cheap electric car


This summer, the European market will be a new compact electric car Citroen Ami. Moreover, the manufacturer offers three schemes of owning a car: regular sale, long term rentals and car sharing.

Ami plan to sell online, from home buyer, or to the point of self-delivery. However, the manufacturer will not give up the traditional scheme of sales: electric cars will be delivered in dealerships, and will be put in pop-up stores. The full value of Ami will be six thousand Euro; rent will cost € 19.99 per month with a mandatory Deposit of EUR 2644; carcharinus Ami costs 26 cents per minute.

In Europe miniature electric car is classified as a quadricycle, which means to control they do not need a driver’s license. Ami length of 2.41 meters, that is, it is a bit more than the Renault Twizy.

Under the floor of the car battery is installed 5.5 kilowatt-hours, which powers a single electric motor. With him Ami accelerates to a maximum of 42 miles per hour and rides without recharging for about 75 kilometers.


The filling of the battery from a household outlet takes three hours. In the cabin – two offset relative to each other chairs; the role of the media system performs smartphone.

Citroen Ami is positioned as “a practical solution for short trips in the city” and “an alternative to scooters, bicycles, mopeds and public transport at a reasonable price.”

Sales of electric cars in Europe will begin this summer. Rent is very cheap quadricycle will be via the service Free2Move PSA group.

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