“Clean” September: debut of the BMW M3/M4 to version Pure

“Clean” September: debut of the BMW M3/M4 to version Pure


The official debut of the most anticipated products from BMW – the M3 sportsedan and “charged” coupe M4 is tentatively scheduled for September. Most likely, during the premiere of the Bavarians will present all harvested for the buyers modifications of both models, but they will come out gradually.

We already know that the basic rate with this generation of “hot” couple of BMW makes for all-wheel drive. The sedan and coupe will receive in addition to his radnoy “six” with dedication to 510 HP and automatic transmission. But for the most conservative fans of the Bavarians kept the classic cars in the mechanics and drive to the rear axle: these sports cars will get derated motor and, according to preliminary data, a Pure – “clean”.


In addition, it became known that the sedan and coupe in the performance of the Pure will differ not only by the settings of the motor and the type of transmission: they allegedly procured front and rear bumper special configurations, unique wheels and its own set of body colours.

According to sources portal BMWBlog, these are the BMW M3 and M4 will come to market first – at the beginning of next year. A sedan and coupe with all-wheel drive in the most powerful versions can be bought only at the end of 2021 th: so, between their debut and appearance in the showrooms will be 12-14 months. We cannot exclude, however, and further expansion of the family: the M4 may appear particularly harsh version of CSL, official data on which yet.

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