Classic MINI will deprive DVS

Classic MINI will deprive DVS


For £ 25,000, the classic MINI will be powered by a Nissan Leaf powertrain.

London Electric Cars (LEC) has invited owners of classic Rover Mini models to convert their cars to electric traction. The conversion cost will be £ 25k. It takes approximately 6 weeks to transform the Rover Mini into an electric car.

Old Nissan Leaf models are donors of electric filling, while the owner of the Rover Mini can replace the battery and electric motor with more powerful ones. One of the cars has already been developed by London Electric Cars for the University of Birmingham. The hatchback got a 20 kilowatt-hour battery: it was located in the trunk and under the rear seats. On one charge, such a car will be able to travel about 100 kilometers.

Using a Nissan Leaf from the aftermarket is simple: it is not only cheaper, but also less harmful to the environment. To upgrade the Rover Mini, there is no need to manufacture new blocks, so a minimum amount of greenhouse gases gets into the atmosphere.

Rover Mini electric cars can be charged from a regular outlet, each charging at a cost of £ 1. These electric cars will be able to enter the center of London, an ultra-low-emission zone for free, and not pay the Congestion Charge – 10.5 pounds. With an average daily mileage of about 8 km per year, the owner of such a Mini will spend £ 50 on charging.

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