City hatchback Toyota Agya updated

City hatchback Toyota Agya updated


This model is Japanese with 2012 sell in Asia. The name of the car “Agya” is translated from Sanskrit as “fast”.

City car Toyota Agya designed by Daihatsu subsidiary, once again refreshed. Recall, this compact hatchback has a “twin” – “pyatidverka” called Daihatsu Ayla. Both auto manufactures joint venture Astra Daihatsu in Indonesia. After the second upgrade Toyota Agya has acquired new bumpers, redesigned fog lamps, stylish rear lights with modified graphics and grown-up exterior mirrors. This compact citicar and the top version of the TRD, which relies to a stylish sports body kit.

The car has a new center console with different air vents ventilation. Control unit “climate” received a button and neat monochrome screen. Updated and multimedia, received the access new features.


But the motor line the upgrade is not affected. Toyota Agya is equipped with litre three-cylinder engine, outstanding 67 HP or 88-horsepower four-cylinder 1.2-liter. A couple of them work 5MKPP or 4АКПП. Order novelty can motorists Indonesia. Prices on it range from 9 thousand to 10 $ 600.

Used to demand in our market?

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