“Cloud restyling”: Tesla will go even faster

“Cloud restyling”: Tesla will go even faster


The most popular manufacturer of electric cars Tesla spoke about the updated software for cars Model S and Model X. After making changes will significantly improve the performance of the power plant. The new software will get the Perfomance package. The main change will be the improved dynamics – now to get the first 100 km/h the Tesla Model S takes just 2.3 seconds.

For example, a 1500-strong Bugatti Chiron this requires 2.4 seconds. Crossover Tesla Model X will also get better dynamics with the new software. First “hundred” it takes only 2.6 seconds.


From the usual mass-produced cars crossover has no competitors on this parameter to match him can only cross tuned version with uprated engines.

Also Tesla said that the engine became more durable, without revealing further details. Most experts agree that the cooling of the motor becomes more efficient. A nice bonus for owners of Tesla cars in the maximum configuration Perfomance will be able to upgrade your car and obtain improved performance of the motor. No mechanical modifications do not have.

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