Clarkson CRASHES out of the Race (HQ)

Clarkson CRASHES out of the Race (HQ)


Hammond, May and Clarkson have been challenged to try and make Alfa Romeo’s look good. So they do this by trying to not be over-taken at a track day filled with Catherhams and Porsches. Clip taken from series 11, episode 3.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

we had alphas and they were fantastic all that handling is spectacular no other word for it really it wants you to drive it it wants to be driven this car look at the bigger limited attacks this meant even Halland was looking on the bright side it weighs just over a thousand kilos well love does at least weighs just under a thousand kilos so it’s a Lotus Elise despite our enthusiasm though we still hadn’t overtaken anyone Oh God lost pasture and the 75 was starting to suffer from alpha righties when you put your arm on the center console your elbow does operate the rear windows that is an issue but it still has that alpha magic ever really describe only Alfa Romeo owners know what was that something’s horribly wrong there’s a buzz there’s a feel that’s different than all I had to make a pit stop this is the thing you have to remember is alpha build a car to be as good as a car can be briefly that left it up to my colleagues to defend Alfa’s reputation squeeze the power through the long banked curve edit my fly wheel bearings sounded very poorly it’s an incredibly complex job to put a new one in it’s now quarter to eleven in the morning I’m not be able to get a new one in if I had one by about a suit fit my about October I therefore decided to cool it down with a fire extinguisher it was a brilliant idea but then I got some bad news over the radio I’ve just been told something rather interesting what’s interesting every car that passes the pitlane wall comes as an overtake oh for God’s sake we are out with that Jack what’s the point Jess are you being overtaken by me consistently just nothing taking you again gentlemen shut up Hammond my flywheel was the first real problem of the day but soon they were coming thick and fast clutch I’m going to the floor the brakes are just cooked I think I’ll just rest here let my brakes cool for bit my brakes are shots the door and the smelling barrel the driver’s seat here has collapsed on the right-hand side is that water pump gasket failure this episode of the actual pump then I tried to get a point by overtaking captain slow naturally that got his black flag but at least I took full responsibility you master lean on me no of it yes that’s where you supposed to turn finally we were ready to get back out there and this time we had a plan by working together we’d stop the overtaking massacre get alongside me cook as you can yeah now let’s see if i’ma take Brillion why did we think it is before have you been overtaken recently for a while I survived of course to stop anyone sneaking by on the wider bits of the track we had to weave about a bit oh that’s not God well overall though my tactic was working brilliantly until I was stabbed in the back balloon I’ve ruined the game now look backstabber Hammond was now getting very cocky Oh oh go home Brutus Hammond was out with a broken water-pump and then it was the turn of cassia smae no clutch meanwhile for me things were looking good Hey looks like we got ourselves a slowcoach here I’m gonna take the focus come on over show the world yeah you how do you feel now I’m gonna point oh my god the brakes reveals all the water’s coming out this don’t good hmm that’s Jeremy doing that’s a thing other than our skin actually Jeremy how you do I think it’s gonna be all right it’s need a tow truck do you think they’re a going to be sympathetic or be in a couple of know they’re gonna be a couple of I’ll tell you what happened I’ll tell you I know a man came he pushed it over when I wasn’t looking no you crashed it and it’s on its so didn’t lose no.not were you’ve done man yeah look what you’ve done it’s a – cuff come on Carter let me down Oh doesn’t sound good you

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