City car Genesis Mint approved the launch of a series of

City car Genesis Mint approved the launch of a series of


Double Mint, presented in April at the new York auto show, was developed by the team of Sasha Selipanov. Electric car with a range of 322 km intrigued hinged doors a La “Falcon wings” and seven displays in the cozy cabin.


Manfred Fitzgerald, chief of Genesis, in an interview to share Motor Trend said that the Mint concept embodies the best qualities of a city car: its small size, spacious interior and an innate practicality. “This is what awaits us in the future. People, restricting the brand Genesis with cars that I see on the street, definitely wrong, — said the functionary. — After the show-Kara, we received a very positive response of the market. Now you need to choose the right equipment.” Question about the power plant remains open.

Serial production of the concept Genesis Essentia Fitzgerald has affirmed, but did it again: “Some of the settings that we still check to touch the chassis. Discusses the various configurations and options.” Electric supercar will hit the market no earlier than 2021.

Of course, Manfred had to comment on the crossover Genesis GV80. Whether it’s turbochetverki? “You will be surprised what we show,” he closed the subject Fitzgerald. However, he admitted that in the next 18-24 months Genesis will marginalize their American showrooms from Hyundai and will hire an “Executive staff”.

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