Cold Weather Training For Dummies Polar Special – Part 1

Cold Weather Training For Dummies Polar Special – Part 1


Jeremy, Richard and James undergo survival training in preparation for their trip to the North Pole. Their trainer is an ex-special forces man with a ruined face, who has no patience for prevarication.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

richard in particular would be spending a lot of time skiing alongside his dogs he them so that the tips are like that don’t worry about him you need to go a bit more downhill or level your skis out go down a lot slip James wasn’t much better James please put them on yeah I’m coming down here to put them on otherwise I’ll just fall over in it it’s the same here as it is there push off and then just stop just kick the arse out of the skis with your heel yes don’t cross them oh thanks a bug to get there we can go together go I already got one ski on oh god sorry sorry sorry right oh we’ve done see where we’ve come from yeah 13 40 yards have you’ve got 400 miles to skate so we were then taught how to erect a tent our instructor was a former Special Forces soldier who arrived with a pixelated face he was very bossy we could do this now we can do it four o’clock in the morning I don’t care the only good thing is is that it can’t possibly beat older than this in the arts II have to push it you’ve now got pulls stuck in here you have to get out you have no way I didn’t break it it broke the elastic then the man with the funny face was getting more and more irritated I just had a brilliant idea yeah why don’t we just tow it caravan James Feeney through it wasn’t there yeah what are you doing this blows wait let’s see it’s game over yeah everyone there’s no like I will just get another tape dying at the core yeah it’s a case of this tent is it yeah I’m going I missed it those things sing it back to Worf in the tent finally quite a bit later the tent was up this gap it is sleeping it sadly our ordeal was not yet over because the man with the ruined face was going to show us how it would feel to fall through the polar ice right in your own time I want all three of you to jump in what’s the problem well hang on so at the pole would all three be standing in the line with safety harnesses on holding poles when we fall in the water it’s a silly test I’m not good and actually the various the whole point of this is that you have to be able to take your clothes off and put more clothes on again very quickly and I’ve practiced that in the hotel provides easy when you’ve got like a tingling down here arm and chest peg he’s got it little dings drop the pause there your hands above the head hands above your head hands above your head okay roll it roll is no hole in the snow there’s no Jerry that’ll make you much better rather the big pink fluffy towel that looked awful I’m staggered do you know what I like to think of us as a unit on top gear and as a unit we’ve done that test you

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